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  1. spludgey

    Australia: 202Ah Lishen cells A$190, 272Ah Lishen cells A$250

    Cells are sold with an Australian warranty and come with an Australian invoice. The cells are located in north-western Sydney and can either be picked up or shipped Australia wide. The 202Ah cells generally test in the 206Ah to 210Ah range and the 272Ah cells in the 280 to 286Ah range. Come...
  2. spludgey

    16s parallel BMS needed (120A+)

    I need to put four 48V batteries in parallel, any suggestions what BMS I can use? I would strongly prefer if it didn't need ethernet to connect to each other. Thanks!
  3. spludgey

    Active balancer or not?

    I'm getting the following made by a Chinese manufacturer and I'm very much in two minds if I should get them to put a 5A active balancer in or not, what are your thoughts? Cost is a touch over US$1000. 50x custom 12V 200Ah (202Ah Lishen cells) 4WD/Camper battery with a whole bunch of connectors...
  4. spludgey

    What refund would you ask for?

    I ordered 32x 272Ah Lishen cells and after being told a number of times that they're grade A, I was not impressed when I received them. Now I'm looking to tell prospective customers that they have cosmetic defects, which will reduce my revenue. How much money should I claim for in the Alibaba...
  5. spludgey

    Defective Daly BMS or user error?

    I've sold a client 16x 272Ah Lishen batteries and when he asked me what BMS to get, I recommended that he get a 150A Daly Smart BMS. So now he installed the Lishens, they have a voltage of around 53V, which is pretty good, however we can't get the BMS to work when the inverter is on. To turn on...
  6. spludgey

    BMS with built-in relay?

    I just came across this BMS (I'm not affiliated) that seems to have a somewhat reasonable balancing current, as well as something that looks like a built-in relay. I don't have any experience with this type of BMS at all, but it looks like a pretty good solution to me. Has anyone used this one...
  7. spludgey

    Negotiating with Chinese vendors

    While I'm still a bit of a novice in the world of Alibaba, I've now got 6 orders under my belt (over 100kWh total) so I've got a little bit of experience now. One thing that really surprises me is how little room for negotiation there generally seems to be. I try every time after I receive a...
  8. spludgey

    Electrolyte leaking?

    I'm being offered these Victpower 400Ah batteries for a very good price. However these white spots worry me slightly. Do you think they're leaking electrolyte or something more benign? That label behind also looks much darker than the other one at the bottom of the photo.
  9. spludgey

    Australia: 272Ah Lishen LiFePO4

    I've got 20x 272Ah (they test at 280Ah) Lishen for sale. Brand new. Cost is A$272 or a small discount for 4 or more. I've also got 200A 4s Daly Smart BMS with Bluetooth and USB. Pickup would be from Carlingford (North West Sydney) or Woy Woy (Central coast). Any questions, just ask away!