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    Aliexpress sellers, big liers. What do you consider a "decent" voltage difference between Grade B cells?

    Hi, My situation must be a really common one. i have bought 4 cells in aliexpress (being advertized as Grade A), being delivered from Europe to Europe and then the usual: they are clearly Grade B, scratches, no sticker, etc. They won't recognize it (said it normal) but Aliexpress did. The...
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    Do shunts contribute to unbalance the whole pack off cells?

    Hi. I'm still building my first DIY solar powered system, and I've read somewhere that those measure shunts only take power from the first cell and that could unbalance the whole kit. Is it true? Anyone has any experiences about this over time? If i have a Daly smart BMS, wouldn't it be better...
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    12v little PC fan to cool down BMS?

    I was thinking on this and i don't know if anyone ever tried this,: putting a 12v PC fan (somehow attached to the BMS) and a temperature sensor of some kind in order to trigger the fan on high loads. Do you think it would work? Another idea is to put another heatsink on it, like the ones we use...
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    Lifepo4 prismatic cells: vertical or horizontal?

    Hi, i'm still learning all this and i'm building to build my first DIY battery. I'm haven't seen anywhere if there's a proper way to put the banks inside a box. I understand that the old batteries should remain vertical because of acid leaks and all that, but i don't know if it is not a real...