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    RS-485 Porn on Junteks Monitors

    Some good discussion on them, along with an arduino sketch, Here.
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    All Terrain Warrior - Adventure Ready 4x4 Offgrid RV

    Nice rig, Matt! Good luck with the sale!
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    Solar 110 on RV

    Hairy, the simplest solution is to plug your motor home shore power cable into your inverter. You will likely need a 15A male to 30 or 50A female “dogbone” adapter. Google RV dogbone.
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    three phase with single phase lifepo4

    Panto, the vectors of the two phases in your home are 180deg apart, whereas 3-phase power vectors are 120deg apart. Check out DPS Store on Amazon (Digital Phase Shifter) for more info.
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    How to pay for college while focusing on studying: build a solar RV and live on the street.

    Much respect! I wish more of this generation had your mindset!
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    How do you ensure you are getting a cold weld in a crimp?

    If the intent is to confirm a low resistance connection, consider a DLRO (digital low resistance ohmmeter). We use a Megger brand model at work, but others can be found for much less. EDIT: other more cost effective solutions if a moderate current can be passed through the termination: thermal...
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    Securing and Supporting Vertically Suspended Wires

    Thumb cuff Use weather resistant materials.
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    Pure Outdoor by Monoprice Portable Fridge/Freezer, 30 Liter with LG Compressor (open box) $329.99

    Link Ordered from them several times, never disappointed.
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    $2948 for (32) (280aH)(New) LiFePO4

    I believe they are referring to the welded studs, which I agree are the least favorable terminal option.
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    Can I use 125 V 5 A dpdt for a 12 or 24 V 10 A device?

    Your guess is correct. The current exceeds the ampacity rating of the switches, which will likely overheat and fail.
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    Emergency: Charging Lifepo4 batteries with agm/leadacid charger

    Definitely not recommended due to the much lower internal resistance of your bank versus lead acid tech. If there’s a radio control hobby store nearby, they will likely have a LFP compatible charger (that hobby calls it LiFe) that will get you by. Hope this helps…
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    Rv, panels at slight angle, orientation to park.

    As with most things, it depends. Are your panels wired in series or parallel? If parallel, it doesn’t really matter how you park. If series, are the curbside panels in series or are the front-most panels in series. Can’t tell from pics how many panels you have.
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    Want a meter that'll do everything, maybe not so cheap.

    Your request reminds me of an old racing adage: cheap, fast, reliable - pick any two.
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    12 volt to 24 volt conversion Notes

    Is your buck converter outputting 12v or 13.8v? If higher than 12v, that might explain the lower than expected currents.
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    Laser welded studs of screw in?

    Not sure, but if they don't it appears they could be drilled out and through-bolted with a backing nut as suggested above. In either case, a definite improvement over other options on the market!
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    Laser welded studs of screw in?

    I'd like to see all cell manufacturers offer this type of terminal:
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    Our NEW GO-TO LiFePO4 vendor...09.20.21

    @Jenny Wu do you expect to receive any cells with this type of terminal?
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    Basic setup but no need for more ATM

    Nice and clean, and meets your needs. Perfect!!!
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    Le Châtelier Cell

    Peltier (sp?) junctions may be of interest… To elaborate, applying a temperature differential to a peltier cooling plate will generate a voltage on the “input” wiring.
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    ? on typical internal resistance readings on new lith's

    Little ‘m’ is milli, big ‘M’ is mega.
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    How would I go about building a 204.8 LFP battery pack?

    Before you throw in the towel and stick with SLA, take a look at Stuart Pittaway’s DIYBMS.
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    Keheng 280 compression boxes for RV, all bells and whistles desired.

    For per-cell temperature monitoring, the only capable product I’m aware of is Stuart Pittaway’s DIYBMS.
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    Battery Monitor

    Another product worth consideration:
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    NIPPLE slip

    I’m very interested in this type of terminal for my next battery purchase. Where did you find this information?
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    inverter shore power selector switch

    The switch the OP has referenced has 4pst contacts, whereas the Bluesea has 2pdt contacts. You can still use the Bluesea wiring diagram, but you will need to add two jumpers: one from terminal 2 to terminal 4, and another from terminal 6 to terminal 8.
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    Working on live PV wires. How can I do it safely?

    Throw a thick blanket or reflective tarp over the PV panels in order to reduce their output voltage to a touch safe level.
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    One bussbar to rule them all... using one bar to connect multiple battery terminals.

    Here’s a pic of my 4p16s pack using 50Ah cells. Works great, but in hindsight I wish I would have built it as 16s4p and used 4 BMS in order to monitor each cell individually. Live and learn…
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    Fused Disconnects?
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    Distribution Block for balance leads?

    No, provided that the combined current of the balancers does not exceed the capacity of the silicon wire.
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    X-flare Warning

    Cool, thanks for the detailed explanation!!!
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    Shenzhen Basen Technology Co., Ltd.

    Check out the thread below. Amy quotes “matched” cells for one price, and “bulk” cells for a lower price.
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    Shenzhen Basen Technology Co., Ltd.

    I would speculate that “consistency” refers to similar capacity and ir, whereas the cheaper cells are considered bulk cells that have not been tested and matched.
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    MT50 only show connecting on screen can someone help me out

    Are you using the supplied RJ45 cable, or a different Ethernet cable?