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    Questions on PMA wind/micro-hydro turbine setups.

    Hi Folks, I have a decent sized solar setup with DIY LiFePO4 and understand the basics however I'm struggling with a few concepts I've seen within the wind/micro hydro generation space and was hoping someone could clear up my understandings/confusion. The installations I've seen online...
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    Parallel 2x16s 48v LiFePO4 inbalance

    Thanks for the help! In case anyone stumbles upon this later. @sunshine_eggo's advice was spot on. Random aside: My battery shelf is essentially very oversized busbars and the second option in the above diagrams. However the original issue I had was solved by a combination of things. TLDR...
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    Parallel 2x16s 48v LiFePO4 inbalance

    Thanks for the reply. I'll give longer balance a go next sunny day (Based in UK so could be awhile...), hopefully that's the culprit. Rather than the new pack being notable worse than the old. I'm pretty sure I've checked it with volt meter as well but I'll double check in the morning as most...
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    Parallel 2x16s 48v LiFePO4 inbalance

    Hi Folks, I have just added a second 48v 16s LiFePO4 pack to be battery cabinet. (Originally purchased the first 16s last year). Both packs "Non EV grade" which may be the reason for the behavior I'm seeing. Both JK BMS but new pack is 200a the older is 150a. I added the new pack and full...
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    Bms with active current limiting

    Hi Folks, I'm looking for a device/bms that has current limiting feature (I think). Here's the imaginary setup (will be less imaginary when I can afford it all). 6x 16 cell Lifepo4 packs in parallel. Each with their own bms and t class fuse. My concern if there is ever some sort of...
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    Insulation material of LiFePO4 battery shelf

    Hi Folks, I'm looking for some thermal insulation material advice. Currently building a battery storage cabinet for 4x 16s Batteries. I live in UK, so reasonable temps most of the year but November -> March and the battery is stored in an uninsulated shed so there's likely below freezing...
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    Battery Shelf. Parallel design, bus bar vs cable.

    Thanks both, I'll check out that article. @Steve_S I couldn't spot the section of shelving, is that the right link or has that portion yet to be released? I can see the portion on elevation and temperature differences. However I was more concerned with the connections/resistance in a stacked...
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    Battery Shelf. Parallel design, bus bar vs cable.

    Hi Folks. I currently have 1 48v 304aH LiFePo4 and I'm looking to expand this to 3. However I'm struggling to plan out a clean/effective storage shelving system for them. (Before someone says, each will have overcurrent protections and disconnect per battery on shelf) My main concern is...