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    24v 280Ah v 24v 100Ah

    AH (Amp Hour) is a measure of storage capacity, not current (amp) draw as you seem to be thinking. Max Amp draw is usually a factor of the capacity "C" a 100 AH battery with a C rate of .5 should not be used to output more than 50 amps, but with a C rate of 3 could output 300 amps, for only a...
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    Cheep easy way to insulate a shipping containers

    I looked up the price after posting that and was shocked. I would consider DIY, that yellow core looks like it is made of alternating directions of cloroplast, a 4x8 sheet costs around $20 at home depot and could make a core 1 foot square and 5 inch thick.
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    Cheep easy way to insulate a shipping containers

    You might want to look for a "heat recovery ventilator" to exchange air without losing as much heat. Edit: Added DavidPoz video
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    growatt 3kw Helppp...?

    Without more detail, it is hard to be more specific than check your connections, circuit breakers and fuses. If this is the one it has two on the inside and one on the outside.
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    DIY Soft Start

    I saw this video of a DIY soft start that should work with any inverter. Here are more sizes of the limiter to tailor to the needs of your device.
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    Lion Energy UT1300 at Costco again, why buy them? section 5.3.2 Battery Lifetime If you are using 80% of your lead-acid battery it will not last long.
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    My adventures building a Zinc-Bromine battery

    @Juptron danielfp248 is trying to make a more energy dense version, and is aware of Robert see the third post on this thread.
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    How to store flooded lead acid batteries for 2+ years

    Cody's Lab says you can drain the acid and store the battery for years.
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    LiFePo Budget Battery Recommendation

    That is too bad, I have 6 I hoped this would be a case that would hold all of them. Thanks for checking.
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    LiFePo Budget Battery Recommendation

    @David Smelser Looks like you could fit 6 of those Miady batteries in one of those boxes without the fuse box and 12V socket, could you measure for me? Thanks.
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    Battery storage over winter and water level drop

    I had not seen this technique in this forum yet, The OP now knows it is an option and can make their own decision.
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    Battery storage over winter and water level drop

    Cody's Lab in storing a starting battery fully charged it then drained the acid and stored it separately. He claimed it can then be stored for years without being damaged.
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    How come nobody has attempted to replace their car battery yet?

    You can use capacitors and a small lithium for a starter battery. Edited
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    Is it possible?

    I have seen videos of a super capacitor bank connected to a small battery to start a car. Here are a couple examples.
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    My adventures building a Zinc-Bromine battery

    Have you seen the videos by Robert Murray-Smith on this type of battery? Make Cell Make Electrolyte
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    Charge 12V from 24V battery

    I have a SLA 55Ah to run a CPAP overnight in case of a power outage. I currently keep it on a wall float charger and disconnect it and move it when I want to use it. I have a controller and 400 watts of solar that can recharge that battery in a couple hours. I was thinking of getting a 24 volt...
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    LIFEPO4 battery prices rising/stuck?

    I don't need 48V and don't want to break the pack. Also needs a BMS. 5kWh <$1000
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    Charge 12V from 24V battery

    MisterSandals, that is a nice charger.
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    Charge 12V from 24V battery

    kernel Thanks for finding that. I was looking for something with fewer features. What would happen of you connected the panel input of a cheap PWM charge controller to the 24V battery?
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    Charge 12V from 24V battery

    I know about the battery Isolators, that Will has on his site, but they all seem to be 12V to 12V. I could use a 24V to 12V converter, to feed the battery isolator. $140 - $200 Or an inverter to a normal 12V battery charger. As low as $50...
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    145 Watt 3x4 Panels

    I agree if they can be picked up locally to me I would buy a couple.
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    $7 MPPT Too good to be true?