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    Very minor difference in busbar size between lifepo4 cells

    I had to create 3x busbars with a different thickness to the ones that came with my EVE lifepo4 cells. The main reason was to successfully connect one pair of the parallel cells in series successfully as illustrated in the photos. The new busbars are 1/8" thick, unsure of the size of the...
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    DIY 12V Lithium Connection double check

    Hey all, I'm connecting 8 lithium 3.2V 272aH cells in the below configuration. I am just double checking that this arrangement is accurate. Im just about to cut my own busbars so wanted to make sure this is accurate before connecting them together.
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    Are tinned copper PV cables okay or pure copper?

    Ive been holding off buying pv cable as a lot of the ones on ebay dont describe whether they are pure copper. Yesterday I messaged two sellers and they both said they only sell tinnes. what conductor doyou have in your pv solar cables?
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    Why isnt my benchtop charging my batteries?

    Batteries in series Voltage of benchtop at 14.6V Current all the way to the right completely randomly the benchtop display jumps to something like 13.6V and 9ish amps
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    Charging with benchtop in series

    hi all! last night I successfully used my lifepo4 battery pack for 3 hours while busking in the street. I powered a valve amp and several guitar pedals (even scored 10 bucks ! ) i want to charge the batteries up as they were at 60% soc on the app. There isnt much information on charging in...
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    Unicorn crimpers

    Where the heck can I find these crimpers in Australia? Work Horse Crimpers. Searched absolutely everywhere and they just do not exist!! For wire 22 -6AWG
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    BMS/Inverter turns off after pushing 10A

    4S, 12V 272aH Individual cells 3.23V LifePo4 Daly BMS 4S 12V 100A powertech 12VDc pure sine inverter Set it all up last night finally and applied some load. I can charge my battery fine, but when I plug in my laptop charger, the multimeter climbs to roughly 10A and the power turns off at the...
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    Cells read 14V but BMS negative reads 10V

    Hey guys! Very excited to finally wire all my batteries up. Using a Daly "Smart" BMS I have 4 cells wires in series @ 280aH or so. Cell 1 negative to the positive after the fuse reads 14V DC However, on the BMS P- to positive of the fuse, I am reading 10.28VDC Any ideas why this is? I've only...
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    210A fuse

    Looking... for a 210A fuse as per Will's book. Using a 2000W inverter in a 12V system So.... I can't find one anywhere. Closest is 200A Top result on google is a thread here saying that they cant find a 210A fuse
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    Wire size and fuse size for inverter conflicting information?

    Hi there, I have a 500W inverter I am planning to power with 280aH array of 4 cells and a 100A BMS. Doing the basic calculation as follows 500W inverter max load/12V battery = 41 Amps. I need a wire thick enough to carry 41A Based on Will's advice in his book, I based my max load on the...
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    BMS Sizing, BMS Amps

    I'm unsure if this is explained very clearly in the resources which has made it quite challenging . When purchasing the BMS, I based it upon the an assumption of the likely max amount of current I would draw at any one time. My understanding is that the Amps of the BMS chosen should corresponds...
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    BMS Software

    Hi there, I purchased two BMS from Shenzhen Basen Technology Co., Ltd. One is a Lifepo4 4S 12V 100A One is a Lifepo4 4S 12V 200A They look pretty similar to the Daly BMS designs. The BMS doesn't have any identifiers aside from 'Smart BMS' and a product number R05A-FK16. I've plugged one in...
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    Lug size for teeny tiny BMS wires

    How do I appropiately size a lug for a wire that is tiny? e.g. the input cables for the BMS. The ring would of course need to fit over the battery terminals also. Is there another method of doing this? I thought of even just soldering the wires directly to the battery terminals but realize that...
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    Top balancing taking forever

    I'm having trouble getting my batteries past the 3.35V mark. 4 x 3.23V 272aH LoFePo4 Cells in parallel. Today I changed my method to the incremental top balance (@3.4, then put psu to 3.5, then to 3.6 etc.) after waiting maybe 4-6 days setting the benchtop powersupply to 3.6V without the...