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    Update. Replacement BMS? What's next?

    I am actually pretty confident that you can get the old battery pack working with a new BMS. Then order two more! I know the Daly BMS rated for 250A have 2 gauge wire, but I don't have a clue how their numbering scheme works. I did figure out why mine doesn't count cycles, they sent me a...
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    New Daly "Smart" BMS w/ Communication. (80-250A)

    You might want to check here: Thread 'Decoding the DALY SmartBMS protocol'
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    JBD SP8S004 8S 24v 150A BMS

    I have the 150 amp JBD on order. But 150 is actually the highest I will draw for my use. The Eve cells are very consistent, 5 amp hours below 3.0, and 5 amp hours above 3.4. That's measured discharge below 3.0, and measured charge in above 3.4v, I'd have to look at the data, but I think...
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    Power monitor with surge recording capability?

    I have no problem paying the money for a Fluke, you often get what you pay for. If the Kaiweets doesn't work out, I'll try calling Fluke and see what they recommend. I've been very happy with my Fluke meters, had a 75 for about 35 years (Reagan was president when I bought it), then it...
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    Power monitor with surge recording capability?

    Thanks, I've seen good reviews of other Kaiweets products and the price is right. I'll give it a try.
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    JBD SP8S004 8S 24v 150A BMS

    Just as an FYI, cells can be over 3 volts and be less than 2%. 3.0 to 2.5 is approximately 5 amp hours. 3.4 to 3.65 about the same.
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    Power monitor with surge recording capability?

    I'm trying to find a product that will record the highest surge used by a device (like an air conditioner or refrigerator). Does anyone have any suggestions, or products to avoid? I'd prefer something like a power line monitor for 120v AC, but would settle for a clamp meter that captures peak...
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    16 New EVE LF280N cells from Wan Amy

    I paid with a virtual card number from Citi. Went straight through, everytime. A lot of people report having to send copies of their ID, that's why I recommend the virtual number. I just wanted to remind everyone (once again), Amy does have a deal for forum members. Please use this code...
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    How do i capacity test with no equipment? I've checked and these are the same software and drivers Daly makes available. It's just easier to find here. There is a lot here in the resources section.
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    How do i capacity test with no equipment?

    Yes, I haven't been playing with mine since it is out in the garage. I just set up a headless (dummy HDMI plug) Intel NUC, so I will probably start playing with it soon. I'm no expert, I just plug things in and try to figure them out, same as you.
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    How do i capacity test with no equipment?

    I would have to search on this forum. It was someone here on this forum, and he gave details about it, and how to set some things. Specifically, there is a "noise" setting that helps with the jittery results. It isn't called noise, but from memory, that was pretty much it's function. I know you...
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    More DALY smart BMS issues

    No, so far I haven't been able to figure out their model naming scheme. They really need to get their act together, simplify, and standardize, otherwise another vendor will come in and take their market share.
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    How do i capacity test with no equipment? The cheap shunt based measurement devices I've used. My Kunkin KP184 was calibrated on January...
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    How do i capacity test with no equipment?

    Two types of shunts, two methods of "calibration". If you have a higher capacity shunt, notice that it seemingly has a notch cut out of one of the bars? That is the calibration, totally automated process, sends a current, measures how much out of tolerance, and adjusts the notch size...
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    More DALY smart BMS issues

    Yes, that sounds like a defective BMS. Daly customer service sucks, so be prepared for a problem. I hope you used a credit card, otherwise they have little incentive to replace it, and will try the "jump through hoops" until they hope you give up.
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    More DALY smart BMS issues

    Much as I hate to say it, you likely need to contact Daly. Does it connect via PC or Bluetooth app? Daly makes a lot of different models, but it should wake up if you push the button on the lightboard. Then you should be able to connect via bluetooth. I have not tried connecting via the PC/USB...
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    How do i capacity test with no equipment?

    The actual process is cheap, fast, and doesn't require much technology or technical knowledge. I would rate as pretty unusual to find a shunt that wasn't calibrated. Takes about 60 seconds.
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    How do i capacity test with no equipment?

    Most shunts are pretty accurate, most clamp meters are ballpark. That's my experience with the cheaper ones, anyway. Shunts can run hot when run near their capacity, since they are resistance based. Get a bigger shunt if that is a problem, generally speaking you want to run about midrange of...
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    How do i capacity test with no equipment?

    I second the shunt idea, they are pretty cheap. This is what I use:
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    Is CV charging (adsorption) even necessary?

    Yes, big bloated problems. Between 3.4v and 3.65v the big Eve 280AH cells will take less than 5AH to put in that extra .25 volts.
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    Is It Okay To Use 2 Bench PSU's To Speed Up Top Balancing?

    Yes, generally speaking it will work fine. There can be some oddball power supplies that can have problems, just hook them up, set the voltage, and connect the leads.
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    How do i capacity test with no equipment?

    The second clamp meter, that is AC current only, just FYI. The first is great and what you are looking for, but really only good up to about 80 amps.
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    LiFePo44 based high capacity batteries?

    Here you go, don't forget the coupon code. Thread 'Introducing the New & Improved Shenzhen Luyuan Technology Co.'
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    Solar panels in parallel or in series for Bluetti AC200P?

    Yes, that is what he was saying. Should work almost ideally.
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    Anyone considered using poly strapping for compression?

    I don't know how well it will work, but for final assembly I'm going to try plywood ends (to save the cell corners) and stainless steel 3/4 inch straps. I'll try it and see how well it works.
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    Fast/Large capacity cell tester.

    Just an update since I now have a PC hooked up for data logging (was running some tests manually since my laptop battery wouldn't last long enough, and didn't want to move a full PC into the garage). Just like @Off-Grid-Garage , I find the software quite easy to use, and wanted to post an...
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    ZKETECH EBC-A40L Software, driver, and software manual. v1.8.5

    This is the latest (v1.8.5) of the testing and logging software from ZKETECH. The English language manual is also in the archive, as well as the required USB to serial port driver (PL2302). Works with all of the battery or cell testers from ZKETECH. Note that the included driver is an older...
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    Problem with the DC power supply for top balancing

    Yes, but the better wires will allow you to not only charge with more current, it also makes the constant current portion of the charge much longer (i.e. it will switch to constant voltage at a higher voltage). So you can charge faster and shorter.
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    Decoding the DALY SmartBMS protocol

    Nice! I am very interested in this project, getting a Daly to talk to anything is an achievement, a Victron is fantastic.
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    BMS Software

    Those are Daly models. The resources section here should have everything you need.
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    Solar panels in parallel or in series for Bluetti AC200P?

    Like snoobler said, having 4 in series, and 2 parallel strings would be pretty much ideal for charging that. Bluetti tech support must not read their own specs.
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    Can anyone recommend a good mid-range bench power supply.

    OK, be forewarned, you'll need a 1220 button cell and a power cord. I currently own a 12 amp model and four of the 18 amp models. I order directly from Riden, they use UPS expedited and it takes about two weeks. If you look at the...
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    Fast/Large capacity cell tester.

    Yes, I'm still not enthusiastic about pushing 40 amps through alligator clamps. I'm very much aware of the fact it has a separate voltage sense circuit. In the past I've been using Anderson connectors, almost as much work, but much better connection. Yes, I know what the sense wires and...
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    Clean your terminals.

    I'm just guessing, but I thought the residue left on my terminals was glue or adhesive from the manufacturing. I suspect (but don't know) that they use glue to get the aluminum and plastic to bond. I used the wire brush attachment from my Dremel to clean off the same residue on my terminals...