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    LTO vendors

    Ali-express LTO are mostly fake or re-warped low capacity cell. Vendors like small den, varicore, battery supply store etc are no good. Sometimes caraudiodirect sell LTO but they are currently out of stock. Your best bet is probably from US if you can get it across border.
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    Leoch Power Generator 2048Wh Capacity, 2000watt inverter $1059 USD

    Solar input Anderson port - DC 10-35.5V(no more than 40V in cold environment) - 20A - MAX Wattage < 300W If you live in a snow environment, you could over panel but would not want the panel to exceed the Voltage or Amperage. External charging XLR port - 12V, 24V, or larger V...
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    reputable source of LTO 66160 s? and has anyone used for anything ?

    Not sure about other capacity but the 45AH model is clearly fake one.
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    I need help with charge controller setting for LTO

    My 12V(15V) LTO setup using epever MPPT running without BMS as following: Over Voltage Disconnect Voltage 16.2v Charging Limit Voltage 15.6v Over Voltage Reconnect Voltage 15.6v Boost Charging Voltage 15.42v (absorption) Float Charging Voltage 15.42v Boost Reconnect Charging Voltage 13.2v Low...
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    Another scam seller on AliExpress. "Small Den" or "Battery Supplier Store" selling used Yinlong LTO cells

    Small den batteries are reconditioned or re-wrapped to look new. Some of batteries are from lower capacity re-wrapped to label as higher capacity. Their 45 AH LTO batteries are most likely 35AH LTO used and re-wrapped as LTO66160P or LTO66160K model.
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    Allpowers Monster Pro

    Their previous campaign reputation is not that great.
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    AliExpress/AliBaba vendor options

    Small den batteries are reconditioned or re-wrapped to look new. Some of batteries are from lower capacity re-wrapped to label as higher capacity.
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    Goal Zero Yeti's 150/400/1250 MPPT

    For GZ 400/1250 AGM battery model, you can use the anderson port to connect to your own MPPT. This will connect directly to the battery and bypass the onboard PWM(400)/MPPT(1250).
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    GoSun Solar Cooler Chillest fiasco

    Just post this for whoever is interesting in solar cooler/freezer that GoSun is a company people should avoid. This is not a honest company and use all sort of under the table tactic to do false advertisement on Indiegogo. The GoSun indiegogo Chillest campaign not only delay for couple month...
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    "Renewed" Bluetti units from MaxOak

    Cost down too much when they design it with substandard component I guess. Substandard 8A solar charging limit. Noisy fan, terrible bottom and UI design and terrible brick charger with fan in it.
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    "Renewed" Bluetti units from MaxOak

    EB70 is pretty terrible device and should be avoid of all cost IMHO.
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    LTO "Grade A" Aliexpress Cells

    Model No. Capacity LTO66160H 40Ah LTO66160P 45Ah LTO66160F 35Ah LTO66160A 30Ah The common model number for Yinlong LTO 66160 cells. The most common one seem to be LTO66160H. The one in batteryhookup is LTO66160F model.
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    AC300 review is out

    3000W inverter efficiency is an issue on AC300. Input wire size is another issue.
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    Charging solar generator with external battery through DC (solar) input

    You can directly hook up the battery as is as long as voltage is within 10-35.5V. Amp will depend on the cable size/length and should not over 20A.
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    AC200 Max & B230 Expansion Battery

    They are incredible innovate with their product and schedule. They are ahead of all their competition if they can deliver on time. The max seems to fix most of the previous weak point ans short coming of AC200P.
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    Zero Breeze power station

    This is looking more like another indiegogo scam by the date. At best they would not finish the delivery by another year. Their latest update was a scam alert, quite ironic:)
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    Ecoflow Steppin' up!!

    The company's past product history is not that great. Buggy product with low efficiency inverter. Probably not a vaporware like some indiegogo product but probably another one of DOA product. Only good thing about it is probably the charging ability and its polish design. By the time the...
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    What’s the deal with Generark?

    Nothing innovate about this one. 45.4lbs(20.5kg) single hand design, low cycle NMC battery. Avoid!
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    Leoch Power Generator 2048Wh Capacity, 2000watt inverter $1059 USD

    PS. Hobotech's test on external MPPT charger might not be accurate as he seems to push too much voltage to it. Leoch is new to this power generator market. This is a solid product within reasonable price range. A bit not polish on the meter and other design aspect as I list. It is not as polish...
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    Leoch Power Generator 2048Wh Capacity, 2000watt inverter $1059 USD

    Of the couple recent indiegogo power station, this one has actually shipped. Unlike others such as Omni Off-Grid or ElecHive. According the hobotech review and comments on indiegogo, this has start shipping(for US and Canada at least). Below is what I learn from varies source such as hobotech...
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    Goal Zero?

    Goal Zero Yeti used to be good design when Lead Acid version is main stream. Their Lithium Yeti series is just sub today's standard compare to others such as Bluetti AC200P. The battery chemical their Lithium Yeti used is not that great and the MPPT has very limit voltage support. The technical...
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    Montek X-1000: another misleading IGG campaign

    The waterproof design for Montek device is good. There does not seem to have a IP rating list. However, their device on snow picture is quite misleading as well. The battery they use is no good on snow environment, especially for charging.
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    LTO "Grade A" Aliexpress Cells

    Wonder if anyone in the forum actually get the real grade A 45AH cells before? There is a lot different generation of Yinlong LTO cells out there. 45AH <= 1.25kg 40AH <= 1.22kg
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    Zero Breeze power station

    Need to see maybe other future review or info on how they deal with heat accumulation on such small form factor. Also like what happened to their previous product, the company does not seem to care about deliver their product on time. Even on their campaign page, the production time and...
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    Zero Breeze power station

    The good thing abut this is that it is really quite small compare to other so call power station.
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    Omni Off-grid (1500Wh, 100W USB-C, 1500W inverter)

    LoRA is a really interesting idea. Wish it has better waterproof design. The company behind the campaign has good design in the past product but bad reputation on sub quality & capacity of internal battery. Not sure if the internal battery is really user replaceable....