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    MPP Solar LV6548V (390V) All In One Inverter - 6500W - Ontario, Canada

    Offering a new-in-box LV6548V 390V all in one inverter from MPP Solar. This is the version with the MPPT that can accept up to 390V open circuit voltage from the solar arrays. The specifications for the LV6548V 390V are available online, but the basics are: - 6500W maximum output; - 8000W...
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    Maple Leaf Branded 6500EX-48 - Any Experince?

    Hi there - first time posting in the forum, and fairly new to solar, though I have a technical background. I am in Canada, looking for an all-in-one inverter/charger. Does anyone have any experience with the 6500EX-48 model from The Solar Power Store (branded “Maple Leaf”)...