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    2023: BMS Systems Changing & Improving

    Be careful with the TDT BMS, i have purchased about 20 units for them and have done extensive testing. When doing a multipack installation, the slave packs start displaying inaccurate SOC after a couple of days; the remaining capacity indicator of the slave battery packs lowers gradually...
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    SMA Sunny Island 6048 CAN issues.

    Hello Astinus, i have been trying to resolve the LOWBATMOD1 alarm on Sunny Island to no avail, did you ever figure out how to resolve this? I have tried setting all 3 Battery Preservation Levels to 0 percent as suggested above to no avail. I still get the Low bat mod 1 alarm. Feedback would be...
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    280AH cells not charging above 3.3v?

    Check your Icharger X8 manual. If i am not mistaken in the charge setup interface, there is a "charge end current" settings field which is at default 10%. From what i remember. What this does is it terminates the charge cycle when your charge amperage reaches 10 percent of your set charge...