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  1. rhino

    Which DC disconnect switch to use for PV strings?

    What panels exactly are they? I found one panel rated at 445W and they have a Voc of 49.1V. Putting 10 in series would be 10 x 49.1V = 491V which far exceeds that controller.
  2. rhino

    Bell mouth lug source?

    Are you saying you could use any lug on high strand wire but the flared opening ones simply make it easier to get all the strands in?
  3. rhino

    Bell mouth lug source?

  4. rhino

    EVE 280 cells ... what did you pay (recently)?

    Would use a trusted supplier like who even occasionally visits this forum. That one already has some bad experience:
  5. rhino

    Securing PV wire

    Good news that I found Heyco produces clips (SunRunner EZ clips) that can mount to up to 1/4" thick frame which should allow me to attach the wires to the array mount support bars itself. I was able to order directly from Heyco which was fortunate since I didn't see anyone carrying these...
  6. rhino

    Bell mouth lug source?

    Does someone have a source of the proper lugs for high strand copper cabling? My understanding is that it should be "bell mouth" lugs so that the strands are less likely to be cut at the lug opening when crimping. Maybe I'm searching for wrong thing? The few that I found seemed really cheap..
  7. rhino

    New Panels... Parallel or series? Parallel I think...

    He'd be over the voltage limit of that charge controller putting 3 of them in series. Voc is 70.9V per panel.
  8. rhino

    AC run time at night on 48V LiFePO4 103AH - 5.3KwH ?

    I got the window AC unit Will mentioned in video that is supposed to be one of the highest efficiency window AC units on the market. It's the Midea 8,000 BTU U-Shaped Window Air Conditioner. I've only had to use it once so far this year and had it set for 66F overnight and used a little over...
  9. rhino

    DEYE Inverter UL Listed available in US

    They should follow what Victron is doing. Multiple ways of accessing the data and open sourcing a lot of it. Midnite solar also has detailed documentation on protocol to talk to their charge controllers and make configuration changes as well. Furthermore simply providing read only access to...
  10. rhino

    MPP-Solar LVX-6048

    Can the LVX6048 balance the 120V legs? Can you actually pull the full 6kW output off of a single 120V leg?
  11. rhino

    Label Maker

    @svetz Is the label maker still meeting your expectations? Have you used it anymore? :) Actually, after reading some of the reviews on Amazon on that one I'm not sure I would go for that one..
  12. rhino

    Securing PV wire

    Have several top of pole mounts and wondering what best way is to securing the PV wiring while also allowing some flexibility for tilt and even some rotation. I am currently using some UV protected wire ties and Heyco srtain relief for the wires to actually go into combiner on poll but wondered...
  13. rhino

    MPP-Solar LVX-6048

    Nice! Can you tell what max gauge wire the PV input can take and size and sturdiness of the battery cable studs?
  14. rhino

    300W or 500W (Small) 24V Pure Sine Inverter - Any Suggestions/Recommendations?

    $657 but do even have a specified MTBF of 21.5 years.
  15. rhino

    300W or 500W (Small) 24V Pure Sine Inverter - Any Suggestions/Recommendations?

    I've used ExelTech in past and consider them top of the line. They are even manufactured in the USA: You are going to pay more though then one made in China :)
  16. rhino

    Fully Buffered Solar Panels

    I am at least open to see how well it works.. It's good for people to experiment and think of things outside of the box..
  17. rhino

    HELP!!! Looking for Complete System

    More importantly, what is your budget?
  18. rhino

    Do NOT discard a Dead Victron MPPT 100/30 or its kind

    Spec sheet states max PV short circuit current is 35A for the 100/30.
  19. rhino

    Do NOT discard a Dead Victron MPPT 100/30 or its kind

    That is 20A over the rating. There has to be some limit to which it can handle, right? :)
  20. rhino

    Do NOT discard a Dead Victron MPPT 100/30 or its kind

    I do have a circuit break in front of mine.. especially since I have a long distance from the pv combiner to the charge controller (200ft+ from one array). Would that have protected it?
  21. rhino

    Do NOT discard a Dead Victron MPPT 100/30 or its kind

    Sorry to hear that but I've had no issues programming a Victron controller and used a 5+ year old iPad to do it. Was much simpler to do then a Midnite Solar or Outback MX60. I even set it up to be controlled by a BMS which also had support for canbus all from the iOS app. It replaced Midnite...
  22. rhino

    DEYE Inverter UL Listed available in US

    Is there a valid reason why they would not do this? They are obviously sending the data over the internet to their own servers and processing it, why won't they document how to get this data locally?
  23. rhino

    Victron SmartSolar 100/50 overpaneled with 1,000w?

    They also have an online calculator that will show you the victron controllers that will work with your setup:
  24. rhino

    Victron Autotransformer real-world usage and voltage drops

    Did you ever find an answer to this? Would also like to know.
  25. rhino

    running 2x victron multiplus' in split phase

    Yes. the Victron auto transformer can shift up to 28A continuous from one leg to the other (30A for a while) so that is definitely an advantage if your legs aren't balanced with loads.
  26. rhino

    MPP-Solar LVX-6048

    I've not heard back from yet and they are now saying on their website they aren't getting any stock of LVX6048 until late July :(
  27. rhino

    wire ferrels.

    I've purchased from They allow you to use high strand copper cabling that is really flexible and therefore easier to install and route. If you don't use these with high strand cables you terminal connection may cut through those small gauge wires that make up...
  28. rhino

    PV Panels - they just don't make 'em like they used to

    Thanks for this info! I hate it when they don't bother to actually list who to avoid. What's the point then? That gives the impression that if you aren't in the list anything else is bad which isn't necessarily true. I have all Kyocera panels and when they were purchased I thought they were...
  29. rhino

    Which voltage number in solar panel specs...

    @Wesubi You can use Victron's online calculator to easily check yourself:
  30. rhino

    Victron SCC advice for 1000W of solar

    Did you use Victron's calculator? Should confirm my numbers but it says the 150/70 is fine:
  31. rhino

    How to reduce cable size for connector?

    Ok.. It appears it is even code acceptable to have a splice for the feeder in your service panel so I can use these for only $6 each! 😁
  32. rhino

    MPP-Solar LVX-6048

    Thanks for the info.. They seem to make noticeable amount of changes per model (i.e. the LVX has 450V support).. and the LV6548 is listed as weighing only 19kg whereas the LVX6048 is 34kg so would be good to have confirmation of behavior on that particular model.
  33. rhino

    How to reduce cable size for connector?

    I take it that cutting a few of the individual strands so it fits does not meet code?
  34. rhino

    How to reduce cable size for connector?

    Woah.. the aluminum one to go from 3/0 to 1/0 which I would have to use since the copper reducer is for copper only is $44/ea! :eek:
  35. rhino

    MPP-Solar LVX-6048

    I sent an email to asking 3 questions (and also see how good they are about responding to emails): Do the fans always run or are they temperature controlled? Do you know what the no load current draw is? Any idea if it would handle a 3HP electric motor?