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    Simple option for DC-DC charging from tow vehicle?

    Do you even need the dc-dc ? If you are just going away weekends then use the solar and 7 pin hopefully they will replace........ or get close to the power you used over night.. When you get home plug in the shorepower or let the solar finish the charging to 100% while you are...
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    Using a Solar Charged LFP to Charge a SUV Lead acid Starter Battery?

    starting battery..... If you added loads like big lights , amplifier or camping stuff remove them and put the loads on your HOUSE (Lithium) Your SUV was designed to run just fine with the existing starting system. UNLESS you let it sit for weeks/months . Then you need to add a solar...
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    MPPT controller sizing recommendation

    get a decent controller and as many panels you can make the controller big enough to handle any future upgrades to panels Then .... if that covers your power usage no need to look at dc-dc upgrade to truck my style of camping doesn't have a lot of driving... trailer gets parked for...
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    Removable Panels on Side of RV

    I was thinking put a hinge point on the wall above the slide... attach panels and frame to that so as you open the slide it tilts (opens) the panels away from wall . put some thin solid plastic or other material UNDER the panels so no water goes onto the roof now you have a useful slide...
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    FIRE Eve LF230 and JBD BMS 4S 12V 200A

    Nothing is 100% perfect and failures will happen ... there was some pics going around of a failure in a 800ah battleborn setup 4 batteries ... one went kapoooeee damaged a second one that was up against it. some smoke, blackened and melted case, probably some flame too a...
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    Using a lead acid or marine battery DC-DC charger for lithium batteries?

    does the camper have shorepower connection and an onboard charger? If yes ... run a small 2000w inverter generator .... much less wear and tear on your large gasoline/diesel engine.. moochdock... any house / building close by that you could run a extension cord to? I have my trailer...
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    Debunk: Alternator DC to DC charger not required for big Lithium Battery

    M 2 cents... for an RV with a chassis and lifepo4 house only upgrade to a dc-dc if you drive each day 3 hours or more.. if you are unsure of your alternator disconnect the wiring in the BIM which allows the batteries to parallel I would spend the $$$ first on upgrading the...
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    Eve 280ah Lifepo4 degradation, how much in the first year is acceptable?

    any balancer bluetooth to tell you what each cell's values are? do they even get charged enough to allow the bms to balance?
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    minimum watt inverter/generator to power a Victron 2000w inverter/charger?

    use the 120v output from the generator the 12v from generator is more than likely not setup for more than a few amps @12vDC Victron 2000w Mulitplus Compact is a inverter/charger so it will charge your batteries 12v side and allow the 120v to power all your 120v appliances
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    Questions on Installing Panels on a Stationary RV without 12 volt Battery Power

    look at mini split ... sell the inefficient rooftops
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    Reasons to stick with 12v?

    you got a lot more 12v stuff than you think study your 12v fuse panel and then look near the battery for any inline will end up having to convert the power back to 12v at some point increasing battery capacity adding more battery (Ah) generally does not require a big...
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    Bulges on side of cells during top balance

    ???? join the bus bars to increase the length and no bolts seams to be a bad idea never saw that done before.????
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    RV solar power sys w/ LIPOE4, gen. Auto start, idling charging, & ATS???

    you are trying to re-invent something that already exists and my head hurt just trying to make sense out of what you are thinking of putting together you got some good advice slow down and start looking at what is already being done. why in the world so many inverters? each of the...
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    Looking for a handful of large panels. Is this legit?

    I would be real careful... looks like they got a bunch of products from alibaba and are trying to resell? 700w panels ... no add to cart button no contact info for warehouse and uses Gmail Domain name is only a year old order something small if you must try them.. use a prepaid debit card
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    Revised stand alone motor home power system

    Inverter in rear? 12v cable to the rear compartment ... how many feet is that away from battery? inverter charger install it under the bed right next to the battery
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    Confused..aH at 12v or 24v?????

    if your all in one is designed for 24v or 48v you have to have a battery bank that is 24v or 48v if you want to run the 12v appliances in the RV you have to get a 12v step down. the new step down has be powerful enough to run some of the heavy stuff like slides.. OR you can also...
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    Advice for roof mounting a solar panel awning.

