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  1. Sanwizard

    Four EVE LF280K for sale

    I just moved to a new home, and ordered four Grade A EVE LF280K cells to complete my Seplos Mason build. Since these were ordered seperate, they do not match terminal width of my other CATL cells. My CATL cells are 3.5 inch center to center of the terminals. The EVE are 4.75 inches(they are a...
  2. Sanwizard

    Merry Christmas 2022!

    I just wanted to take a moment this Christmas season thank Will for inspiring this awesome community of folks who are willing to share their knowledge and experiences on this forum, the administrators who make it happen, and to each of you for helping and sharing in this community. I wish...
  3. Sanwizard

    MPP LVX6048WP AC Coupling

    Since I am not an electrician, I am looking for advice on how to add my two MPP LVX6048WP Inverters to my existing SMA inverter system. The SMA's have been humming along since 2004, and are handling the homes needs during the day. (One 6KW and one 3KW Sunny Boys). The sunny boys are fed by two...
  4. Sanwizard

    Eagle Sun Solar Hot Water Heater for Sale

    I have an Eagle Sun Solar water heating system for sale. Its vintage 2008, but hardly used. This includes the heat exchange panel, and the heater itself. Model TM80-HE1 80 gallon Thermo Miser. Original cost $6000. I am near Charleston SC if interested. Any reasonable offer accepted. First come...
  5. Sanwizard

    SOK 12V 100AH NEW in Box

    Four Brand new in box SOK 12V 100ah LiFePo4 batteries $520 each. MPP LV2724 Inverter $620, Six Renogy 100W solar panels $100 each. Charleston SC area. Pickup in Charleston area or you pay shipping to your location.
  6. Sanwizard

    Good Solar panel stores near Charleston SC?

    I am moving from the Northeast to the Charleston SC area. I have been using the ALT-E store near Boston for my solar panel purchased, and always saved on shipping by picking them up myself. I am hoping someone knows of a good Solar Panel supply store in the Charleston area.
  7. Sanwizard

    Moving Company for Shipping LiFePo4

    I am currently getting quotes to move to a different house from NY to SC in the US. So far, three different companies said they cannot move "hazardous" goods, with batteries being on the list, along with Gasoline canisters, ammo reloading supplies, Butane, Propane for Barbecues, etc. Has anyone...
  8. Sanwizard

    JBD/Overkill vs JK/Heltec BMS

    Has anyone done a comparison between the JBD and JK BMS's? They look very similar to me. The JBD seems to use the Xioxiang app, and the JK uses thr ENJpower app. The apps are also VERY similar. I know Overkill is JBD, ans Heltec is JK based. Is the same manufacturer making both? I am not as...
  9. Sanwizard

    Metal 16s 48V Battery Case

    I am not sure if this has been discussed, but does anyone know where to get a good battery case similar to what Gyll uses? I am outgrowing my DIY Aluminum toolbox, which fits 32 280ah Lishen cells. I am thinking of racking individual 16s banks into a 42u rack, similar to what David Poz did on...
  10. Sanwizard

    INLINE PV Power Meter?

    I am looking for an MC4 connected inline PV power meter than can display realtime PV power from my solar array, with one side from the array(source), and the other to the inverter(load). I already have three battery meters from AiLi and Victron. I was testing the new string i put up, and was...
  11. Sanwizard

    My DIY 48V Battery Box Build.

    Just wanted to share some initial pics of the battery box build. Still waiting for 16 cells from Michael before I can finish it. First 16 cells charged and to balanced. 48V capable battery switch (sure wish Blue Sea Systems had a 48V switch!), precharge button and shunt monitors installed. Next...
  12. Sanwizard

    MPP LV6548 and SMA Sunny Boy Grid Tie?

    I recently purchased an MPP LV6548 for my present home to get started with solar. I also purchased 16 x 330W Q-cell panels, and 32 x Lishen 272Ah batteries. I also started building a ground mount for the panels. All was looking great, but then my Daughter had a baby, and now the wife wants to...
  13. Sanwizard

    Anyone bought from Shenzhen Jidan?

    I purchased 16 280ah Lishen cells from Shenzhen Jidan Tech on Alibaba on Feb 2. I have yet to get a tracking number, after asking multiple times. Shelly Feng is saying my order shipped and "is at sea", but I assume they get a tracking number once it hits the boat. Has anyone else ordered from...