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    Why do Energy companies make Grid tie next to impossible for DIY

    Surprised with 30 years as an engineer you don't have an engineering friend that can do a quick CAD drawing for you for a couple cases of beer.
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    Would these be code violations?

    please post his answer
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    Would these be code violations?

    So, if for some reason that drainage pipe needs to be replaced what happens to your pipe? See why it's not permitted?
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    Off grid but still receive a utility bill

    160 posts haven't bothered to read most of them but if you don't want to pay $XX dollars a month to be connected to the grid then have the meter and service to the property stripped out. Seems a pretty simple solution. If you want the "insurance" of a backup electric supply than pay the basic...
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    What do you use for asphalt shingle roof penetration?

    This is good not bad. Only recommendation I have is have a second Jbox in the attic that's accessible and that's where you transition from PV wire to THHN. Use the box on the roof only as a means to enter the building and remain weathertight.
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    House burned down

    So sorry for the folks who lost their home. Are you a friend to have this much time to post? I can't imagine going online and posting after having lost my house.
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    Today's Solar Eclipse Impact on generation :-)

    Clear skies 93% blocked by the moon. Output dropped to 440watts would typically be 6000 at that time of day.
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    Live Ground Shocked 5 Year Old

    Been awhile since I've done industrial work with Delta services but do remember if you have a high leg a plain old 120/240 breaker won't work for the high leg. I let Mr. google help me remember. So not all multi-pole breakers are rated for 240volts...
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    Live Ground Shocked 5 Year Old

    You are 100% correct. Over the years when asked to do a side job and the signs of a "handyman" doing electrician work there are obvious I turn it down. (side note if you follow codes and install in a neat and workman like manner, I'd never be able to tell)
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    Live Ground Shocked 5 Year Old

    138 responses later think you helped him or have him so confused he has no idea what to do? Like someone above posted really don't care if he lets the smoke out of the box, but he does have a small child to think of.
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    Live Ground Shocked 5 Year Old

    Not in the least just look at the wide variety of answers thrown out there from the armchair DIYers. Every response should have first asked and received more information before making their wild a** guess based on what they think they know. It's called the Dunning-Kruger Effect. End of rant
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    Live Ground Shocked 5 Year Old

    Just a quick follow-up to my advice I offered. I fed my family working as an electrician giving me enough knowledge to know I can't walk you through this online and be 100% certain of your family's safety. To those posting help do you feed your family doing electrical work? or is this a hobby...
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    Live Ground Shocked 5 Year Old

    SAVE YOUR DAUGHTERS LIFE!!!! DO NOT TRY AND FIX THIS WITH HELP FROM THE INTERNET!!!! I'm a retired master electrician. I've tried troubleshooting over the phone with halfway knowledgeable Maintenace workers and it just doesn't work!! Online IMPOSSIBLE!!! Please hire a bonified...
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    Net metering rejection notes: help?

    If you didn't show it clearly, how would they know? They are not in the business of knowing what options are provided with the equipment you buy. Show it correctly on a one-line or hire someone to draw it. Just my 2 cents after 40 years of furnishing one-line drawings in the permitting process.
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    If selling new in box inverter would you open to test first?

    If it's new unopened box at 50% off from a person I'd take my chances otherwise open box from a person 70-75% off. It is 2 years old........
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    Dual Socket Meter with two different rates

    Is that your total cost per KW including delivery and taxes of 9 cents? You can get that rate cut to 4.5 cents with split metering? Get a propane generator for backup and forget solar. You will not pay off your investment for 20-25 years. Solar makes "cents" for folks in California paying...
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    PV production meter (for SRECs) with Sol-Ark hybrid inverter

    My SREC payment is based only on production.
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    Please help with wire sizing

    If you want to follow the code for a 50Amp breaker use #6. NEC Article 110.14C(1) will explain.
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    35,000 SF Commercial Office Building

    I just read the the 2023 NEC sec 690.12 and only 2 exceptions do not require RSD. However as you mentioned if you go to the expense of meeting UL 3741 standards such as the Ironridge system with the inverters they spec. it can be done...
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    35,000 SF Commercial Office Building

    You'll need something if it's a roof mount to shutdown each panel. Either optimizers or Tigo units...........
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    35,000 SF Commercial Office Building

    Just following eating popcorn while the OP seeks advice on a commercial scale system on a DIY site.......
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    Large panels on roof?

    Reason to use smaller panels on a roof is handling them.
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    New to it all - pricing a home install now

    Is this just a grid tied only system? Or are they also quoting batteries which for most people is a TOTAL waste of money.
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    On grid without utility consent.

    You have no idea what you are doing and yes a "grid tied" inverter can kill a lineman when installed by an uneducated DIYer. 38 year member of IBEW
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    Really basic panel mounting questions Using them was money well spent for the ease of installing my first DIY solar system.
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    How long can you (and your family) survive if the grid went down for an extended period?

    This popped up on my new posts, so I'll answer. We would survive as long a time period as my great grand father did, and my great great grandfather before him...........and his on and so on............
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    Here we go again. More solar flares

    Won't matter how many layers you use to make your tin foil hat when the "big one" hits again.
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    Solar Panels for Whole Home backup

    I'm guessing 60-70 thousand? Do you have that many power outages to justify it? Couple things to look at. What are your net metering rates? I use my utility as my battery because my rates are 1 to 1. How many RECs will you get if any? My RECs paid for my system. I've had one power outage at...
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    Sad seeing 148 unanswered threads in last month

    /\ /\ /\ X2!! with 90% falling under #4
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    Would you run 8AWG or 10AWG?

    No fuse the panels will only produce what they are designed to.
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    6 or 4 foot on center roof mounts

    How thick is the rigid insulation on top of the roof boards?
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    6 or 4 foot on center roof mounts

    Post #3 is your correct answer.
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    What are the actual FINES for unpermitted solar installations?

    Tough to hide a solar installation from the various map programs that provide a bird's eye view. As to fines? Depends on your reaction to getting caught. Might be a few bucks, might be tear it all down and pay $$$.
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    SolarEdge Monitoring Incorrect

    Yes sounds like the wrong CT size was programmed in. My Solar Edge was DIY BUT, I'm a master Electrician so was able to get all the installer info from the solar edge site as if I was an installer even though this was a one-time solar install for me. I used the "setApp" smart phone app to set...