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  1. rhino

    Bell mouth lug source?

    Does someone have a source of the proper lugs for high strand copper cabling? My understanding is that it should be "bell mouth" lugs so that the strands are less likely to be cut at the lug opening when crimping. Maybe I'm searching for wrong thing? The few that I found seemed really cheap..
  2. rhino

    Securing PV wire

    Have several top of pole mounts and wondering what best way is to securing the PV wiring while also allowing some flexibility for tilt and even some rotation. I am currently using some UV protected wire ties and Heyco srtain relief for the wires to actually go into combiner on poll but wondered...
  3. rhino

    How to reduce cable size for connector?

    I thought there was a part you can get to reduce large cable size ends to a smaller one so they'd fit in a terminal but can't remember what they are called. I may need to use 3/0 or 4/0 aluminum cables for AC distribution (hundreds of feet) to reduce voltage loss and load center only accepts 2/0.
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    "Existing" customers get 10% off anything using EARTHDAY21.
  5. rhino

    Adding 240V from Victron system?

    I currently have a Quattro 48/5000 inverter which has 120V AC output only for in main residence. I now am in a situation where I need 240V 10,000 watt output for motors that would go to a separate outbuilding. My initial thought was to add the Quattro 230/240 VAC 10kW inverter/charger. Would...
  6. rhino

    Small wind turbines no longer worth it?

    I've gone through two 1kw wind turbines (African wind power and a e300 Kestrel) and both have failed after only 2-3 years of use. At this point in time I am wondering if it makes sense for any land based installation to spend money on a mechanical system that is inherently less reliable then a...
  7. rhino

    How to clean up BMS wire clutter?

    Are there any general recommendations on how to clean up wire clutter with a centralized BMS? My layout currently looks like a pile of spaghetti and need to do something to clean it up. Also wondering what would be good if wanted to have wiring for BMS that crosses over/touches the opposite...
  8. rhino

    Blown away by Victron

    Ok... this isn't a detailed review or anything... but after replacing my Midnite Solar charge controller and Whizbang JR with a Victron SCC along with Cerbo GX and their smart shunt I am completely blown away by the software and support for the system. It is light years ahead of anything I've...
  9. rhino

    PV negative and battery negative

    I'm swapping out a Midnite SCC for a Victron and am not sure about the Battery negative and PV-. On the Midnite if I recall they are internally bonded but in the Victron I don't believe this is case. Do I need to wire the PV- directly to the SCC and also have a B- cable now from the negative...
  10. rhino

    Orion Jr. BMS "Charge Power Source"

    The Orion Jr. (Orig) BMS has both a "Ready Power Source" and "Charge Power Source". The manual describes them as: Since this is for a stationary system would I just connect the Charge Power Source directly to the battery bank just like the Ready Power Source is? I don't see the point of using...
  11. rhino

    Check your circuit breaker connections!

    I've had my system installed for over 10 years and when I went to make some changes on the AC side I discovered many of the copper stranded wires were now loose in the breaker. The AC out from the inverter even fell out after touching it. So check the tightness/torque if it's been a while...
  12. rhino

    Raspberry Pi 400

    This seems like a really cool idea to reduce clutter of having a system to monitor your RE system (assuming your system doesn't require proprietary and/or Windows software). All you need is to connect a display.
  13. rhino

    What happened to the "name brand" panels?

    You used to see a lot of the older solar dealers in the USA sell Kyocera, Canadian Solar, etc. Now you have to really search to find these panels anywhere. What happened?
  14. rhino

    Chargery BMS SDK/API/Protocol?

    I know there is 3rd party software already out there pulling data from a Chargery BMS but have not been able to find where the "official" documentation is for how to access that data. I could not find it on the Chargery website. cc: @Steve_S
  15. rhino

    Midnite and Victron: striking difference in software updates

    This was brought up in another thread recently but I went to look closer at what these two companies are doing as far as providing application/firmware/monitoring updates for existing customers and is quite striking. (For the record I currently use Midnite hardware): Midnite Solar - No...
  16. rhino

    FAQ section needs updating with "Solar Equipment List"

    @svetz Noticed the FAQ section forum has a thread for "Comparing Solar Panels" which has link to a broken California list of panels.. The new link which includes a multitude of Solar related equipment lists and not just Solar Panels is at...
  17. rhino

    GFPD confusion

    There seems to be a lot of confusion (at least by me :) ) when a ground fault protection device is needed in a grounded PV installation in North America. I "thought" that all PV arrays in stationary/residential installation must have a GFPD connected to it in order to detect when a ground fault...
  18. rhino

    MorningStar SCC and their (GOOD) tech support

    You usually see comments about BAD support so I wanted to mention I had several questions about the TriStar solar charge controller made by Morningstar and was pleased that their support (Pete) got back within a day with detailed answers to my question. Some of the info that may be of use to...
  19. rhino

    Sol-Ark/All-in-One Repairability

    I was originally considering an all-in-one system for off-grid but then began to be concerned about the fact that the inverter and charge controller(s) are all in one unit. Are people going to have to send the entire unit back for repair? In an off-grid situation not having a back up in place...
  20. rhino

    Victron SCC requires external GFPD??

    It appears in order be code compliant in a residential install in the USA, any SCC from Victron appears to require you to purchase an external Ground Fault Protection Device. Is this true? I was specifically looking at the SmartSolar 250/70 and don't see anything related to arc fault or ground...
  21. rhino

    Option for DC Breaker enclosure?

    What are the options for nice DC din rail breaker enclosures? Would like something that looks nice and for multiple PV inputs, battery disconnect, etc. This is for next to inverter, charge controllers, etc. and planned to use Midnite DC breakers (since already have some from existing system)...
  22. rhino

    Mount solar combiner box to steel pipe

    What's the best way to mount solar combiner box to 8" steel pipe for a top of pole mount? Was going to be using MNPV3 but did not really want to have to drill into that steel if there was another way.
  23. rhino

    Sol-Ark system updates info?

    Are there a list of hardware and/or software revisions if any for the Sol-Ark systems? I would like to know if the software for it is being updated to fix any issues discovered and if there is a list of those updates. This would help me see that they are supporting improving existing installed...
  24. rhino

    Multiple conduit entry into house

    I will have several separate underground conduit runs all needing to go into basement. Instead of making numerous holes in siding for "Type LB Conduit Bodies" (I already have two) is there something that can be done so I can combine them together outside before entry to limit number of holes I...
  25. rhino

    Ordered SanTan Solar pallet of (25) 255w Canadian Solar panels

    Purchased some of the used Canadian Solar panels on SanTan Solar. Will update when they arrive. Slightly concerned the panels they have listed now are 250w Canadian Solar panels and not the 255w ones I paid for. Invoice states they are CS6P-255PX. Price was $1250 plus $340 shipping. These...