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    CATL 202ah - new supplier, potential problem

    If they're supposed to be "A Grade", brand new, than it's not your problem. Something is wrong. Compare to advertising pics and if different get all your money back
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    Cheap LF280k battery box from Luyuan

    Hi. Due to work commitments, I was unable to finish assembly. But I'm very satisfied with it!
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    Diy battery voltage increase

    Another alternative is upgrading your DIY 48v battery to 96v, but that's a totally different game...
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    Would you consider this Chinese battery isolator / disconnect / combiner ?

    I don't know how to test it ... I believe that this could be a rebranded one from the same line, but could also be a night shift, or did not meet QC
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    $500 shipped for 280ah battery box (Apexium)

    Sorry for the late response, but you can check my experience with a battery box that cost me half of yours - though without the BMS here: It would be nice if you could comment on the main differences and your thoughts...
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    Would you consider this Chinese battery isolator / disconnect / combiner ?

    Thanks for your response, and describing your components. What do you use to disconnect the batteries? No Class T for you? About the switch, the Blue Sea are expensive here, so looking to Victron 275A (x2, one for each battery)...
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    Would you consider this Chinese battery isolator / disconnect / combiner ?

    Setup: - 24v - 2 batteries (8x 280Ah) - max consumption 160A (from both batteries) Would you consider this 4 position rotary switch for your campervan? (to be used as disconnect, or battery switcher, if maintenance needs arise) I know that it's not the one in the forum documentation, but it...
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    DIY LiFePO4 Cost Analysis - The Cheap November 2023 European Edition

    Once again, thanks for your view on the subject! In order to be comparable, I think that a breaker and a battery box is mandatory. We want similar end results. I'm having second thoughts about using B Grade instead of A grade, as that is what I would expect inside SOK's batteries. Again, there...
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    Cheap LF280k battery box from Luyuan

    Weight wise, even an 8 cells' box is already a beast...
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    Cheap LF280k battery box from Luyuan

    This particular battery box holds 8 cells. I also noticed that they made a mistake in the ad as at least once they refer to 48v and 16 cells setup, but it may have been an editing issue (copy - paste). As you'll have to write Amy in the chat to customise the box to your needs, all details will...
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    Cheap LF280k battery box from Luyuan

    Yes, the screen cut out was slightly pushed in. As I won't have one, I'll push it back to its original place. M6? I guess so. Those are the LF280k v2, A grade.
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    Cheap LF280k battery box from Luyuan

    Link: Price: 248 USD, DDT DDP Why call it cheap? Compared to other solutions (EEL, Seplos, ...) it's around half the price Edited: DDT should have been DDP
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    Cheap LF280k battery box from Luyuan

    Price, DDT DDP (at my door, all duties paid): $248 Edited: DDT should have been DDP
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    Cheap LF280k battery box from Luyuan

    Bought a battery box from Luyuan after arranging everything with Amy. Scattered notes: . Amy is an excellent communicator; . 45 day shipping deadline from China to Europe was not met ( I think that it took 10 more days) . Box looks fantastic!!! . Quality seems top notch . Customization was...
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    What 282 kWh CATL LFP look like

    Thanks for sharing! What a beauty!!
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    Need EVE 280K Batteries: Luyuan? Qso? Docan? Other Companies?

    From your list, I would buy only from Luyuan - consistently a good supplier. Expect a delay on top of their claimed timings (+15 days in my case). Would buy again (battery box in my case), but would also buy cells. Search for Docan here in the forum... yes..., YouTubers have more luck than...
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    The Newest Specification Sheets of EVE Cells

    Hi Steve! Would you consider this positioning for a battery box in a vehicle environment? My thoughts are around heavy weight (cells), micro movement (expansion due to different SOC) and vibration destroying the silicone heating pad, with all the bad that could arise from that. Regards
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    LiFePo4 for a sailboat

    I don't recommend any BMS, though I bought JK for dual 24v battery bank
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    Building a 24 V battery bank: Using 12V batteries is much cheaper, but is it worth it over using 24V batteries?

    Be aware that DIY may present some difficulties, namely when components get a bit stubborn (like a BMS, for example).
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    Building a 24 V battery bank: Using 12V batteries is much cheaper, but is it worth it over using 24V batteries?

    For the cells, you also have NKON in Europe. Quite reputable. LF280k v3 currently at 110€
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    LiFePo4 for a sailboat

    Being in mainland Europe I'd only buy from NKON or Amy at Luyuan. The first due to warranty and good, consistent feedback, the later for price and feedback. Amy seems to have some interesting battery boxes, though I would check if they properly compress cells
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    DIY 48v 280ah Build - Blowout/Fail

    LF280k' datasheet shows not 2, but 3 rods each side (in order to even forces??). I don't like very much deviations from documented procedures
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    Are cells larger than 300ah expected soon?

    I guess that two 230ah based batteries would give you more flexibility in case of failure.
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    Anybody tried new JK BMS with inverter communication support?

    Another (quite cheaper) idea could be Luyuan's. I've ordered one, but haven't received it yet, so I can't comment on the quality . It's customised for cells and BMS
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    Derating fuse and wiring

    @FilterGuy , I understand that you've been doing a path from breakers to fuses... do you have any advice on this particular situation? Reducing wire size and fuse due to real needs, even if equipments handle a lot more... Thanks in advance!
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    Derating fuse and wiring

    Hi all. I need some insights! I'm building a system around a 24v 5000kVA Multiplus II - but this is applicable to any situation, I guess. Instructions state to use a 400A fuse and 2x50mm2 cables (under 5 meters) to battery (LiFePo4 24v 280Ah , EVE LF280k based, with a JK 200A BMS) Spec sheet...
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    Battery configuration and Bussbar selection

    IIRC Victron MP II is 3kVA, not 3kW, which means less wattage, hence, less amps. That is shown on the datasheet at the different temperatures...
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    Best 280-304 to buy right now?

    Thanks! The top right Orion... is it for 24v to 12v conversation? I was meant to also use 2 Orion for 12v to 24v but you got me thinking...