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    10,000 watt 12 Volt inverter

    I saw a 10,000 watt 12 Volt inverter for sale. This has to be a Joke there is no safe way for a normal person to power the thing. With a 20,000 surge this thing could draw over 1,600 Amps
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    DIY Soft Start

    I saw this video of a DIY soft start that should work with any inverter. Here are more sizes of the limiter to tailor to the needs of your device.
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    Charge 12V from 24V battery

    I know about the battery Isolators, that Will has on his site, but they all seem to be 12V to 12V. I could use a 24V to 12V converter, to feed the battery isolator. $140 - $200 Or an inverter to a normal 12V battery charger. As low as $50...
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    $7 MPPT Too good to be true?