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    Why is my Sol Ark 12k limited to 8000W PV to GridTie?

    As ppl have commented: to get 12k out of that box your battery needs to need recharging and the loads or grid sell with 8K at the same time. 4K charge and 8K loads (etc.). Should have called it 12kPV... (EG4 et. al...) The MfG should REALLY start naming their products as for what they INVERT...
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    Almost time for the annual defrosting the freezer Holiday extravaganza!

    Damn...2 days ago someone in my household forgot to close the freezer door properly and the ice levels grew a lot. Had to defrost it. Hate the cleanup and the water on the floor (front door type, halfsize). Must be something that goes around eh?
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    Why am I getting long time drops

    Use ferrules on the cable ends and crimp them properly. Then tighten terminals with listed NM force as per the units manual.
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    Who's fresh air cooling your equipment and how are your temps?

    Same here, basement ^^. More or less the same passive temp all year round without any heating or cooling, 21c.
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    Single VS Three Phase on small house

    Nah, balancing the 3-phase loads is quite easy. BUT, it usually takes 5-6 revisits and some tinkering/measuring/thinking (!) over time ^^ ;) :LOL: I remember when we bought this house which had 3-phase installed per se...nothing in the whole building was balanced over the 3 phases. Everything...
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    Why I have trust issues on chinese products

    I learned at a very young age to use the same tape measure to both check lengths and also to cut the pieces. Using 2 different ones are troublesome as they tend to deviate from each other. Been this way for atleast 35 years around here ^^.
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    Planning a Sol Ark 15k system for our ranch, after solar company went bust.

    Yeah 370V PV max efficiency for the Sol Arks.
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    Deye/Sunsync failing to low voltage disconnect

    Install Solarman Business and you can do that. I can access my 3 both from the phone and from a browser on my PCs. Blanket statements like that comes back and bites you in the a..
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    wind control

    Usually...not worth it. Better to spend the amount on more panels and batteries. Wind are fickle and not steady enough when it comes to production.
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    psa: Chargeverter is LOUD

    A closed box is out of the question. It expels so much hot air that it is not feasible. The noise makes it unusable around bedrooms... ^^ The only thing working is mounting them vertically to let the heat escape easier then mounted horizontally. Still noisy though.
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    Deye/Sunsync failing to low voltage disconnect

    If you want to regulate more precisely the level of the battery, when the grid takes over etc. use the TimeOfUse table.
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    Solar Risks with EMF

    I would be more concerned about the wires and lights hanging above your head on that patio. If we are going in that direction you should throw away any cellphone in the family etc. Do you see the point I am trying to make? I wish you all the best in your solar journey.
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    Deye Hybrid not showing power from grid

    Curious: why is it the WRONG buy power? (as you stated) Do you have a prepaid meter? Can you post photos of ALL your setup screens? Battery/grid/TOU etc.? Good, CTs should always be installed (and in the right direction and on only the LIVE cables)
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    Massive Texas power outage

    Sounds like a bad inverter. I have none of those problems and running off-grid.
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    Solar Wire for my ground mount

    Alu cable is the Devil's own invention... I would never use that for a PV run. But, thats me. Transmissability(hm...) is bad in Alu vs. Copper. Copper 4mm2 for that length should be good. Over 150-200 feet/50-70m I would use 6mm2. As a rule of thumb. This summer I will run around 200m or 600...
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    JK BMS Issues....16s

    Where people usually f... up is the sensor leads going to each battery. Important that measured progression of the leads show another 3.2V going from cell 1 to 2, 2-3 etc all up to 16. This must be checked and done BEFORE connecting the leads plugs to the BMS. Also, the last positive must have...
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    Sol-Ark with EG4 PowerPro - coms working but now pullis from the grid when it shouldn't

    The CT should always be installed. On the Live AC wire coming from the grid into the inverter.
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    Outside US - "Server Not Found" unless using VPN

    Okay from Spain. Might be your local internet supplier who has bad routing to this site. Call them.
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    Signature Solar EG4-WP 48V teardown

    JK for the win ^^
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    Sol-Ark fails to turn on generator causing power outage

    Oldphile is correct. TOU override are active both in grid connected and in off-grid. If you disable the TOU then the inverters standard set values apply.
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    EG4 18K shutting off on off on every morning 5,30 am

    Your battery needs to be connected and working properly. That will fix that dropout. Also: MEASURE the AC in at that time and see what the volts are. If the PoCo drops the power during a switchover or similar and you have no batteries connected and working..."darkness my old friend". This is...
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    JK BMS two cables in one lug?

    I put both of the BMS cables into one cable lug (35mm2) and it fits perfectly. Saw no point in fiddling with 2 separate cables to and from the BMS on both sides.
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    3 EASUN parallel hybrid to 2 DEYE hybrid migration

    You can buy foldable ferrite rings with locking clips on f.ex. amazon. As normal AC cables are often stiff and not very bendable to go through sealed ferrite rings multiple times. The ones I mentioned are very easy to install and works well.
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    EG4 18K shutting off on off on every morning 5,30 am

    Do you have batteries?
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    Solar Panel price Soaring after June 6th?

    This sounds more like a distributors wet dream... I foresee no hike in panel prices. ^^ Prices will still go down as there are overproduction.
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    Mounting/moving heavy wall-mounted batteries

    I moved my 4 pcs. of 200 lbs heavy batts. We were 2 people, with muscles ^^ ;) Used some ratched bands around them to be able to lift them up into the rack. Heavy but not undoable. But, nice that it's done...
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    What was your most interesting recent non solar project?

    Finally finishing my 8 channel amp for my Cinema. Have been left in limbo for some time. Got to get it working.
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    EG4 Lifepower4 48V Top Balancing Firmware.

    That is not correct. The same protection a BMS offers are not only available when doing BMS comms.
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    What was your worse DIY solar mistake ever?

    Same here. In my case not enough conduit tubes in parallel. Now I have to run another conduit... Fun n' games...
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    Is this just a rebranded Seplos?

    Forgot the picture?