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    2024 YouTube Video Ideas

    circuit breaker and fuse testing. lots of bad breakers out there and there's the debate over class T vs. ANL etc. would be cool to compare LFP vs. AGM/FLA, too (as that goes towards AIC ratings). Probably would have to run some of those tests multiple times each. Over-current as well as full...
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    I've thought about this way too long and I cannot make a decision on whether to get a cheap lifepo4 or lead acid 12v for my otherwise 24v system

    I agree, stick with what's working. In my RV my primary battery is 48 so I need 12v, too. I would have built it with a 48/12 converter but the jacks and slides require 100-150 amps alone and would have been difficult to source a good converter capable of that kind of amperage... PLUS, you're...
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    EVE-280 cells should these be clamped tight or spaced for expansion?

    No. There's a long discussion on this somewhere else (perhaps even this thread) about it. It can be a tricky concept to grasp, but that's not how physics works.
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    Grid Forming Inverters

    Yeah in the DIY world I imagine it's largely irrelevant ... but having watched some power plant startups and reading the article above, (@timselectric correct me if I'm wrong) it's essentially about inverters that can join a grid (follow) versus inverters that can black-start (form) a grid. The...
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    FIRE Eve LF230 and JBD BMS 4S 12V 200A

    From the exterior cell casing to the chassis -- that's the hot spot and there's melted plastic blue cell wrap on the chassis frame. chassis being negative ground comes back to the battery and completes the circuit.
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    The Orion BMS is making me car brained

    From my system build parts list ( -- fuse holder, fuse, SSR driving a contactor -- all 48v.
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    Victron Charge Controller Price Crash

    FYI Victron has told me and I can find reference (e.g. that the AC current/wattage metering built into their inverters is NOT sufficiently accurate for discussions such as the one in...
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    FIRE Eve LF230 and JBD BMS 4S 12V 200A

    Look at the floor of the area where the cells were. ONE cell got very hot. Now look some more - there's a metal frame there. There's some blue plastic from the cell there. My guess is the cell shorted out against the RV frame.
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    Baffling Multiplus / Generator behavior

    Power Assist uses a setting called Boost Factor to help prevent surges (e.g. air conditioning turning on) from blowing the breaker / overloading the generator. I have seen it cause underutilization of the AC input (generator in your case). See...
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    Baffling Multiplus / Generator behavior

    You may have been right around the load where the Power Assist setting (default is 2, I think) was kicking in. I've noticed this type of behavior before when I was on the edge of 50% of the configured AC amperage limit.
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    Victron VRM solar irradiance forecast

    I haven't done anything in nodeRED but this reminded me of this recent announcement which is closely related:
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    Almost seems like its better NOT to have inverter communication?

    This is exactly where closed loop shines and is helpful in my system. As I approach 56v (3.5vpc), I usually have 150+ mv of difference and the closed-loop comms helps back off the current so that I don't trip the cell high-volt and disconnect my battery.
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    DIY 48v 280ah Build - Blowout/Fail

    Yup, I did the same thing early in my build process.
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    Victron shunt drift ?

    I disagree on setting the shunt's Charged Voltage to the same as Absorb. Set it 0.1 volts lower. Why? 1) -- this actually recommends setting it to 0.2 to 0.3 volts lower than float but that's...
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    Victron shunt drift ?

    yep -- that's why. SCC Absorb is 14.02 .. less than the shunt's 14.2 ... so I'd set the shunt to 13.9
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    Victron shunt drift ?

    I don't think I've seen your SCC config here, so I don't know what their bulk/absorb voltage settings are. Like chrisski mentioned, the shunt needs to be set just below (0.1v) the absorb voltage of the SCC so that the shunt sees that the battery has reached that voltage with less than 4% of...
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    Victron shunt drift ?

    if your SCC/charger configuration isn't set to charge the battery above 14.2 volts (the 'charged' voltage in your shunt config) and hold that sufficiently long for the shunt to consider the battery charged, it won't automatically re-sync to 100%. That's why the charged voltage and the 'tail...
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    Victron VE config has new feature to prioritize solar over grid

    Yeah bummer. It works in closed loop / battery communications / DVCC scenarios -- surprisingly -- however. am glad to see that, but it's too bad it's DC only. That's only like 50 watts for me lol
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    LiFePower4 Battery State of Health degradation...

    The BMS made it obvious in several ways ... 1) it shows the calculated IRs of each cell and they were climbing at different rates, 2) it reports State of Health and it was degrading (due to IR), and 3) the voltage graphs of each cell were varying more and more wildly during charge and discharge...
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    LiFePower4 Battery State of Health degradation...

    Different chemistries with different curves and usage characteristics altogether. I wouldn't compare. 1 year into my system (280Ah LFP cells), I tested to 99% of my original capacity.
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    Terminal mount fuse block

    Be careful with this method -- you will put a lot more physical stress on the cell terminal this way. I've seen vendor documentation that says NOT to attach these directly to a battery -- but I suspect that was more due to ignition problems with batteries that produce gasses.
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    PV combiner box

    Oops! Missed that. Are the individual components of your current box capable of handling the current? If so, there's no point in continuing to use it, no? (e.g. what's the difference between that and making your own) Are your strings 16.5 amps because you have panels in parallel before they...
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    Ok to mix old and new cells in 6p16s bank without individual cell monitoring?

    It will take a lot longer for the BMS to balance when full and it's much more likely you'll go out of balance. But as long as your charging voltages aren't aggressive and your BMS is up to the task, you'll probably be OK. Keep an eye on your voltage differences when full; you may need to get...
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    PV combiner box

    This is what I just recently installed:
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    48v to 12v with decent sized loads

    In this case the MPPT's solar input would be connected to the 48v battery.
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    48v to 12v with decent sized loads

    Would still need a battery (even if required amps was < 35) but that would theoretically work. More $$ than the Orion though. On the other hand, the Orion 48/12 doesn't have multi-stage charging. Single-voltage output only.
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    48v to 12v with decent sized loads

    I have a victron orion 48/12 30 amp keeping a 100 AH LFP battery that I already owned floating ... the converter covers all my DC loads except jacks and slides which need 120 amps.. so the battery covers that momentary excess load. Plus that 12v battery covers the emergency breakaway situation...
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    Yes, if they're *exactly* the same model (not all 3000's are the same - cpu differences, for example... there are exact model numbers at play here), running the same software, and you configure them to run in parallel (and one N-G bond like you said). Same length wires from the 3000's to the...
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    Discolored Solar Panels

    That looks like what happened to my flat-mounted panels on my RV roof where rainwater collected and slowly evaporated instead of running off. Didn't cause any performance issues.
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    5000 Watts of Solar on RV

    Not likely but I'm far from knowledgeable in this particular area.
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    5000 Watts of Solar on RV

    I didn't connect it. On a mobile/RV install, I don't know that there's anything I *can* safely connect it to.
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    5000 Watts of Solar on RV

    I liked it a lot. Just plug the MC4's in and that gets me the necessary fusing, combining, disconnecting, surge-protecting, waterproofing, etc ... far better than the solution before (wires wire-nutted together in 2 electrical boxes on the roof). Makes for easy servicing and diagnosis. Can...
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    5000 Watts of Solar on RV

    haha how did I miss this post?
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    Changes coming to my RV ...

    Coverage of the solar changes: