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    Enphase Microinverter System Damaged When Connected to Grid

    Just a long due update to this - after months of back and forth, myself and my company decided to withdraw from this project. After several service calls and ongoing issues, it was quite apparent the installer had no clue what he was doing. Since our product is a one of a kind and completely...
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    Poll: How was your experience with signature solar?

    You know it! I've thought about showing off all the home renovations I've been doing on our new house in FL, and plan to definitely do so when we build our house in a few years (we are buying land and doing a full custom built home fully self sustained if possible). It's a few years out but I...
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    People can see what is on someones profile - best to send it as a message, not a profile post!

    People can see what is on someones profile - best to send it as a message, not a profile post!
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    Poll: How was your experience with signature solar?

    Just finally getting around to logging in here again after a few months off - I always knew you liked me :D. In all honestly though, I met with some of the old team at RE+ SE this last week and it's been incredible watching them grow. I definitely miss that place, but am also happy where I'm at...
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    New EG4 3kW Off Grid All-In-One Inverter - Anyone with experience??

    Give them a call - It's been a few months since I've worked there and I know they have grown at an incredibly fast rate so things may have changed. My experience however was that stuff came and went so quickly that it was hard to post refurb items online.
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    Enphase Microinverter System Damaged When Connected to Grid

    Thank you everyone for your help. We are going to have Enphase come out and take a look - I'm not the installer for that system and it seems like he is a far cry from competent. We are seeing what we can do and working with Enphase to locate the issue. Our guess is crossed phases or short...
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    Enphase Microinverter System Damaged When Connected to Grid

    While on a site a solar installer tried to commission the Enphase and when we turned the connection to the grid on it made a pop with the damage below. Any ideas what caused this? The damage is mostly concentrated around where the middle 15a fuse meets the PCB board:
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    EG4 6500 Power Output Problem

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    Update - Richard From Signature Solar/EG4

    Hey there everyone! I have just had a chance to log in and had a lot of messages and saw a post asking about me, and just wanted to do a quick update for everyone. To start off, I am no longer officially associated with Signature Solar or EG4. At the beginning of this year, me and my wife had...
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    Has Richard from Signature Solar Left The Company?

    I'd take a photo but it's pretty dark in this hole you guys dropped me in...
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    Has Richard from Signature Solar Left The Company?

    Hey there everyone! I am still alive. My wife and I are moving across the country from Texas to Florida. I was very sad to be leaving Signature Solar and EG4, there were lots of exciting things in the works and I would have stayed if I could. I'm still in the solar industry in a different...
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    Signature Solar's new EG4 6000 120/240V inverter

    I'm very excited to see more about this unit. It was something I think a lot of people trying to start big loads and having issues on the 6500 will be able to add to their system pretty easily and just have an all around good experience. Good job Signature Solar and EG4!
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    Signature Solar disappointing service

    He did edit it down some - originally there was a ton of talk about products that weren't available or were in R&D. We got 100's if not 1000's of phone calls and emails about this stuff. Was a very rough few weeks, all in the midst of rebuilding a website and a number of other large scale...
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    Easy Small cabin Question: inverter

    Yep, up to 12 units.
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    Signature Solar disappointing service

    Lesson was learned the hard way. But it hasn't happened since!
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    Signature Solar disappointing service

    Yep - and everyone else was blindsided. We have people on site all the time taking pictures and recording stuff for themselves. No one except possibly John knew anything about this guy when he was walking around the office. I always knew you cared :D You too!
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    Signature Solar disappointing service

    Let me clarify my position the last several months just so it's understood. I've been working almost exclusively on developing and improving EG4 in all aspects - better products, better service, and many other aspects (built an official website, social media handles, etc.)...
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    Signature Solar disappointing service

    Ya, when this first came up we were scrambling trying to figure out what happened. The person who led him around the facility did so without us knowing what was going on and at the time I sent a message while we tried to figure it out. I'm actually going to go delete that message now because in...
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    Easy Small cabin Question: inverter

    Yes they do. For the 6500 up to 6 units can be paralleled in single, split, or 3phase configurations.
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    EG4 6500ex 48

    You would assign 1 inverter to 2p1 and one to 2p2. The third inverter would duplicate whichever line you wanted to additional power on (2p1 or 2p2). You must ensure the wiring is also correct. This is setting 28. Setting 5 is irrelevant to this process.
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    Signature Solar EG4 6.5K Off-Grid Inverter | 6500EX-48

    Idle draw is up to 70w but typically in the 55-65 range.
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    Planning the (permitted) system upgrade for my house

    Glad you got in before interest rates went nuts! Me and my wife bought in 2020 at 2.5% interest and are looking at selling and purchasing a different home at 5.5%. Will definitely be putting a huge down payment and trying to buy down the rate as much as possible!
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    Getting more than 1500w out of an EG4 3000w and a single Lifepower4 48v

    Just to verify - the battery and inverter work fine together in your home but not with the load from the trailer? Have you tried starting the system up and then adding the load by engaging breakers?
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    terminal blocks (EG4-6500ex-48)

    I'll see if we have a spare to send or what we can do. We normally have parts that we can send out in situations like this. I'm out of the office until tomorrow but just wanted to let you know.
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    Eg4 Lifepower4 battery is ticking on start

    Hey everyone, I'm out of the office until tomorrow but we are working on several fronts to find out what the exact problem is and a solution. I've been working with a few users on some updated firmware and possible fixes. The process for updating etc right now is complicated and so we are...
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    Where is @Will Prowse?

    Start another channel thats more oriented to the fun and experimental things - keep posting your info content on your main channel but a 2nd "Will Experiments" channel would be awesome.
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    Signature Solar EG4 6.5K Off-Grid Inverter | 6500EX-48

    I do not believe that function is built into this iteration. We may add features as we continue to develop these units.
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    Signature Solar EG4 6.5K Off-Grid Inverter | 6500EX-48

    I don't know that I can give an official response on this for a lot of reasons. Best thing I can say is to do research on how amperage (and overamping for solar specifically) works. In general, shipping right now is a complete mess. We do our best constantly to give accurate timeframes, but...
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    Signature Solar EG4 6.5K Off-Grid Inverter | 6500EX-48

    It should not damage the operation of the unit. It would likely disable production but that's the point of an operating limit that is lower than the max VOC - to protect the unit. Regarding your second question, yes it will clip your power - but most people overamp and over watt their solar...
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    Need some help with EG4 6500 EX

    Huge shoutout to @BenFromSignatureSolar for joining the forum. This guy is one of the technical support supervisors for Signature Solar and I've seen him around the office, and he's always doing something to help customers.
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    Signature Solar EG4 6.5K Off-Grid Inverter | 6500EX-48

    This is a beautiful setup - would you mind if I stole this picture?
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    Help understanding panel sizing capacity for Conext MPPT 100-600

    I've personally run these at 100a for a period of time for testing.
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    EG4 3kW Off-Grid Inverter | 3000EHV-48

    We have the ability to reset the server settings for WiFi sticks now. Just send SS or me a picture of the front with the info and within 48 hours it should be reset.