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    New feature: Moderate your own thread!

    You are free to post whatever you want on your own forum. When you use someone else's forum, you are here with their permission. Their house, their rules.
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    how much inverting power would you need to run your whole house 100% of the time

    10KW if I sequenced loads 16KW if I didn't
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    Does anyone know if the US has plans to do similar balcony power plants like Europe does very successful?

    That's not an issue. Anti-islanding systems work quite well. There are other issues, like the chances of overloading the wiring if someone does something "clever."
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    Balcony "on-grid" system. Can it work off-grid too?

    Short answer: no. Longer answer: you'd need to switch inverters AND rewire your panel AND get some batteries, so it's not easy. It would not do either one. It would shut down. It is designed with several mechanisms to detect a grid failure and shut down; this feature is called...
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    Incompetence from Signature Solar & Solar Sovereign

    Over the long term delivery speeds have gone way UP. "Allow 10 to 12 weeks for deliveries" was once the norm. Then there was Fedex, then UPS tried their own version of that, and now there's Amazon where you can get a few things the same day, a whole lot of stuff overnight, and most of what...
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    EV charging

    So Teslas can charge at 10kw. You can limit them to 1.4kw by using a Level 1 adapter. Best approach will be to get a ~5kw solar power system that feeds the grid. When they are over, it will easily supply the 1.4kW they need and offset your bill as well.
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    Why are people afraid of High Voltage Batteries?

    More than that. The plaid can put out 760kw, and the battery is going to be sagging to ~350 volts at those loads. So that's over 2000 amps. EV batteries have far more (power) performance than any designer of residential systems is ever going to need.
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    Why are people afraid of High Voltage Batteries?

    Nope. Good (silicon) ones go to 200V, and you can get them rated to 600V. In fact the most popular MOSFET out there for high power ebikes is the IRFB4110, a 100V/180A MOSFET (so good up to about 72V battery.) Above about 200V, the switch of choice used to be IGBTs since they have somehwat...
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    Why are people afraid of High Voltage Batteries?

    I do. We repurpose EV batteries for use in BESS systems. Safety is a big issue. No one in our company has ever gotten a serious shock, but some have gotten minor ones (mostly 120VAC.)
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    Why are people afraid of High Voltage Batteries?

    Who told you that? You absolutely feel it - and it's much worse than AC. Yes, it can kill red blood cells along with the rest of you. Our electrician has gotten hit (peripherally) with both 400VDC and 480VAC, and from his perspective, DC was much, much worse.
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    Why are people afraid of High Voltage Batteries?

    There's one of those at Burning Man every year.
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    Why are people afraid of High Voltage Batteries?

    Well, they're scared because they are more dangerous to work on live. However, every HV battery I have seen has a BMS and/or a manual disconnect that shuts down power. This is something that lead acid batteries (and even some of the cheaper LFP's) do NOT have - which is a safety issue. Sure...
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    Why are people afraid of High Voltage Batteries?

    There are already over a dozen. New inverter/battery systems for residential use are around 50/50 48V and high voltage. It's actually easier to design for; it's easier to convert similar voltages (320VDC for 240VAC, 200-600V PV and 300-400V batteries) than dissimilar voltages (like 12/24/48V...
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    100% Solar Electric Catamaran

    Cool build! Consider an RO water maker; they are pretty bulletproof these days (and take a lot less energy than an atmospheric collector.)
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    Drinking water from thin air

    Google "air well." No energy required, very low cost.
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    My Goals/Ideas - Help point me in the right direction....

