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    Converting propane fridge to 12v compressor

    The actual part cost for my model was $795. I chose the installation option, 1st because it was only $250, and 2nd because they are only a hour away from me. That and right now I'm on weight restriction from surgery for several more weeks. We looked at all the options, and putting in the same...
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    Converting propane fridge to 12v compressor

    We looked at doing what you did, your unit would have been a perfect fit. however, we both like the decor of the factory nevercold. I wanted DC, because even when I'm hooked up to park power, I tend to run 120v off of park power, and DC off of battery. If I'd get off my rear, and do the...
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    Converting propane fridge to 12v compressor

    My issues with propane accelerated this winter while snow birding. It literally became a daily challenge to keep it running. Potpourri of issues like build up on spark igniter to some unknown issue with coolant flow, to just being cantankerous. I knew putting in the 12v compressor system would...
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    Another RV thread

    For a couple of reasons, I used the factory installed ATS and added a 50a input right by the ATS and Multiplus. When plugged into 50a power, I use the rear plug, with converter turned off. Batteries and panel support 12v, 120v comes from shore. When on less than 50a, I use the front plug, and...
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    Raised strut panel mounts

    Mounting them right next to vents and/or AC units will create shadows on the panel and drastically cut your solar production
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    Fridge advice and guidance.

    I've made a decision, going to have the JC Refrigeration upgrade kit installed on my existing absorption fridge. While shutting it off everyday has generally been working good, I've developed another issue where relighting hasn't always worked. The choices are - replacement absorption unit...
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    Fridge advice and guidance.

    As an experiment, I've started turning off the fridge every morning for an hour. Fridge is working fine for now. . I'm still thinking I will modify/replace the fridge after we get back home.
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    Fridge advice and guidance.

    Converter is turned off when on 50a shore power. All 12V runs off of battery and solar ONLY charges battery. When boon docking, I would convert 12v to 120v and back again to 12v. That's my primary option Thanks Eggo :) I've seen that a lot... I would lose the decorative wood panels on the...
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    Fridge advice and guidance.

    I'd much prefer 12v, because even on FHU, I let solar manage batteries, instead of MP keeping them charged full time.
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    Fridge advice and guidance.

    My Norcold has turned into a Nevercold :( . I'm looking primarily at the conversion kit to add a compressor kit to my existing fridge. Second choice may be replacing the whole fridge with a RV specific 12v compressor fridge. Third choice might be a residential fridge. I'm leaning to 12v over...
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    Solar panel placement question

    will the panel be slightly tipped up from front to rear, acting like a spoiler? I like to place panels all the way to the side edge of the trailer, but in the front, putting it back a bit as you're planning would allow air to go up and over the panel.
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    I'm confused on victron mppt 150/45 solar limits

    I've seen the number 30% thrown out a lot, including some people claiming to have been through Victron training program. For the 100/50 cite you posted, that's only 20%. I have also seen people multiply the numbers together, which you have warned people to not do. Thank you for the citation.
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    I'm confused on victron mppt 150/45 solar limits

    My 100/50 shows "nominal" to be 700 watts. Didn't see a maximum listed anywhere in the docs. Do you have a link to the limits?
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    I'm confused on victron mppt 150/45 solar limits

    What are the current limits of over paneling?
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    Volta a new player coming into the playing field

    Changing Lanes did a pretty big set up with Volta prototype equipment. I'm not familiar with the battery chemistry they used. It's also looks like a complete AIO system. The estimated cost is a lot more than I'm willing to spend. Link to Changing Lanes video
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    RV Solar Design Advice

    With that much roof space, go big. Plan to use a rail system to mount the panels, and push them all the way to the outside edge. Leave some walking room to get on the roof to do repairs as needed. I would rethink using the existing equipment. My intermediate step was to do exactly that. I...
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    Swapping to lithium in my 5th wheel. Truck 12V 7pin disconnect needed?

