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    Changed Shunt from 100 amp to 300 amp

    So I upgraded my house battery to 4x100 ah batteries in a 2s2p configuration from a 200ah 12 volt. I had a battery monitor system, which worked well with a 100 amp shunt. I rewired the monitors to the new setup. Old monitors max at 100 amps in settings. New shunt is 300 amps. Voltage is...
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    3000TL LVM -24P and 4 Battle Born Batteries

    Was going to wait until I bought my house with a solar shed, but I couldn't stand it. Been installing this in my 18 ft travel trailer. Batteries are ready to go, but Growatt is not wall mounted yet. I have just tested plugging the 30 amp shore power directly into the Growatt with an adapter. I...
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    Battleborn and Growatt 24 volt 3000 watt

    Hello all. I bought Will's book probably close to two years ago and have played around with Solar on a limited scale for a small travel trailer. I'll be moving into a house this spring that has a perfectly sized shed.....Solar shed. I'll be building off my existing panels (10x 100 watt, 12...