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    Expertpower S200 on sale for $129.99

    It looks like a good deal for the price at $129.99 with free shipping. Any body has one? Like it? I am thinking about getting it. Will's video.
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    BigBattery "OWL MAX 2" 12V 228Ah LiFePO4 using Batteries with scratched off QR code

    I wonder why the QR codes are scratched off, I thought Big Battery would use brand new grade A batteries from REPT (as corrected by the notes in the video). 7:50 Time code.
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    Exliporc 280Ah REPT batteries received 6-24-2021

    I just received my four 280Ah batteries ($85 ea $103 shiping charge) I order from Exliporc on April 27, shipped on May 10th, received on June 24th. I sign up with the UPS to get the tracking to see what is going on, Exliporc told me on the June 21st that the shipment has been sitting at the port...
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    Epever Tracer 8415 AN controller any good

    I have been looking at this EPEVER 8415AN (it is 80A) unit to find some review and to see if there is any issue with this model or not but I did not find much of anything about this model. Anyone here has this model? Any thing good or bad about it? I can get it for $310 that comes with MT50, USB...
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    Reverse Bias due to shading and Bypass Diodes

    Interesting reading from Sunpower. I was looking to learn about shading effect and bypass diode, I did not know about heating issue due to shading, I member one of the member shows the pictures of burnt up cell that melt the panel. Reverse Bias and Bypass Diodes When cells are put into reverse...
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    Basen batteries shipped from USA

    Shipping(Only for U.S. customers, including U.S. Middle East and West): 1). By FEDEX, UPS transportation (5-10working days),for U.S Country,including customs clearance, all the import tax fees, and delivery to the door. Any one try to order this one? Any damaged cells...
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    Victron: How to not blow up your Alternator when charging Lithium

    Victron video: How to not blow up your Alternator when charging Lithium.
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    Mike Holt: NEC
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    Boost Jackery Explorer 240 / SolarSaga 100 Charge Rate

    Very interesting result, I will do some experiment on my system.
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    Looking for 300V100A Power monitor board

    I am looking for this form factor board. Any one that has one of this board form factor that you no longer use and want to sell it?
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    Solar power output vs weather

    I have All in one 12V 1000W system. I am in Bay area, north of S.F. Panels: 4 used SUNPOWER SPR230 connected in parallel. Loads: TV, Laptop, lights, air cleaner total about 350W Power usage: 3KWH a day. I have been tracking the amout of power I am getting and start seeing the pattern, I see that...
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    Is this a good deal? Too bad they do not sell just the Solar panel.
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    Parallel LiFePO4 12V 90Ah pack with 12V 280Ah pack, any issue?

    In the November I built LiFePO4 12V 90Ah (Liitikola) pack with 100A BMS, now I also built 12V 280Ah (LISHEN) pack with 100A BMS (same model as used in the 90Ah pack). So does any one ever try this setup (parallel two different Ah battery packs) and see any problem in long term? My max draw at...
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    PIP-1012LV-MK issue. Any body has one of this model?

    I bought this unit directly from MPP Solar Taiwan ( instead of from USA rep because it is about $175 cheaper. I am having AC output unstable (run on batterty mode) issue at low load of <300W, the output jumps up and down and I can see the desk lamp flicker too, but if I add...
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    SHENZEN BASEN 280Ah, I received my first order

    The good news is that I just received the four LISHEN 280Ah today, I ordered them on the Nov 3rd, they arrived on Dec 13th and sit in the customs for 13day, FedEx picked them up on the Dec 26th and delivered to me on the Dec 30th which is not bad at all. The bad news is that the bottom of the...
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    LiFePO4 Battery 101

    Pretty good video about LiFePO4 Battery
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    My first prototype Solar panel stand

    I just start getting into the Solar system, my power requirement is only about 200Whr. I bought two used Sunpower 230W panels from local seller to play with first, the PIP-1012LV just arrived today. I am still waiting for the LiFePO4 90ah and DALY BMS to show up for me to build the battery pack...
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    Scream Power LiFePO4 12v 100ah

    Does any one here have any experience withh is brand from Amazon? I am trying to decide if I want to DIY or buy this one. Thanks.
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    BMS output current rating of LiFePO4 battery, MPPT all in one is PIP-1012LV

    Hi, I have question about batteriy that has built-in BMS, for eaxmple if I buy LiFePO4 12V 30aH to use with 1000Watt inverter, if the load is 600W then the inverter wil be drawing more than 50A, so my question is how do I find out if the battery can deleiver 50A without going into over current...
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    MPP solar PIP-1012LV batteries disconnected may damage the unit

    I am ready to buy one this small unit but something does not make sense to me about do not connect the solar panel first then the batteries (I am doing off grid setup) because it can damage the unit. I contact MPP Solar and they says the same thing. The thing is, you are supposed to install a...