    lots of people have used heavy duty drawer slides + air cylinders search youtube for videos of them opening
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    Adding battery separated from existing bank

    I would ditch the smaller one ... reclaim the cupboard space look at a metal tool/battery box from Harbor freight should be enough room in the box for a battery and a small charger ... if your teardrop does not have a converter maybe have enough room to store other items too! I...
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    New to solar - bought RV with battery/solar

    and don't think the microwave will actually heat stuff...... even if the display is lit. test with a glass of water inside
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    Fexible panel burnt under the sun

    new style of panel you can bury it to release the attached fertilizer
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    2 x 12v 100ah LiFePo4 renogy smart batteries in parallel only pulling power from one battery

    vehicle body ground.............................. hook it to the front of the shunt with all the rest of the neg cables? use a decent negative busbar if needed. Busbar and shunt connected to the battery that does not have the main positive feed.
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    Would you run 220V in your van even in the states?

    what are you doing with it? and is it worth the effort not being able to plugin to a outside power source
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    RV Solar, want to charge house battery and Ecoflow Delta simultaneously. Possible? Advisable?

    how often are you using the system? not camping a lot? manually switching the panels to the house when it has charged disconnect house from camper then connect ecoflow to the panels. you could rig up some voltage sensing relay to automatically switch...
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    Ok you win... Cell imbalance

    original post has 4 x 304ah cells in parallel larger 15amp balancer can be an option
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    Ok you win... Cell imbalance

    15amp balancer...... will get it done ? Andy also had videos for: you can leave balancer attached and externally switch it on/off use a voltage sensing relay at x volts turn on a balancer at y volts turn off don't know if the 15amp is a candidate for leaving it permanently attached?
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    Need help putting Renogy solar panel on roof on Grand Design 5th wheel using zclamps

    remove one of the screws already used you will need to seal all the screws on the new panel therefore doing one more won't be an issue
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    Stationary 50 amp 5th wheel build

    what are the plans for the homestead power? anything that you use to power the trailer........... can it be re-used when you build the homestead power? I would build the homestead power system (48v) first then leave the trailer as is (12v) just plug trailer into the homestead power...
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    Camping trailer

    Not sure I would mount the water pump inside the electrical box
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    RV Trailer Question

    The dc-dc charger will protect the Starting battery in the truck the Converter is only send 12v to the OUTPUT of the dc-dc so it won't feed back
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    Trailer camper charging setup.

    while you are out driving ... trailer will be using minimal power a couple of good solar panels will charge it if you have a lot of shade you could deploy a ground panel as well Have enough battery capacity to last around 2 or 3 days just-in-case weatherperson does not like you Would be...
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    Does this sound ok for a solar system for a pickuip with a camper shell?

    It's OK ..... then you see what the Jones's have got small 12v fridge Inverter + 1 burner induction cook top Air compressor watch this to get ideas ------------------------------------------------------------------- if you even are remotely thinking of adding more ... size the wiring and...
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    Water heater with solar setup

    only if parked on grass otherwise too easy to get caught on a concrete pad when we was kids had a outside bucket.... for the kitchen sink. always overflowed and the whole park was a smelly slop bucket.
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    Water heater with solar setup

    seeing as you are adding the shower... use a LOT of insulation around the heater and the pipes. we use to have OFF peak hot water tank with good insulation we could last all day until the next night If you got sewer connection to the RV..... great to have nice hot long showers if you...
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    Convert 30 amp distribution panel to 50

    Theoretical ..can this be done and would it be safe? I have been thinking is it possible to modify a WFCO or Progressive 30 amp distribution panel into a 50amp then connect only one leg from shore power 50amp ? This would allow a bit more freedom to use some appliances while using...
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    Shore Power Inlet Recommendations?

    the RV power requirements and distribution panel sets the amperage here in USA there is either a 30 or 50 amp inlet on the trailer/RV and you get a cord according to the size you need Quality between brands I can't talk about only ever used one cord