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  1. boondox

    Nice Rack

    Sorry about the title. I couldn't resist. Member @D. Abineri sent me a PM the other day asking about my angle iron solar panel rack and I said I would send some pics. I figured I'd put it here in case it is of interest to anyone else. I built and assembled the rack. I made all the brackets and...
  2. boondox

    Small DC to DC charger options?

    Hi All, I am looking for a small DC to DC charger. I am putting a VHF radio in a 2020 Subaru Crosstrek. To avoid running wires up to the starter battery and to isolate the radio from the battery powered systems I want to put a small battery under the seat and charge it from the cigarette...
  3. boondox

    Cheap 48V inverter for pump

    Hi All, A buddy of mine needs to be able to run a water pump to occasionally water some new fruit trees. He is off the grid and the power system is currently too far from the water tank to be able to use it. He has a 48V golf cart used as a utility vehicle. The idea is to hook an inverter up...
  4. boondox

    Shading calculator with ground angle?

    Hi All, I am helping a buddy with an installation that will be between two parallel shipping containers with a shed type roof built between them. The panels will not be mounted directly to the shed roof but will be on their own mounts. He wants it this way to get a good angle on the panels...
  5. boondox

    Trailer neutral/ground bonding

    Hey All, I just want a double check here. As a self edgimicated guy sometimes I miss things. I have always understood that the ground and neutral should be bonded in only one place. I just sold my teardrop trailer to some friends and as soon as they plugged it into their outdoor GFI protected...
  6. boondox

    Balancing issue

    Hi All, I have a 4S, 1200wH pack of Fortune 100aH aluminum case batteries. A couple of weeks ago a left on load dropped the battery pack to where the BMS shut it off. Oops. I charged it back up and a week or so later I looked at the BMS software (the one in this thread...
  7. boondox

    Dc to DC charger topology?

    Howdy All, Someone on another forum said that DC to DC chargers (like the DCC50s, etc) actually are DC to AC to DC. This doesn't make sense to me, I had figured it is a buck/boost kind of a thing but I have never examined the circuit in one of these type of chargers. Anybody know how these...
  8. boondox

    Renogy DCC50S - Anyone using the data port?

    Hi All, The Renogy DCC50S comes with a data cable. As far as I can determine they sell no interface to use it. Any idea why it comes with one? Any information about data it puts out and is it possible to change settings? Thanks!
  9. boondox

    Blue Sky circuit wizard VS other calculators

    Hi All, I was figuring out what wire to order to install the DC to DC battery charger in my van. I decided to try the Blue Sky calculator I often see referenced here. My numbers are: Voltage: 12VDC Run: 15' Amps: 50 Allowable drop: 3% I selected "terminated...
  10. boondox

    Matching existing solar panels

    Hi All, An off grid pal of mine is finally upgrading his system. We installed a new inverter and batteries a couple weeks ago. Now he wants to add some more solar panels. Naturally, since the system is 6-8 years old the same panels are not available. My understanding is that as long as we get...