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  1. Philip53

    Physicists find evidence of exotic charge transport in quantum material

    Yeah, that's what I thought!
  2. Philip53

    Did I do it?

    I had an almost identical problem happen. I was adding a 3rd 4800w array to my existing system, with a separate combiner/disconnect & MPPT. I finished wiring the array very late in the afternoon, but was able to check the voltage at a juction box on the roof - it was showing somewhere over 100...
  3. Philip53

    Help me choose new batteries

    What @Brucey said above.
  4. Philip53

    Help me choose new batteries

    @YurtSolar, that 75/15 Victron is for 12 or 24 volt only. You would need a 48v MPPT. Good news is you would only need one. You could wire the 3 panels together in series (as long as the voltage of the panels did not exceed the MPPT rating). The wattage of the three panels really would not...
  5. Philip53

    Help me choose new batteries

    Take a look at Trophy batteries. They have had some good reports. The owner, Dan, is very responsive and answered all my questions when I was trying to decide which lithiums to go with. I purchased two of the 48V 220ah ones back in February of this year, and they have been troublefree. Take...
  6. Philip53

    very high heatsink temperature on Victron 100/30 MPPT

    My Victron MPPT (30A) also gets really hot, as do my Victron Orions (30A each, DC - DC chargers). To help dissipate the heat, I have all three vertically mounted to an aluminum plate spaced off the back wall of my power box. Two switchable fans help keep them cooler. The Victron Community...
  7. Philip53

    Schneider XW6848 Inverter/Charger + accessories for sale

    @kennyb, thanks for the info above. I have an older XW6048, and had never heard that it could be updated to a 6848. I looked up your link above, and while the main info page says it is possible, under the referenced tech bulletin, they say: 'We do not support upgrading Conext XW firmware to...
  8. Philip53

    Old and confused....

    @coastalhermit, I've got to hand it to you, you are a real trooper. Hopefully the folks on here can help you out. Like said above, we need more info on what you have. I have a 12 year old Schneider XW6048, and just replaced my older AGM's with 400ah of lithium. This older charger, with a few...
  9. Philip53

    Just screw the panel in, its easy

    Look at those panels above carefully. Never seen anything like that. They seem to be only 3/8" thick, with no frame.
  10. Philip53

    Why is grounding so HArrrd!!!

    I don't think I want to be anywhere near you in a storm!
  11. Philip53

    Why is grounding so HArrrd!!!

    In Africa, those grass huts with dirt floors have killed/injured many people due to nearby lightning strikes. What I have read is that they will dig a trench around the hut & bury a copper cable, and probably put down a ground rod or two as well. This has met with great success, I have read...
  12. Philip53

    Why is grounding so HArrrd!!!

    Maybe some lightning wise person can comment on something I read years ago. That the lightning protection aerials and the system in general is not to get hit by lightning to protect the house, but rather to 'drain' off the electrical potential in the air surrounding a structure so that...
  13. Philip53

    Anyone replace an original XW6048 with the newer XW6848+, or Pro?

    Oh, I got you! That's my E-Panel, sold by Midnight Solar. It is indeed a power distribution box, which made the solar, grid, generator, bypass and battery bank wiring much simpler. I will check out Midnite Solar to see if they have that box available, and see which XW's they show to be...
  14. Philip53

    Anyone replace an original XW6048 with the newer XW6848+, or Pro?

    They do look almost identical, and I have been assuming they had the same physical dimensions and connections. I appreciate both of your comments! What is a mini PDP - I either have forgotten, or not run across this acronym before? I am pretty certain there is no way to connect an insight to...
  15. Philip53

    Anyone replace an original XW6048 with the newer XW6848+, or Pro?

    I have the original Schneider XW6048, and it is working great, but I am considering buying a newer XW6848 for a spare, as it is getting a bit old and don't want to be hung up waiting on a replacement. My question is will it fit in the same space, and are all of the connections located in the...
  16. Philip53

    RV LFP build. Help me spend my money :-)

    T Not necessary to separately disable the inverter. When you are charging from shore or generator, the inverter is available also. When not charging from an AC source, turn off your inverter until you need it to invert for loads. Your solar charge controller will not be wired through your...
  17. Philip53

    RV LFP build. Help me spend my money :-)

    Best advice - ditch the converter/charger and get a 2,000 or 3,000 watt inverter charger. I have previously installed Xantrex Prosine 3,000 watt inverter/chargers in two different RV's. Boy, they can change the way you camp. In my most recent Sprinter van build, I used all Victron components...
  18. Philip53

    Anyone build a home made server rack?