    You can do it all yourself - but you need basic electrical skills (the ability to run wire and make safe connections, measure current and voltage, and understand polarity, grounding etc) In general you will not be able to get any sort of approvals for this so you will have to run in off-grid...
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    Need help choosing solar panels and inverter

    On the solar panels - Choose them based on how many watts you can get on the area you want to mount them, and on dollars per watt. Everything else comes in a very distant third. I like bifacials for installations where you can see beneath them, but that's an aesthetic and not a functional...
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    Midnite Solar Announced their new 10kw AIO at Intersolar Today

    Yeah, both our Solis HV inverters do this. Not sure if it's exactly 5 minutes but it's around there. Annoying.
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    House burned down

    90% of existing high current BMSes use FETs to disconnect power.
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    Semi off grid with grid tide assistance.

    So neutral won't backfeed. It goes to ground at the service entrance. There is no way for that current to get back to the grid. To avoid backfeeding on the grid input you can do several things: 1) Go off grid and completely disconnect. Only reconnect when your batteries are low and you want...
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    Not connected to grid, solar through house circuit possible?

    Yes, and you have to get a grid tie agreement as well, which means getting plans signed off, an inspection etc.
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    Would love some feedback on this AC wiring.

    Panel 1 always gets power. Panel 2 gets half of its phase power (red line) when the switch is in position 1, and the other half of its phase power (black line) when the switch is in position 2 AND shore power is available. It will never have power on both phases. (Well, it's really single...
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    Not connected to grid, solar through house circuit possible?

    Microinverters are not a great idea for a simple off grid system. If you want to go simple, get an AIO inverter (there are dozens to choose from) a battery and then arrange the solar to not overvolt the AIO's solar inputs.
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    Is there a market for used Sol-Ark 15k???

    Agree on the 50% or less. And the longer you wait, the lower the price you'll get. No one wants a last generation inverter unless it's a legendary one, like a Trace SW.
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    Solis EH1P11.4K-H-US - how to force charge and discharge of battery

    Hi all. I have a Solis 11K inverter hooked up to an EV battery. It's working (solar is converted, backup power works) but I find it difficult to force a grid->battery charge or a battery->grid discharge. There are several different operational modes I can put it in but I really just want to...
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    Mounting panels on side of house to cover balcony

    1) Use the lighest panels you can find. Flexible 100-200 watt panels are lighter and more rugged - and when your jury-rigged balcony cover flies off in a windstorm it will do less damage. 2) Use aluminum extrusions for structure. Again, they are light and strong, and readily available. 3)...
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    Homemade solar generator issue

    Those look like lead acid (probably gel.) Does he describe the battery anywhere?
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    Homemade solar generator issue

    If you have 27V at the inverter TERMINALS and it's not starting it's an enable issue. Is the green INVERTER light on when you are not seeing any output?
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    Homemade solar generator issue

    From your description, your battery is either completely dead or not connected. Use a meter to check battery voltage both at the battery and at the inverter input. If it's <10V at the battery, then the battery is dead. If the battery is 26V or so and the voltage is <10V at the inverter, then...
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    Midnite Solar Announced their new 10kw AIO at Intersolar Today

    How to manage whole house loads depends largely on who will be living in the house. For my wife and I, it would be simple to just not turn on the larger loads until power comes back on. (And they are all off normally; we turn them on manually.) For a homeowner who never thinks about power...
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    New, more efficient solar panels coming? Hopefully.

    Right. They are converted to heat. Consider sunlight hitting a piece of black metal. Do the photons go through it? Nope. They convert their energy into heat. Right. That's a good effect of higher efficiency.
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    to cheat or not to cheat... that is the question (and some discussion on rebranding equipment)

    Most inverter companies nowadays are rebranding to some extent. Keep in mind that Deye made Sol-Arks inverters for years, even as they were claiming they were US made. Heck, even Midnite Solar is having another company build their inverters. That being said, "someone else made the inverter"...
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    Voltage increase from grid, is 270 volts too much? (US split-phase 240V is normal)

    Electrical meters can indeed cause problems - but there's no way for them to cause an overvoltage.
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    DC coupling is not bad, I guess.

    Right, I am just speaking for efficiency. Things like load shifting, zero-export times or even a good sale on microinverters will change the economics.