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    Where to buy aluminum plate?

    I'm sure it is someplace on the forum, but I couldn't find it. For those who use aluminum plates either for heat dissipation or compression, where did you buy it?
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    Smart Shunt Placement

    I know conventional wisdom says that nothing should be connected directly to the battery, but rather everything should go through the BMS. I have a Thornwave Labs Powermon-5s smart shunt. Although I think it is a bit quirky, this shunt has some nice features like data logging (power, voltage...
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    For Sale: Victron 500A Smart Shunt

    I have for sale a 500A Victron Smart Shunt that I purchased 2 month ago. I've decided it isn't exactly what I wanted. The product is described here: I bought it on Amazon, here: It...
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    Thornwave Powermon-5s

    I searched the board and found a few mentions of the Thornwave Powermon-5s, but not many detailed comments. The device is much like the Victron Smart Shunt. It monitors the Ah going into and out of a battery, and provides lots of information via Bluetooth to an app on a cell phone or tablet...
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    QNBBM 8S

    My QNBBM 8S active balancer arrived yesterday and I hooked it up. In my 8S pack of the little Navitas 25Ah cells, I have one that refuses to stay balanced with the others, so I was anxious to see how well the active balancer works. This pack is just for me to educate myself until I get around...
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    On Keeping LFP Warm

    I’ve looked / searched a bit and didn’t find anyone addressing this specifically, so I thought I would put down some thoughts and results of my computations and hopefully others will correct and/or contribute to a better picture. We all know that LFP batteries need to be kept above 32°F/0°C for...
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    200A BMS with low-temp cut-off?

    Greetings folks! This is my first post, so go easy on me. :) I've been reading as much as I can here (what a great resource!), and learning lots. I've got a 24V off grid cabin system, with a 4000W inverter, 1700W of panels, and a 60A MPPT charge controller (the electronics are all Schneider)...