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  1. Haugen

    New Supplier for 280Ah cells: Shenzen Basen

    I did some searching and sent out a Request For Quote on Alibaba looking for a different supplier for 280Ah cells. I read all about Amy and Xuba. Even with all the guidance, some people still seem to have troubles. Their prices weren't the best, so I ordered my first 4 from UNIS. They work...
  2. Haugen

    Tell me about SolArk.

    I have been pretty set on an Enphase system and completely sold on the concept of microinverters. After about 6 solar installers, I have been having good deep discussions with a company that is willing to help you get what you really want. After talking about Enphase, Generac, and Tesla...
  3. Haugen

    12V 280Ah LiFePo4 battery Build and Test

    I have a background as a Test Engineer and I am building my first battery from cells. I have some pretty good equipment and I wanted to share with the group what kind of information I manage to acquire as I apply my trade to this new endeavor With an eye towards the science of this emerging...