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    A review of my 2 years old 4.5kw panel / 10kwh batt off grid system

    Hi every one , my system finished on 11/2019 , with the following : 375w x 9 solar panel ( 3 more panel added last year , now 375 x 12 = 4500w ) 10khw/48v Meritsun Lifepo4 battery pack ( bought from China ) Midnite classic 150 charge controller 7000w/48v/120v Reliable...
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    New 48v off grid system is just completed , need some advice

    Hi everyone, My new system is just finished, Here is my setup : - 375w REC solar panel x 9 ( Total 3325 w ) - Midnite Classic 150 Charge controller - Meritsun 48v/200AH Lifepo4 battery Powerwall ( Total 10Kwh ) - 48v/7000w/120v ac Reliable Inverter Been pushing it for 4500w-5000w for an hour...
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    Battery still taking charge AFTER hit 100% SOC ?

    Hello every one, Just finished my 48V off grid system , so far so good, the only thing I'm not sure is that , the battery looks like still taking charge after it hit 100% full Anyone ever been thru this situation ? Thank you so much for all your help. Attached is the BMS screen shot