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    Set up a small system for a local guy... He seems to think the battery is draining too quickly

    An inverter is just a converter, not an energy producer. We should offer enough batteries before it can drive the electrical appliances.
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    VERY small off grid solar system do I need to use a breaker/fuse?

    Your 8 lights is dc 12V input ?or ac 110V input,I have not seen an inverter in your system
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    Set up a small system for a local guy... He seems to think the battery is draining too quickly

    100Ah battery can not run full 3000W inverter , and once he plugs in a high power appliance,such as fridge, microwave oven,etc, his battery will fall down very fast..So please suggest him to add more pcs battery.
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    Inverter in RV Electrical System

    I guess he said 700W microwave actual starting power is not 700W ,but 2 times higher,so 1500W inverter is good for you, and 2000W inverter is better for you
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    Auto transfer switch needed

    1100W microwave usually starting power is about 2200W, so renogy 3000W should be enough Low voltage protection,please check below 1.check the cable connections and ensure the cable size are sufficient,the shorter the better,especially for the high power appliance. or some of batteries in...
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    In need of help!

    In general, users who purchase a 4000W inverter are looking to start high-power appliances such as electric saws, motors, etc. Therefore, the seller will suggest that you choose to equip them with a 400AH battery or bigger. But if you only run lights or TV by the 4000w inverter, two 50AH...
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    Isn't a 3000W inverter on 12V really pushing it as far as current?

    Because the market demand for 12V inverters is higher than that for 24V inverters
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    Battery Cable size

    For the 300A current, 1 awg within 3ft 3/0 awg within 6ft 4/0 awg if you need 10ft.
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    120 v to 120 v inverter Switch

    I guess you need a power inverter with ac transfer switch,such as AIMS Power PWRIX200012SUL 2000 Watt Pure Sine Inverter with Transfer Switch 12 VDC to 120 VAC ETL Listed
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    Yet another inverter question

    Usually,small inverter no load current is smaller than bigger inverter,for example,1000W pure sine wave inverter noload current is about 0.5A, but 2000W pure sine wave inverter no load current is about 1.5-2.5A.So if your appliance is small, you can change another 1000W pure sine wave inverter
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    Continuous power vs surge power for the fuse and the wire sizing?

    Only read the continuous power when we choose inverter, for your 2000W inverter, 200amp fuse is OK. For the cables, please choose short and thick cable as you can ,in order to pass high current appliance. 3AWG within 3 ft, 0AWG within 6ft, the thicker the better
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    LiFePo4 12v 100ah x2 in parallel fuse size?

    BMS Low Voltage shutdown is about 10.5-11V,usually higher than inverter low voltage shutdown, once battery goes to protection, the inverter will cut off at once,because no dc power feed in to it.
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    Help sizing an inverter - downgrading from 2000W to 1000W with an AC fridge

    Killawatt meter shows the fridge uses 50-75W when running and about 600-800W startup, it means your fridge max power is 800W,so 1000W pure sine wave inverter is enough for you. The fridge actual starting power is about 10 times higher than rated power,so means 75*10=750W. Maybe you can try...
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    LiFePo4 12v 100ah x2 in parallel fuse size?

    If you are asking the fuse between battery and inverter,for your 1000W inverter,its max current is 100A,so I suggest you to install a 100A fuse between inverter and battery, and install the fuse in the middle of positive cable ( red one).
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    LiFePo4 12v 100ah x2 in parallel fuse size?

    I suggest you to try VOLTWORKS 1000W pure sine wave inverter for your LiFePO4 battery,it is on deal at this moment on amazon
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    Powertech inverter issue!

    Which battery? lead acid or lithium ?
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    Inverters with 120ac output terminals not outlets

    According to UL standard,all ac outlets max current is 15A. The inverter factory can not produce high current outlets by themselves,only can buy the UL standard outlets. If you only need ac terminal on the inverter,I think AIMS POWER is a good choice.please get more details from their website...
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    Bad inverter?

    Your battery is only 100Ah ,too small for the 1500W load,please add battery to 200Ah or 300Ah and full charge them to 13.5V, then try again
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    Help with Multiplus and lights.

    Fridge or water pump starting power is much higher than its rated power, when we start the fridge or motor, the battery voltage is pulled down instantaneously, which causes the bulb to flash. I guess this reason,and have interesting to know more update from you
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    12v 3000 watt keeps shutting off on big loads

    Please add battery to 300Ah at least,
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    Using two aims remotehf remote switches via rj9 splitter?

    VOLTWORKS inverter remote said RJ10, similar size to yours.
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    Using two aims remotehf remote switches via rj9 splitter?

    We have tried it on VOLTWORKS inverter,and it is successful to add another remote controller.We guess it's the same principle, so you can try it on your AIMS power inverter
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    Using two aims remotehf remote switches via rj9 splitter?

    You can spend a few dollars to buy this kind of splitter, and plug your current remote control into two interfaces respectively. If you can control the inverter, it shows that it is feasible. If you can't control the inverter, throw away the splitter and only lose a few dollars.
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    Using two aims remotehf remote switches via rj9 splitter?

    I think you can do it, so that you can control the inverter by 2 remotes
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    Is there a reset or fuse in inverters?

    There are fuses inside the inverter,you'd better contact GIANDEL support team
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    Hello everyone!

    I guess there is quality trouble with it. How much have you paid for it?
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    Inverter powers off (input overvoltage) BMS guilty or....?

    Yes, BMS has stopped power going into the battery from solar or generator, so the solar or generator goes to inverter directly,then over voltage protection happen. So please disconnect solar or generator when battery full charger, the problem will solve
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    Inverter powers off (input overvoltage) BMS guilty or....?

    There is a BMS in Lifepo4 battery, for your 24V battery, once its voltage is more than 28V, the battery will be in protection and stop dc output, then the inverter will be in high voltage protection, now please disconnect your battery from charger or solar panel,the inverter will work...
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    Can an inverter be damaged by a BMS shutdown?

    BMS does not damage inverter,because the inverter has low voltage and high voltage protection When the BMS working, the battery will stop output,and inverter will stop working ,now you'd better disconnect the charger from the solar panel,and when battery voltage back to normal,then you can use...
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    GoWISE Power 2000W review?

    Yes,Some are power inappropriate and some are incompatible. Many newly designed microwave ovens use new software, and many old inverters are incompatible. It is recommended to choose some new inverters.
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    GoWISE Power 2000W review?

    I get some information about microwave. Microwave is an inductive load,its starting power is about 2 times of its rated power.For your 900W microwave , 2000W pure sine wave inverter is enough . If GOWISE 2000W is real power, it should run your microwave.If your budget is enough, it is...
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    Looking for a reliable 500w psw inverter for my offroad rig

    My brother has a VOLTWORKS 600W pure sine wave inverter, including a pair of battery clips and LCD display,very easy and safe,maybe you can look details as below...
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    Best small, low resource inverter?

    1.25amp motor is means 150W,and motor starting power is always higher than its rated power,so please keep your current 300W pure sine wave inverter. I guess 150W inverter is not enough for your motor. 0.3amp noload current is very low,why not adding a battery?
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    Acceptable voltage drop for inverter?

    you can use a meter to test,how much voltage on the battery terminal,and how much voltage on the inverter input terminal,then you will find the voltage drop