    There is too little current coming through the 7 pin to help or hurt. I've actually measured mine from my superduty. If my solar is disconnected, I get a whopping 15a across 7 pin. Others have measured their trucks current and typically been in the 5-7a range. If my solar is activated, I...
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    Rich Solar

    I have 6 of their 200w 24v panels on my 5th wheel, and they perform as expected.
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    Leaving a LFP battery fully charged

    Trying to solve a problem with keeping a home server up and running while we snow bird. I have a gel battery surge protector inline... but it's only good for about 45 minutes. Thinking about a solar generator that will be plugged into shore power, but what will that due to the LFP battery...
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    How do I Limit the charging Speed?

    roughly speaking, each 100ah of battery will run a RV airconditioner for 45 minutes. Is your solar charging batteries or supporting heavy loads? You can't have it both ways.
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    Partial panel shade & how much is too much?

    really easy, measure the output of each panel with that shade. On my 5th wheel, I had one panel that had literally a corner of the panel shaded, and it literally took out 50% of that panels output. It hit the panel just right. I had another panel that was shaded by my elevated TV antenna...
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    Baffling Multiplus / Generator behavior

    that went way over my head.
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    50A Class A Multiplus II 24V 2x120 70A Install

    Do you have a generator wiring in the front compartment? If so, that's what I used to connect the MP II 2x to. My actual transfer swtich is in the back.
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    Baffling Multiplus / Generator behavior

    Generator 2500 surge 2200w running, eco is turned off. Multiplus II 2x 120v Currently at 6,000 feet Limited inbound to 16a, which proved to be too much for the generator at this elevation. Also running air conditioner. Lowered to 12a, and this is where I start getting confused. At 12a, my...
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    Panel Mounting on 5th wheel roof

    I have no plans for tilting. Getting too old to climb up on the roof at every stop. Do you have a a favorite rail?
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    Reasons to stick with 12v?

    And here I am, regretting staying with 12v... but I'm also using a MP II 2x that is quiet. Under high loads, the inverter does have a slight buzz, but it's not anything that bothers me. My 5th wheel has a 60a CB for the 12v systems. My leveling jacks are fused at 30a each, and they only...
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    24v Travel Trailer System

    that was my plan until our long term winter site is 30a instead of 50a :( Complicating my configuration, as the MP II 2x is literally completely separate system from 50a hookup. 50a I'd do exactly what you're suggesting, 30a goes to the MP II for power sharing.
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    Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse

    1st time for me too :)
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    Ever wonder what a solar eclipse looks like to the system?

    Albuqurque at balloon Fiesta. We're 9 days off grid, going to 11 days. Extremely please with my system's performance!
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    24v Travel Trailer System

    If your mfg offers generator prep package, get it. My multiplus is wired to the Automatic Transfer Switch. that came as part of the prep package. My 5th wheel is powered 24/7 on both 120v & 12v. It's awesome knowing that I can mostly live normal all off of batteries. Mostly, aircon is...
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    Ever wonder what a solar eclipse looks like to the system?

    First time I've ever seen one, it was pretty kewl.
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    Victron is Over-priced Eurotrash. Why would anybody buy Victron over an AiO?

    As I came to realize my 5th wheel factory installed system was woefully inadequate, started down the path of Victron and Battleborn. Yes they both cost a lot more, but the system just works wonderfully well. Dragonfly put up with my hundreds of questions, and the system worked perfectly well...
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    Panel Mounting on 5th wheel roof

    I currently have 1200w on the roof. Started with factory limited amountn, added to it, taking off one panel... Four mounting holes patched Added an additional panel Took off the 2nd factory panel and my new panels, eight holes patched Added six new panels It looks like at least one panel mount...
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    multiplus II. 50A fifth wheel

    I have 1200w/600ah, and mostly pleased. My personal experience, 400ah can be a bit light. I find 600ah gives me enough head room for multiple days in a row with little to no solar collection. I'm seriously considering increasing my solar to 1600. As a test I let my propane fridge run on...