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  1. kirkdis

    Growatt SPF 5000ES firmware update

    Use the Pylontech with LI 52 value in the Growatt settings and the BMS of the pylontech is taking control of your chargings if the packs are properly wired. never had any issues with mine, but as explained before if the voltage drops due to high loads the packs might go to an error state.
  2. kirkdis

    Growatt spf 5000es 3 phase configuration voltage stability

    how much capacity is your UPS rated and which currents will be drawn and which currents can be delivered by your UPS continuously? From what you described it sounds your battery is not able to provide those high currents and the DC voltage drops down and makes the BMS think it´s in an error state...
  3. kirkdis

    Paralleled Seplos Battery Bank asymmetric current.

    which firmware are you using and are all packs at the same firmware? If you use CAN Settings are you using the correct protocoll in the BMS and the inverter? Are the cable pins as needed by the inverter and the BMS?
  4. kirkdis

    Growatt SPF 5000ES + Seplos BMS - earth leakage protection (grid) triggers

    install earth leakage devices only on the output side of the Growatt SPF inverters. the input is only fused to prevent damage to the cables.
  5. kirkdis

    Growatt spf 5000 es using dry contact to switch to grid by relay.

    @sydzz you can use any voltage and voltage type you want up to 3A/230VAC. your manual will explain everything around page 11. Yes P12, P13 and P21 have influence how and when the dry contact uses which contact situation, this is also explained in the manual. you will not measure a voltage if...
  6. kirkdis

    GroWatt SPF 5000 - some questions

    my conceptual planning for a PV is based on the worst days/weeks in the year. To be honest this is not the cheapest version but the most sustainable one. IF you need 10kW per night then plan your storage at least three times bigger. SPF5000 are fine as those devices are a great proof of concept...
  7. kirkdis

    Growatt spf 5000 es bricked

    for all out there with issues: you need to flash the correct firmware files for your model. The only indicator for the right firmware file is the firmware version on your device for end users/customers by today. Growatt might have more details but the label on the side of the inverter is not...
  8. kirkdis

    GROWATT SPF 5000 ES hybrid-grid connection

    if your battery is not providing enough power the voltage will drop down and the battery or BMS will shut down the modules. Each inverter can draw at full power around 100A from the battery. I assume your tiny 14kWh storage will never support such a load. You have to consult first the battery...
  9. kirkdis

    Growatt SPF 5000 ES - Monitoring

    I think the shine-f´s have a memory for storing offline data when there is no internet connection to the growatt cloud. I prefer my diy statistics version over the growatt cloud as the technicians from Growatt have full access to your settings at any time as soon you are online with the shine-f´s.
  10. kirkdis

    Growatt SPF 5000 ES vs Growatt SPF 6000 ES plus

    forget about growatt support. In Europe this is not present at all. Do it by yourself. google for amosplanet they provide everything you need for an firmware update. you can find manuals on youtube about upgrading the SPF series.
  11. kirkdis

    Growatt SPF 500 ES settings

    what firmware is on the device? do you have a battery connected? Is grid connected to the inverter at AC in?
  12. kirkdis

    Growatt spf 5000 es using dry contact to switch to grid by relay.

    Yes I hardwired everything and disconnect my grid completely via an ATS from the inverter. This saves also a lot of standby energy and works great since months. I also added a logic which automates the shutdown of my second inverter in winter at night time or even the master inverter when the...
  13. kirkdis

    Growatt SPF 5000 ES vs Growatt SPF 6000 ES plus

    Update it by yourself is quicker and easier than ask Growatt for it. Why: The old firmware are buggy, even on the latest hardware versions Growatt produces. There are several minor and major issues known with the shipped firmwares that´s why a firmware update makes totally sense...
  14. kirkdis

    Growatt SPF 5000ES firmware update

    Hi @skylink, where do you got the information that with the .03 fixes the fan speed control too? I´m just looking for a changelog...
  15. kirkdis

    Growatt SPF 5000 ES - some questions

    It usually synchs the phases. There are some issues with this synch on several firmwares of the inverters, which then prevents the inverter to switch over to grid or back to battery/PV power...
  16. kirkdis

    Growatt SPF 5000 ES - 3 phase parallel setup power consumptions

    What you can do is using my winter night function to switch the parallel inverters off in night time or when you are not in need of those. At least the HST inverters on each phase need to be online all the time...
  17. kirkdis