    Maybe not exactly what y'all are thinking about, but here is how I handled two Trophy 230ah batteries. Vertical installation was approved, and I thought this orientation would be easier to view the screens, in the spot that I had available for the batteries. Made a simple frame which secures...
  19. Philip53

    Schneider XW pro 6k vs. Eg4 18k - need help deciding

    It works just fine, but in an open loop. The older XW does not support closed communication with batteries. I can't say enough good about the Schneider - no issues at all. I am also very happy with my two Trophy batteries as well. I set up the charging parameters for the SCC's with input...
  20. Philip53

    How Can a Tier 1 System Make Financial Sense?

    @Ampster, that is really good. I get about the same, from a little larger system. I should get more, but I don't have 2 of the 3 arrays ideally positioned, and there is some shading. But to get more production, I would need a larger inverter. As it is now, the 3 different facing arrays helps...
  21. Philip53

    How Can a Tier 1 System Make Financial Sense?

    @markpj23, I think you are off on your expected kwh per day calculations. I live in north Louisiana which does not have the sunshine potential you do, and I get considerably better production than you are estimating. I have 10.4 kw of solar, in three arrays, facing SE, SW & South. I can get...
  22. Philip53

    Schneider XW Pro Enhanced Grid Support issues

    No, I don't have anything like that. We are kinda computer illiterate here.
  23. Philip53

    Schneider XW Pro Enhanced Grid Support issues

    Thanks for the info and link. That all looks like Greek to me, but my son and daughter both work in computers, one is in IT, and the other almost the same. Now....just getting them over here and interested enough to work on it. Thanks again!
  24. Philip53

    Schneider XW Pro Enhanced Grid Support issues

    I don't have Insight, but do you think there is a way to use Node Red on my older, antique XW? I can see where it could be beneficial.
  25. Philip53

    Schneider XW Pro Enhanced Grid Support issues

    Here in north Louisiana, we don't don't have time of use rate variations. But, that may very well show up later. And, we still have 1 to 1 net metering, and originally had no, or very little minimum rates on monthly bills. Now, we have approx. a $12 minimum monthly rate, fuel charge based on...
  26. Philip53

    Schneider XW Pro Enhanced Grid Support issues

    No, my XW will not support closed loop with the Trophy batteries. The older, original XW's were not designed to be controlled externally (except from the SCP), as far as I know. I've got to say that the XW has been bulletproof so far. Once I commissioned the system in 2011, it was not...
  27. Philip53

    Schneider XW Pro Enhanced Grid Support issues

    Thanks @n2aws for your information & the Schneider enhanced GSV publication. I have an older XW and used the enhanced GSV on my original Concorde AGM's for eleven years. They were beginning to show their age, and I recently replaced them with two 230ah Trophy lithiums, when I added another PV...
  28. Philip53

    Louisiana Contractor Requirement vs Upgradable System

    Several years back, I installed my own system in Louisiana. The local permit office was fairly easy on me, but Entergy (the grid utility), had me jump through several hoops, eventually sending a couple engineers out before they would bring their power to my house. They were really nice and...
  29. Philip53

    Solar eclipse cuts production

    Hey Zapper, I am not an astronomer by any means, just going by what the local media folks were saying. I believe they said the next one was 2046 - probably referring to the next one visible in our area.
  30. Philip53

    Solar eclipse cuts production

    No graph, but I noticed production lessened as well here in Louisisana, where we had about 40% max coverage of the sun by the moon. Pretty cool to watch through my welding hood. Looking out over our property, everything had a slight yellow tint to it. My wife and I watched the eclipse for a...
  31. Philip53

    Opinions on a pair of 12V 100Ah Smart Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

    Ditto @MisterSandals on the flexible panels - only if you had no other choice. There is a lot of bad reviews from folks with flex panels. Buy rigid for longer life and better productivity. Is your question for a camp, or for an RV? If you have an RV, 400watts of panel(s) may be as good as...
  32. Philip53

    Big dreams, small living, off-grid homestead from scratch

    Yep, you are on your way to quite a journey. Good Luck!
  33. Philip53

    XW6048 compatibility?

    I also have the older XW6048 & just added another MPPT 150 60 (already had two). I wanted to add the newer MPPT 100 600, but after several contacts with Schneider, and some info provided here by others, I was told it would not work. Could someone possibly get it to sync up? Don't know, but I...
  34. Philip53

    Solar Tax Credit : After install tree trimming

    Uh....not likely covered. But, if you had your installer originally include the cost of tree trimming in his install quote, then I guess you would not have had any issue claiming a credit for that - as long as the trimming was not listed as a separate item on the invoice. And no system...
  35. Philip53

    Old XW6048 system, change from AGM to Lithiums - I have a minor quirk!

    I have an older XW6048 inverter, and recently changed out my 11 year old Concorde 256ah AGM's to 2 Trophy 230ah lithiums. It all works fine, except for one little quirk - the inverter grid sell display and transformer will not turn off with the end of solar charging each day. I don't like the...