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  1. JeepDaddy

    280AH 4S, Compressed with Heaters in a 27 Series Battery Box

    A few pics of my 4S 280AH build with 150A JBD BMS with cell compression, Bluetooth, active balancer, and two 10W heaters all shoehorned into a marine 27 series battery box. The packing foam that the batteries came in makes great insulation and hold the battery in place.
  2. JeepDaddy

    Where in the world are you?

    Where are you located? Just curious. I'm in Kent, WA, USA Also, would it be helpful if people put their location in their signature?
  3. JeepDaddy

    JBD/OverKill App Options Other Than XiaoxiangBMS

    The XiaoxiangBMS app seems to be popular, mostly in the paid version. I have also used an app called "SmartBMSUtility" which is free and includes the ability to change the BMS parameters. Is anyone using other apps for the JBD/Overkill BMS's? I'm using iOS and the 4S 150A version of the JBD...
  4. JeepDaddy

    Happy Mother's Day

    Happy Mother's Day to all of you mothers out there! We appreciate what you do for our families.
  5. JeepDaddy

    DIY Single Axis Solar Panel Tracker

    Show and Tell for my DIY Solar Panel Tracker for camping. This is my first shot at posting on Youtube as well.
  6. JeepDaddy

    Solar Panel Angle Chart for Panel Tracker

    Does anyone have a resource which shows solar panel output by angle to the sun? For example 90 degrees = 100%, 60 degrees = 70%, 30 degrees = 20%, etc. For the curious: This is for a single axis solar panel tracker. It is driven by two 3 watt panels in an inverted V configuration with the...
  7. JeepDaddy

    BMS With No Cell Level Over-Discharge or Over-Charge Protection - FYI/Warning

    I don't want this to sound like a rant, but hopefully this information will help people. I purchased and tested this 4S 200A LifePo4 BMS. The specifications state there is an over-discharge protection at 2.5 +-.1 volts. During testing, I had a cell at 2.2v and dropping like a rock. The BMS...
  8. JeepDaddy

    New Roof Install- Install Mounts Now or Later?

    I'm having a new roof installed on my house this year. I do not have immediate plans for residential solar. know. Eventually solar pricing will come down where it makes economic sense to install solar in my area. I have a perfect roof for it...
  9. JeepDaddy

    MPPT Controller for Thermoelectric Power Generation???

    The sun goes down, the campfire is roaring - time to roast marshmallows and Peltier modules. Most Peltier modules are rated at max power with a load of somewhere around 3 or 4 ohms. For discussion's sake, let's say OC voltage is 0-10V and max power is at 5 volts. Having several Peltier...