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  1. smoothJoey

    How does an air conditioner work

    My air conditioner cools the room when the compressor in on. I suspect that the thermo-regulation function is getting erratic though. I've not really quantified this behavior yet. I've watched a youtube video and have a basic understanding of how the frefridgerent absorbs and dissipates heat by...
  2. smoothJoey

    adhesive lined heat shrink

    What is the largest diameter adhesive lined heat shrink that you know of? I have a vague recollection that it can be very large. By large I mean ~36" which shrinks to ~12" diameter.
  3. smoothJoey

    Tv Dinners

    Tv Dinners by ZZ top, I finally get it... I think. Except for, "I even like the chicken if the sauce is not too blue".
  4. smoothJoey

    Seems its open season here, so I pose a really tough question...

    For BBQ, do you put the aluminum foil shiny side in or out?
  5. smoothJoey

    fan vs coffee

    Woke up this morning and the living space was a bit warm so I turned on the fan. I don't usually do that because the fan is quite loud but I'm Scottish so I opted for the fan instead of air conditioning. The big rectangle is ~400 square feet and the small rectangle is a galley kitchen. The fan...
  6. smoothJoey

    adding charge termination logic to an rv converter

    I came up with a way to add automatic and configurable charge initiation and termination to this
  7. smoothJoey

    overkill temperature sensors

    When I set up my 24 volt battery with overkill bms I didn't put a lot of thought into the placement of the sensors. Luckily I left them dangling off the bms for a few days and noticed that they indicated the same temperature. That was a good baseline. I decided to put one on a busbar and one on...
  8. smoothJoey

    got a tingle off the inverter chassis

    Was putting in my new Victron Smart Battery Protect just a minute ago. Its hot and I was a bit sweaty and I was leaning across the inverter. I got a tingle on my forearm. I didn't think 26 volts could be felt. I wonder if I was flirting with a Darwin award.
  9. smoothJoey

    victron smart battery protect cutoff higher than resume

    Does anyone know if the victron smart battery protect can be configured to... disconnect at 27.0ish volts and reconnect at 26.2ish volts? I want to use it for charge termination with an ac2dc converter.
  10. smoothJoey

    Summit #98 Live

    Foresty forest is steaming from the top of a mountain.
  11. smoothJoey

    Bad experience with Powermax

    I don't like to do this, but I feel obliged to warn the community. I ordered a Powermax PM3-30-24LK. Unfortunately it lasted <50 cycles. So I talked with Graham at Powermax and he arranged a replacement. Graham sent me another PM3-30-24LK It was damaged in shipping so they sent me another and...
  12. smoothJoey

    Do North American electricians test impedance?

    I've been watching this UK electrician and he routinely tests impedance. Do you test impedance?
  13. smoothJoey

    Wago carriers

    I made a 8s 24 volt nominal battery out of the Shenzen Basen 280ah Eve cells. Since the cell terminals are pretty delicate I used 10 awg wires for balance leads so that I could top the cells individually and even do per cell capacity testing without breaking the pack. I cross connected the...
  14. smoothJoey

    self discharge rate

    My system has been sitting idle for a couple of weeks. The weakest cell in the pack dropped ~2mv in the last 24 hours. Pack is at 24.4 volts and no balancing has occurred. These are eve cells from Basen. Anyone seen this or similar? What is the typical self discharge rate for the eve cells? I...
  15. smoothJoey

    Daly smart bms high cell disconnect

    I have an overkill(jbd) bms. On high cell disconnect the charge path is blocked but the discharge path is still active. This can be observed by administratively disabling the charge path from the android application. There is a slight <1volt drop in system voltage but the system voltage doesn't...
  16. smoothJoey

    My battery monitor shows lower voltage when overkill charge path is opened.

    Got the new bms app and decided to fiddle with the administrative enable/disable toggles for charge and discharge. Baseline: system is totally idle. Inverter is off. Discharge disable/enable works as expected. When I open the discharge path my battery monitor turns off. When I re-enable it the...
  17. smoothJoey

    re-connect fast-on terminals

    I installed a little 8 amp ac breaker that required fast-on terminals. I used decent ones with the flexible boot and all. But I then I upgraded to a 12 amp breaker and I used the same terminals. I suspect that don't make as good a connection after the have been removed. Would you do that? Would...
  18. smoothJoey

    hacking a powermax converter

    I want to add custom charge termination logic to a Here is my test report. If anyone has a idea how to stop the fan from running full bore I'm all ears. test 1: baseline: PM3-25-24LK powered up 29VDC on dc terminals...
  19. smoothJoey

    I'm looking for a youtube video

    It was this old guy with a gruff voice. My memory was that he went on about lithium being bad and dangerous. From memory it was rhetoric and might actually have been piss taking. I think he mentions @Will Prowse by name. Might not have actually called him a "whipper snapper" but it hung in the...
  20. smoothJoey

    what does dc inverter mean in this context?