    Growatt Standby & power save mode question

    if you have a comms cable connected and protocolls are set properly all the voltage settings are not accessible anymore or don´t do anything to control the charging. As soon the BMS has a working communication the BMS controlls the charging procedure...
  18. kirkdis

    Growatt SPF5000ES output

    I assume it was a wrong setting from factory setup. There is a secret menu you can access by entering the key 111 which unhides P27. This parameter sets and/or restricts the power/capacity of the inverter. Could have been set to the wrong setting from factory settings... With which firmware was...
  19. kirkdis

    Growatt 5000 SPF ES - Back to grid for no reason?

    which firmware are you using?
  20. kirkdis

    Growatt SPF 5000 ES - 3 phase parallel setup power consumptions

    three phase setup ist the worst condition to choose. First of all in the three phase setup all three inverters have to be online at the same time if one of the inverters has an error or is not communicating anymore all three will reject powering the loads properly. If you are not in need of a...
  21. kirkdis

    Growatt SPF 5000 ES vs Growatt SPF 6000 ES plus

    the 5000ES can communicate with seplos BMS´s
  22. kirkdis

    Growatt SPF 5000ES firmware update

    @onzifonzi for firmwares there are other threats already in discussion here but to keep it short visit @zipoman no u have to use different firmwares for the 3500 and the 5000 version as far as I´m informed but no warranty as I...
  23. kirkdis

    Growatt SPF 5000 ES parallel confection

    1 phase parallel or upgrade to 3 inverters for a three phase setup For all n between the growatts are not prepared.
  24. kirkdis

    Decent values for growatt spf 5000 es

    "ate"? depends on your battery setup. The BMS should have the manufacturer settings and these settings provide basic information to the inverter about voltage, current, power etc.
  25. kirkdis

    Growatt SPF 5000 ES - Online Parameter Change

    Back to the initial post. the inverters share their settings via the grey communication cable. Once you decided for your setup you have to connect the inverters via the grey communication cable and in some constellations also the green power comms cable. After this is properly done (check the...
  26. kirkdis

    Growatt SPF 5000 ES | Voltage setting b2ac and ac2b

    try to ask the battery manufacturer if the battery is able to communicate to the Growatt SPF 5000 ES, Growatt supports RS485 and CAN comms...
  27. kirkdis

    Growatt SPF 5000ES firmware update

    It´s not that much. for the dryport I propose to use a fused circuit breaker depending on the cable diameter. The contactor/relay for switching has to be rated higher than the max input power of your inverter or the sum of the inverter if it is a multiple setup (I use 63A rated one). So the...
  28. kirkdis

    Growatt SPF 5000ES firmware update

    I described the issue also several months ago to their german support representative without any solution. Regarding the video, here are my thoughts: the inverter in the video is not a SPF5000ES. The only thing which seems common to the SPF is the same display unit. the issue with the...
  29. kirkdis

    Growatt SPF 5000ES firmware update

    if the BMS is able to talk with the pylontech protocoll and you want to use CAN as preferred communication L52 is the setting to go with.
  30. kirkdis

    Growatt SPF 5000ES firmware update

    Hi and awesome that you have a direct contact to the guys. from my perspective the 06X versions are suffering from a phase sync issue while transfering to the grid. with the original shipped firmware at the 06X which is 06X 01 1.04 the issue seems to me that the inverter checks the phase sync...
  31. kirkdis

    Growatt SPF 5000ES firmware update

    You need to establish an communication between the inverter and the energy storage bms. As long it shows voltage there is no proper communication or the inverter estimates a dumb BMS.. As soon SoC% is provided you can assume the BMS is providing good stats of the battery
  32. kirkdis

    Growatt Inverter

    @vazzemiko what is the last firmware you are using? @radiomean
  33. kirkdis

    Decent values for growatt spf 5000 es

    best way is to go with a BMS with CAN commuication. you at least use RS485 as I see from parameter 36. most of the settings are managed in that case by the bms and manufacturer sets the batteries up to work perfectly for longer period of times. P12 is the setting when the inverter switches back...
  34. kirkdis

    Growatt SPF 5000es comm boards

    you can use two different versions together. I know at least one case where a 04X and a 06X inverter are connected together on one phase parallel setup.