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    Circuit breaker question- Voltage rating?

    There is a lot of info on sizing a circuit breaker per amperage. It seems the consensus is that the breaker amperage rating should be about 1.25 times the conductor sizing. But I can’t find anything telling me where the voltage rating of circuit breakers comes in. Also, there don’t seem to be a...
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    Looking for feedback on my system diagram. General feedback and also feedback on where to put circuit breakers.

    I've been loving learning about off-grid PV system design, haven't been this interested in a hobby in a long time! The goal of this system is to learn about electrical systems and to hopefully have a functioning source of power to run a refrigerator/freezer in the case of an extended grid power...
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    Want to power refrigerator and freezer in case of grid power outage for several days, please let me know if my calculations are correct.

    So I have been watching lot's of Will's videos and they are super helpful to a beginner like me. I also found a site called which did a good job of spelling out the process of sizing your PV and batteries. I attached the image below of my calculations. I am a complete beginner so...