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    gfci outlet - did i break it?

    i didn't realize the screws weren't meant to come out and i guess i forced it with an impact driver / screw driver attachment. doesn't seem to wanna thread back in. also, i'm not sure i can even use these with stranded wire? the screws don't pop out at all - they're just mean to close an open...
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    any advice on running extension cord from my inverter to a wall outlet

    like, what gauge wire? or anything else? i guess i'm just gonna copy this guy. run the extension cord through conduit. anything i'm forgetting? i've this inverter, roughly:
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    LiFePO4 settings for EPEVER 40a 4210an - parameter error

    i tried these settings: but i keep getting parameter errors. i'm running 4 12v 170ah each LiFePO4 batteries from in parallel. running 2 epevers, 6 solar panels each.
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    diagram for my 12v puck lights

    hope this works. components...
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    my bouge rv 12v fridge comes with a cigarette lighter adaptor for 12v

    is hooking it up to my fuse block as simple as snipping off the adaptor, separating the red from black, crimping, and connecting?
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    finally wired!

    the battery side of things, at least. just gotta haul it out into the van and connect the solar charge controllers. how's it look? did i screw anything up? i've been too afraid to turn on the batts and test the inverter...
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    do i have this DC circuit breaker oriented correctly?

    In from the panels and out to the SCC. is my sharpie labeling correct?
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    Is this enough lug contact?

    I don't yet have any any other 4/0 lugs so I've been drilling through and modifying these proprietary ones made for Anderson connectors. They're not exactly straight but contact seems pretty good. Thoughts?
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    wire stripping for crimping: how much wire loss is tolerable

    i've seen answers to this question elsewhere in the forum but figured i'd upload my example for the hell of it. looks like i lost a few strands. too many?
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    anyone in richmond, va wanna help me with my electrical install? $$$ name your price

    alternatively, does anyone feel up to paid online consulting? name your price. what i'm paying for is your time, availability and expertise. i just don't feel up to this thing without at least being able to pick someone's brain about lots of little details along the way. attached is my diagram.
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    wind fairing recs?

    recs on any particular wind fairing? or simple diy techniques? i hear the pool noodle can be pretty effective tho i've got a bigger gap than most.
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    mounting my solar panels. some unforeseen issues...

    so i have these vertical 80/20 posts welded to aluminum strut and then i'm securing 80/20 crossbeams in place w/ these brackets i made out of aluminum angle stock. i've got 6 of 12 panels up and i'm struggling to think of a way to mount the next cross beam since they're not all mounted on top...
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    damaged my solar panel...

    finally putting 'em up this week and of course i managed to scrape the back of one whilst drilling a bolt hole. haven't tested it w/ a multimeter yet. ya'll have any experience w/ panels damaged like this?
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    anderson connectors ಠ_ಠ

    i need to connect 4/0 wire to my battery bank but the sb175 anderson connectors that my batteries take only accomodates up to 0awg. i asked the company about this and they said: "So the cables would work with our systems. However they just need to have the 175 GREY CONNECTOR in order to fit...
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    fuse question

    can't seem to find a 375a fuse in that bolt on style. should i go up to 400a? or maybe i could solder on a glass tube one like this:
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    EPEVER 40A MPPT Solar Charge Controller $100 OBO

    I bought 3 of these but I'll only end up using two in my system. Brand new! Never used! The one in the pic is a lil scuffed but I'll give you one of the other ones if you want. Doesn't matter to me...
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    how's this look?

    was gonna do a 24v system but turns out the battery manufacturer ( no longer recommends series connections and it would void my warranty so 12v it is! any glaring issues here before i pull the trigger on some wire and fuse buys? i might run 4/0 wire to the inverter as well per...
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    anyone wanna help me convert my 12v diagram to 24?

    i'm not sure what an appropriate rate for this kind of service is but i am willing to pay. i'm just kind of burnt out on iterating this thing and would love to just follow a diagram that i know will work. attached is my most recent iteration of the 12v system i was gonna pursue.
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    my updated system diagram. submitted for your approval.

    attached are my new diagram w/ the panels now arranged in 3s4p, a maybe overkill solar charge controller and my panel specs. did i forget anything? also, when i mount 'em how careful do i need to be to cover 'em lest they produce power that goes nowhere or damages the panels?
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    here's my system diagram. modified from the "off-grid king"

    did i get anything wrong? my roommates an electrician and said it looked alright.
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    sok batteries sold out

    these are what's recommended in the "off-grid king". what should i buy instead? i'm thinking 3 or 4 100ah battleborns?
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    doing a modified off grid king. battery recs?

    600 watts solar panels instead of 800 cuz i'm installing a fresair and two other fans. p. sure 6 is all i can get. i'm pretty much just going down the list and buying all his recommended components except the batteries cuz the sok batteries he recommends are sold out! any battery...
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    doin' a modified "off grid king" w/ 600w panels

    only modifying cuz i don't think i'll be able to fit 8 panels on the roof w/ the fans and fresair unit i'll also have up there. the sok batteries he recommends on that page are on backorder. ya'll have any recs for other lithium iron phosphate batteries?