    This link Contains this text "DC Inverter Technology for Minimal Energy Consumption (Up to 48% Savings per Year)" What does this mean? Can I power some or all of the unit with direct current?
  21. smoothJoey

    Yahoo answers is shutting down

    This has me worried. Its like giant inflamed appendix of dumbness is set to rupture on May 4th.
  22. smoothJoey

    really basic theory doco

    Is there a resource on this site to describe the really basic stuff. It seems to me that core of the onion is the understanding of the primitives which are voltage resistance current Those are the primitives at the center of the onion. A better understand comes from understanding how these...
  23. smoothJoey

    looking for a decent 24 volt charger

    My current charging solution failed after ~20 cycles. I have an unusual use case that prevents me from using an inverter/charger. Looking for a configurable ac2dc_charger of ~30ish amps(say 30-50)amps. I want configurable charge parameters including charge voltage, float voltage, charge current...
  24. smoothJoey

    Instead of separate port BMSs, use 2 BMSs one for charge and one for discharge.

    Another iterative idea on multiple BMSs Over the last ~year I started exploring multiple batteries in parallel each with its own BMS. Then I thought about having multiple BMSs on one battery to increase current capacity. The penultimate iteration is... One BMS for charge and the other for...
  25. smoothJoey

    The new Battleborn batteries have available

    270Ah@12.8 volts. Weight is ~80 pounds. @Will Prowse ^
  26. smoothJoey

    I'd never heard the term "fly tipping" until recently

    Its nothing at all like cow tipping. If it was, cats would probably do it.
  27. smoothJoey

    Nervous dude teaches quirky chick to drive

    In a 500+ horsepower VW Bug. ~18:10 its fascinating.
  28. smoothJoey

    logical and

    use case 0: single fet based bms protected battery controls an inverter by way of an ssr. The ssr is used because the inverter draws more amps than the bms can handle. use case 1: multiple fet based bms protected batteries control an inverter by way of a magical device which logically ands the...
  29. smoothJoey

    battle short concept and trailer breakaway systems

    Travel trailer's are required to have a breakaway system. A while back I searched for documentation didn't find anything that seemed authoritative. The ones I'm aware of are battery operated electrically applied brakes that are activated by a "breakaway" cable between the tow vehicle and the...
  30. smoothJoey

    overkill bms android app

    I am running an 8s overkill bms with xiaoxiang:v3.1.1015 app. 1. Is there a way to backup the configuration parameters? I would like to save the defaults before I start making changes. 2. Is there a way to enable discharge and/or charge paths from the app?
  31. smoothJoey

    lock down enforced by Ullr

    And I'm waiting for parts.
  32. smoothJoey

    mobile battery using original packaging

    Just had an idea. If you are doing a mobile application such as an overlander and you want to use Basen 280ah cells. The cells come packed really nicely pic below. Instead of using busbars use welding cable to make the serial connections. Replace the 3 inch foam cap with a wooden platform to...
  33. smoothJoey

    flange nuts require a flat washer?

    I will need to use grub screws with my big blue prismatic cells. I plan to use flange nuts with the grub screws. I understand the flange nut will make a lock washer unnecessary but do I need a flat washer?
  34. smoothJoey

    non-insulated negative wire

    For low voltage dc why use insulated wire for the negative current carrying conductor? Insulation reduces the heat dissipation capacity of the conductor. Going further with this idea I see a lot of van builds are framed with 8020 extruded aluminum. I wonder if that would make an acceptable...
  35. smoothJoey

    mrbf/anl vs class-t

    I watched this video a while back and posted about it. If memory serves @Hedges expressed some doubt as to the validity of the test. I "wonder" if the fuse opened without sustaining an arc because it took a few more milli-seconds to trip. Therefore the voltage dropped enough that the MRBF fuse...