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  1. Evado

    EPEVER Cloud

    Does anyone know or have experience with setting up an Epever Cloud WIFI adapter? I have Tracer 3210AN and is working fine. The hardware revision is 411 and software revision is 156. I adjusted...
  2. Evado

    Epever Tracer AN firmware v2

    Hi, Did you see this video? I can't find anything official on webpage : The biggest news is full support for LiFePo4 and Li-Ion without user customizing. Is this a legit official upgrade?
  3. Evado

    VictronConnect on old iPad 2

    Hi, I have an old iPad 2 and I want to install Victron Connect. It has IOS 9.3.5. which is the latest for that model. IPad is in great shape and I want to use him for monitoring Victron devices. Is it possible to install on such an old device?