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    Looking for All-in-One Recommendation for Motorhome

    i left the rv native on coach battery (beefed up the batterys) and put in a seperate coach2 battery bank. its got inverters and runs the tvs, electronics, half the lights both have seperate charge controllers and panels. nothing critical to offgrid survival, creature comforts battery bank...
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    Multiple Charge controllers to one battery bank

    would reconsider your panel choice... a few holes is not a big deal... once that flexi panel dies, how you gonna get it off?
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    Charging times

    the 5 hour number is good if you live at the equator and a cloudless day. in the real world it will take 10 plus hours most likely if you run the battery all the way down
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    I am feeling REALLY Dumb

    What charge controller do you have, some will not bring back a totally depleated battery you might need to plug in a smart charger
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    Planning off-grid workshop/home in northern Wisconsin

    the lithium iron phosphate battery chemistry is not like your drone batterys at all.. Im a 5th scale rc nut and have had plenty of lipo packs torch up, its not the same tech...
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    All In One options

    downsides of the all in ones is the amp draw at idle is higher than some component built systems and the fan noises on some are pretty loud, and most all in ones dont have alot of "peak power" and if one part fails its not as easy as swaping out an inverter or charge controller in a component...
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    Charger Specs - Power Factor (not eff)

    I have that charger on my RV and just ordered a killawatt meter. Once it comes will plug it into the charger and post results.
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    Mounted/Removable Panels

    i have 2 telescopic ladders (for roof top tents on our jeeps) we have used them leaned up against the jeep with panels hooked to them, its not pretty or super fast but does work and then the ladders are very compact for storage. or we ahve put them across from jeep to jeep and had the panels...
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    Does roof mounted panels impact Aerodynamics?

    roof mounting anything can affect aerodynamics... my jeep with racks and lights gets 1-2 less mph its considerably louder, but its loud with mud tires so that drowns out the sound. best move is as pyke13 said to put a wind deflector if you want to get it more aerodynamic
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    Hot tub solar

    simple way would be one of the mpp all in one units that will recomments, or build your own from components. get 3 full size panels and whatever flavor of 100AH @48 volt batterys to start. technically you should figure out your "load" before getting the equipment, but with this use( the temp...
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    Water heater timer for Marathon?

    True.. location , location, location... Im in northern IL , i would have to triple the panels and my experience here with heat pumps is once real winter sets in they dont work that great. but the tech might be better these days. We did a well /geothermal for the AC which works well here, in...
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    PIP-1012LV-MK issue. Any body has one of this model?

    send it back , use your old one and just add one more charge controller seems to be the best solution to me.
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    Stolen solar panels?

    Hello this is carol baskin... i dare you to steal my panels.... lol
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    Off Grid EV charge station

    I would get 10 panels for looks and hide a huge diesel generator in a shed.
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    Hybrid trailer build

    Yes your correct at 24 volts that scc says it can take 1000 watts its a 40 amp charger.
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    Hybrid trailer build

    we call those crawler haulers where i 4x4.... Nice project! go on pirate 4x4 there are tons of build threads. most will be very diy
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    The Renewable Energy Problem.

    ive been offgrid 8 years,, propane , solar and have propane and diesel generators. best to have redundancy. and yes the storage/delivery for electricity always cost much more than the manufacturing
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    Advice on heating cabin-Alberta

    non vented propane heater will turn it into a moist sauna... i am in my rv half of my time, and the post about inefficient rv furnace is correct... it works but its terribly inefficent. use a vented propane unit or a fireplace or both
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    The Renewable Energy Problem.

    best to make your own solar and keep the governments hands out of it.
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    Wanna start solar battery business IN Amazon,any good suggestions

    no everyone on this site hates solar... lol whats the question, if your asking others if its a good business its like any other small busines, it will be tons of work to make very little till you really get it going and if your lazy it will most likely fail.. best move is to have enough...
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    Choosing the correct inverter size?

    your 3000 watt inverter is right, but you will need to get that battery bank beefed up if you wanna run it for very long. if we are running our AC we use a good majority of 1800 AH@48v capacity that we have (not lithium so ours would be around 900ah in lithium at 48V.
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    Solar Pool Heater vs PV Panels & Heat Pump

    back in the 80s my grandpa covered his pool shed roof with black garden hose it was on an endless loop to and from the pool... it kept the pool warm all summer .. .no pv involved. not sure if it meets neighborhood codes but simple works
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    Water heater timer for Marathon?

    ive been off grid 8 years now. no way would i try to run an electric water heater. Propane is way more efficient for heating water.
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    Is it Safe to house componants in my attached garage

    i have a morton building that off grid and i just cant justify the lipo4 batterys yet ,,, i run big forklift batterys and they are fine even in sub zero temps. i run lithium in the rv, where the weight savings and the temp is easy to maintain since my compartments are heated. if i only had...
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    Bluetti AC200 - how many solar panel

    i camp in negative temps in my class a all the time and i use the water year round. , i have 6 175 watt heaters in the compartments hooked up to 800ah of batterys and no other drains on the system. with a dedicated inverter for the heaters. It helps, but really the propane rv furnace does...
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    45 foot shipping container rooftop solar.

    i do warehousing , we store for a company that makes 20 foot containers that can be shipped to sites and generate serious power 500KW+ units. The container with the solar gear, batterys racking (the racking is basically ladders so the installers climb up and assemble top to ground for each...
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    Stolen solar panels?

    i use a cable and padlock mine together. my boxer/can corso mixed dog sitting outside near his panels usually keeps most people honest. love the electronic collars.
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    Sonali Solar 250 Watt Poly Solar Panel

    a dirty panel mono or poly will have same effect on output.... hose them down.
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    650ah flded to 480 lifepo4

    Yes you will have more usable battery than you do now.... Also , since your gonna be shedding quite a few pounds on the rv thats more stuff you can haul.
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    Beginner Off-Grid system for EV charging

    400 watt panels is about as big as they make them nowadays. You realize it could take weeks for a single charge with this setup you are describing.
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    What do I need vs What should I get

    if you wanna go cheap get 2 6volt golf cart batterys at costco , and a 500watt quality inverter (like victron) and a charger and. yes you need to check the water level once a month since you probably spend alot of time doing the meats in the shed a few minutes to check water levels will save...
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    Need some help - Designing system, having trouble connecting travel trailer system

    you just use the 110 outlet on your inverter generator to power your charger. its that simple. i like the 1700 watt champions, they can stack and if you parallel them they have a 30amp plug on thier parallel kit, makes it easy to run the whole trailer and not have to rewire anyting in the...
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    Hot tub solar

    if you want a cheap option to just keep it from freezing you could use a farm sinking tank deicer. they are less than $100 and run on 120 volts mine is 1500 watts. After having a hot tub heater burn out once we keep one in our tub in the winters as a backup. then use your campfire hydronic...
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    1997 Isuzu NPR build

    I think your truetracks will serve you well,, you can always spool the rear if you really want to , it will turn better on streets with the truetracks. Without full hydro mine would only go straight, depending on terrain we run 40 or 44s + beadlocks, im probably 200-275 lbs per wheel that...