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    Starting Construction My New System- Rural Calgary, Alberta Canada

    Interesting posts. I would only add that December and January test how awesome your setup is. In my case, I have roughly 19KW in panels and it is still no where near enough for winter to run my heater and the rest of the home. If you can, plan good for winter's bad production.
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    Video that puts American vs Chinese solar manufacturing into perspective

    I remember Demmings TQA concept. It worked well. Ford used it on thier F-150 for a bit and sold many. But i am dating myself here. I used TQA in P&G when I worked there years ago. They called me into the management office and asked me what safe practices I was violating to run such high...
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    Video that puts American vs Chinese solar manufacturing into perspective

    I dont believe I have seen a comercial for that car in the video... Kinda cool car. I could go for a pickup truck.
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    Off grid all in one with grid charging, grid priority

    Check the paperwork that comes with it. All the units I have purchased told me how to connect it to the grid. Unless there was no manual? Did you get a second hand unit?
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    EG4 Solar Charge Controller MPPT | 500VDC 100A | MPPT100-48HV

    I use the schneider 100/600charge controllers. they are very quiet. and not cheap.
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    who is still burning wood in april?

    That is a very nice picture. I am sure its cold out, but the pic is one for the wall of your home.
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    the rapidly changing inverter landscape

    I have the schneider 6848pro with charge controllers and insight home. I originally hated the idea of the insight home until i realised it does it all. I sit in front of a computer and type to change settings for any of the pieces from the same program. I did not hate it after that. I dont think...
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    What was your worse DIY solar mistake ever?

    Worst mistake I have made was that I did not have a good disconnect on the solar array. The AIO I was using direct shorted inside and when I tried to flip the breakers I was using for the disconnect I learned the hard way it was not sufficient. I have since installed better actual disconnects...
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    Superstrut Gold Galvanized-- how does it hold up to the weather

    I have used both Silver and Gold, work great so far. However it has been only 2 years so i dunno nothing yet on durability. The 12 gauge stuff is pretty tough. 14 is too flimsy. No issues at this time.
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    How long can you (and your family) survive if the grid went down for an extended period?

    Mine either except for my exwife.. Which will never melt no matter how hot it gets...
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    The Solar Pergola Project - Repurposing a pergola I once built to power our home

    When you use those, are there any issues with panel expansion or contraction?
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    Unintended consequences of Solar that we see

    As a matter of fact, the best angle where I live for winter does get the best snow sliding off :) i usually do not have to sweep them off, but am prepared for it.
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    Unintended consequences of Solar that we see

    I can see that point, if you are making enough power in the winter with the tilt, you will make plenty in the summer anyway at the same angle.
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    Hot water Heat pump, anyone running them in their house?

    Is that much hot water for heating the home too?
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    Possible laundry solution

    lol, I am 62 and still work my stone quarry , setup all my solar myself, do all my mechanical repairs. you should be fine if there is still a planet by then, 🌋
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    Hot water Heat pump, anyone running them in their house?

    I have a Rheem hydbrid hot water heater. Girlfriend takes a marathon shower, uses up all 50 gallons of hot water (120F) and it takes about 4-5 hours to recover. My unit takes about 500W . I love it. it is always on the Solar system and never on the grid.
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    Post your Ground Mount Setup

    I was able to find a website that sells them, but the price does not beat home depos 1.5" galv pipe. When bought in amounts of 5ish you do get an additional 15% off
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    Used panels as low as $0.10/watt

    78. 48 that are 250W and 30 that are 265. there are 26 more in storage. I am trying to catch up with Tim. :)
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    Used panels as low as $0.10/watt

    I just got some Canadian solar panels from SanTan that were so dirty it took me 2 hours to wash 4 of them. I finally used laundry soap and scrubbed the bajeebees out of them. They work good, but if they were that dirty the first owner must have had terrible output. I wish they had washed them a...
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    EG4 LL-S batteries - scratched LCD displays from EG4 / Signature Solar

    He says that he was compensated by SS for the scratches. I would think that he is good to go. but I am curious about your refurb batteries, got a web page on that?
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    Hail damage

    Like the map, like even better that PA has low risk. Now if only we had sunshine in the winter... Good times.
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    What are the actual FINES for unpermitted solar installations?

    Agreed. A major location point for my home. And a liberty exercised.
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    CES 2024 Coverage

    Be great if it had 2 batteries, one charging as one is being used.
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    CES 2024 Coverage

    The excavator looked interesting. Currently, when my JD850 ELC needs fuel, I bring my fuel tank in the quarry and fill it full of diesel. Back up and running in 10 minutes. How do you charge that battery powered excavator? And I wonder how long. Or is it some kind of hybrid? edit found a web...
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    Bad days for Solar Production.

    I admit that I did not understand it is about the cloudy days and not the sunny ones where I live. As I have stated earlier, I am good with all the household needs except the Geo with just clouds. I would have set up my system differently with a better understanding there. Still getting crappy...
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    Bad days for Solar Production.

    I'd love to have 45kw of panels also. WOW! I wonder if it would be enough? Naw, probably not.
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    Unintended consequences of Solar that we see

    My unintended consequences were simple, I got hooked and cant stop adding more panels.
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    2024 YouTube Video Ideas

    I have been wondering about a power output comparison between high wattage panels and low wattage panels. The conditions would be cloudy days only. Which would give more power? In order to have the same wattage for 250 watt panels, (then say 450 watt panels) you have to have more panels which...
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    Senville Aura 24k Heating Results

    Do you think that the minisplits could be used in a church and the air handlers be quiet enough to not disturb the sermon. I have recommened both of the units you just mentioned for my home church. I had serious concerns about the noise. Second, how are the performances at about 10 degrees F?
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    Possible laundry solution

    I like that GE concept. My current system is an LG washer with LG dryer stacked. The dryer can only be run on delicate which pulls 3k watts. Well within spec of my Schneider 6848pro. But it never takes more than 45 minutes no matter how big the load because that washer really spins that water...
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    What is so hard to understand about Do laundry during the day!!

    I think i got you all beat, my exwife used to take the lint from the dryer, pull the screen and stuff the lint in the hole. Then she would stuff the screen in on top of the lint. This resulted in huge fights but it was the same as talking to a wall. She eventually caught that dryer on fire and i...
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    Senville Aura 24k Heating Results

    How far below 0? The specs say -22F? or something like that?
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    Senville Aura 24k Heating Results

    Keep it coming, this is good information. Isnt 125 degrees about normal?
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    Schneider LiFePo4 Build

    Never get below 40% SOC. If I did not throw the heat pump on the system, they would never get below 70% SOC. I live alone, and dont have a lot of people using electricity.

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