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    Charged my car battery with my Jackery 160

    Because of quarantine, our cars don't get driven very much. The 2016 Honda CRV seems to have a lot higher parasitic draw when sitting in the driveway than my 2008 truck. I think these newer cars with their constant scanning for key FOBs (vs the ones where you have to depress a button on your...
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    Any chance a 400W continuous (800W peak) inverter will run any small chest freezer?

    I'd like to be able to power a small 3.5 cuft chest freezer or similar from a Cobra CPI 475 12V 400W inverter connected to a yet-to-be-built ~13V battery bank. The freezer will be connected to AC most of the time and only connected to the inverter during a prolonged power outage. Small chest...
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    Does Pass-through charging add a cycle to the battery (Jackery)?

    I've been charging my chromebook via USB-C from my Jackery (15W draw @5V) while simultaneously charging with a 60W solar panel. Most of the time the input (10-40W) exceeds the output and averages about 30W over 6-7 hrs. Does this cycle the battery, albeit slowly, and decrease the battery...
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    Future battery upgrades/replacements

    I've watched some tear-down videos of popular brands but I've yet to see anyone discuss how upgrade-able or replaceable the battery technology is in the portable micro systems. I'm guessing some of the bigger brands are using proprietary-sized batteries. For these, I imagine it will be...