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    Power monitor with surge recording capability?

    I'm trying to find a product that will record the highest surge used by a device (like an air conditioner or refrigerator). Does anyone have any suggestions, or products to avoid? I'd prefer something like a power line monitor for 120v AC, but would settle for a clamp meter that captures peak...
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    Fast/Large capacity cell tester.

    I managed to buy an EBC-A40L. I say managed, because apparently I got a bargain price, $173.63 off Aliexpress. Good luck finding it for that now. They raised the price and raised shipping by quite a bit...
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    Cheap power supply for top balancing

    I posted this in the tools section where it belongs, but I want to let beginners know about it, so I'll link to it here: Please note, the Long Wei come with the best alligator clips I've seen on...
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    Cheap power supply for top balancing (tested and works well).

    First, a link to the cheapest 30 volt, 10 amp supply I could find on Amazon. There are others on occasion that go on special for a dollar or two less, but this one is pretty consistently the cheapest I could find. An alternative that is not as...
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    700 amp hour Winston Thundersky Brand cells?

    I'm being told they are 55 kilograms each, and priced at $699 each including delivery (located in New York and Paris). Is anyone familiar with cells of this size?
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    Battery cell capacity testing.

    I have started trying out a new tester, the ET5410 (about $185 including air freight). At 35 amps it takes about 8 hours to test a cell, but I'm going to test lower amps due to my fuse holder heating up. It's much better than the $30 tester from ATorch. This $30 tester has a tendency to burn out...
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    Eve 280AH capacity testing

    I am going to be doing capacity testing on my Eve 280 AH cells the next week or so (depends on Amazon deliveries and 2 year old grandkids visiting). I had purchased and received (they were delivered on Halloween) the cells, but they've been in the garage for two months now and I'm finding time...
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    REC Pre-charge unit?

    Has anyone tried out the REC pre-charge unit for connecting to your inverter? Seems a decent unit if a bit over priced. REC pre-charge manual