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  1. Jennifer

    Amazing length of time walking after a 2300V arc flash

    Be careful out there... this is an amazing video, non graphic but listen to what happened as he walked away from the 2300V arc flash, he thought he was on 480V.... walked away leaving bits of himself along the way.. crazy.
  2. Jennifer

    What would you do, 43' toy hauler, Schneider, Victron, Sol-Ark, dual 3K M, 15K Q or 12K Sol-Ark.

    So..... in my box of toys I have a complete Schneider CSW4048 system for 48VDC, have the SCP, the over priced battery monitor, the gateway, the matching charge controller etc... bought it because I was told I could stack them and was going to put two in parallel. They have removed that feature...
  3. Jennifer

    Source wanted, Trina 600 watt panels, Las Vegas area if possible (may consider other manufacturer).

    Has anyone in NW Arizona or the Vegas area found a local source for the Trina 600 or 500 watt panels, I want to pick them up myself rather than ship.... May consider other manufacturer of similar wattage, doing a 43' toy hauler and want max wattage per square foot. Thanks Jen
  4. Jennifer

    Will just posted an excellent video, check it out.

    GREAT video Will, thank you for that, those calculations were pretty intense, great job. Jen
  5. Jennifer

    WOOOOOO HOOOOO Go get'em Will....

    LOL.... go get'em Will.. loved it (the whiny baby comments)!!!!!! Mods, you remember what happened last time Will tossed a "truth grenade" video over the fence, prepare for the onslaught.... :ROFLMAO:
  6. Jennifer

    What do you do when you're not doing solar

    I "Kubota"........ a local business is doing a swap meet for the local community and needed the lot cleared... so I said "Let's gett'er done".....turned out pretty nice if I do say so myself.. and I do... LOL. Equip used is a Kubota M62 TLB, Land Pride box blade, Bobcat grapple and a land rake...
  7. Jennifer

    Lithium fire, Perth, Australia,.... just a reminder we're riding a dragon people......
  8. Jennifer

    Weeks like this remind me how much I love solar

    Ahhhhhh I love the smell of fresh current streaming through my 4/0....... I drove into town today to get mail, dark as the night inside the business'es, all closed.... I had to ask and was told the power's been out for 2 days and not expected back on for another two... they asked "where the hell...
  9. Jennifer

    Is it morally wrong to marry your SCC? Victron MPPT RS 450/200

    WOWZA.... I think I just met my future life partner...... I ordered this for the following project ( ) as I wanted high VDC and the fact it had 2... AH AH...
  10. Jennifer

    Schneider Conext Gateway Password Problem

    So I was bored today and ripped out all my Victron stuff from one of my RV's, tore out 16 battleborn batteries that were in a 12v 1600 Ah configuration and went to CSW4048 at 48 volts... love it... however pulling my Conext Gateway out of storage and putting it into the system has reminded me...
  11. Jennifer

    Get your information from experts, experience members here or trusted individuals, NOT YOUTUBE

    Beginners/New Members.... please don't believe everything you see on Youtube, do your research, ask questions here, talk with a professional or at least an experienced DIY'er.. Do NOT assume that everything you see on Youtube is correct, the coach and life you save may be your own... This self...
  12. Jennifer

    A pair of investors went line dancing this morning....

    Posted on Fakebook yesterday.... and we wonder why people blow themsevlves up and Will has to take down his use of Tesla battery's info as much as some of us have half a brain and found the information useful. Sadly, we have to dumb the world down to the lowest common denominator, people that...
  13. Jennifer

    Using 1 of my "She's new, cut her some slack" cards.

    WAAAAAAZZZZUUUUUUUUUP!!!!!! I'm a new mod here, although have an IT background and have owned/ran forums in the past and swore I'd never mod/admin again, it's far too much work. But I was made an offer I could not resist (to help support a cause close to my heart, nothing more, nothing less)...
  14. Jennifer

    Effect on torque on bus bars to current

    Off Grid Garage just did a great video showing how even the slightest torque amount on terminals and bus bars can affect current transfer.
  15. Jennifer

    Snowflakes, victims and "wo is me" mentality..... great video by our fearless leader.

    Wow...... great video..... and spot on... I'm so sick of being run over by wide load scooters driven by people who are so young but just morbidly obese, and dealing with snowflakes and victims.. I was the IT Risk & Compliance Manager for an airline in Vegas (Summerlin actually) that shall remain...
  16. Jennifer

    Photonicinduction is back…… LOL

    Back several years ago (4 to be exact) my favorite YouTuber went dark for reasons to do with trying to get his wife into the UK and depression… I and others missed him terribly…. He’s back hilarious as ever… one of his latest videos is below…. Below that I’ve pasted one of his oldies and...
  17. Jennifer

    When your bat-a-ria's cost more than your crib...

    I thought some may get a giggle out of this, I have a 27' Forest River Salem with about a kw on the roof of mono's (Canadian Solar and Longi's) and I've been using it as a bit of a test best with either my Schneider SW4048 in a 48VDC 200AH config or with the Multiplus in a 12VDC config at...
  18. Jennifer

    Now THAT’s a fiiiiiiiyyyyrrrr (in my best Eddie voice)

    Array Arc Welding 101 NO AC BREAKERS ON DC LINES!!!! Enough said!!!!! Be careful out there!!!! We want you all around long enough to share your next build with us. Be sure to watch till the end if you think that new 600VDC Schneider (or other brand) charge controller install you‘re doing is...
  19. Jennifer

    Desperately seeking Suzanne... but will accept guidance on installation

    Hi friends, if any of you have had any experience mounting panels on corrugated tin roofs but NOT flat, I'd love to hear your thoughts.... I'm going bi (facials that is) and am putting them on a hot tin roof (I'm in AZ) but want some tilt for the bi factor... please feel free to join the...
  20. Jennifer

    Smart Energy Labs, GREAT/FUN Youtube Videos

    Thought I'd share a great Youtuber I really enjoy, go check out Glen and his set of videos, great fun. I use to live in Australia, he's down in Melbourne and does great stuff, makes me home sick. Jen
  21. Jennifer

    The Arizona Gold, Las Vegas area, and unrelated to strut talk

    I'm creating this topic so I and others don't continue to derail Ted's thread re strut topic located at: I'm creating this in the event that anyone in that thread...
  22. Jennifer

    BattleBorn 100ah Lithium Blemish Sale, on now!!!!

    Get em while you can kids!! I have 8 already (that I purchased normally, non blem) and just ordered 8 more, great price.... Two different physical sizes: $779.00
  23. Jennifer

    Bi-Facials, installation height matters just as much as the angle of the dangle

    To all those installing bi-facials or who've watched Will's latest video, here's some additional information I came across as I'm currently putting in 20 Longi 380 watt bi-facials. The lowest spot of the panel's height above ground (or surface) is very important, see attached PDF and screen...
  24. Jennifer

    Tesla Model S HV Wiring

    Neat video....
  25. Jennifer

    Powerful, the Elon you don’t see

    Have Kleenex handy at the beginning, a true pioneer!!!
  26. Jennifer

    Guide to fuse replacement

  27. Jennifer

    60kWh Tesla Battery Powerwall (video)

    Impressive, he has 14 modules running in a 12VDC system, one of his recent videos...
  28. Jennifer

    Site Sponsor To Purchase From

    Hi all.... about to purchase a bunch of battle born batteries based on Will's kick ass tear down... are there any supporters on the board we should give our money to or Will, are you setup via Amazon to get a bit of cash if we use your Amazon affiliate link? Jennifer (own 20 acres near Vegas)