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  1. GXMnow

    Odd morning production

    My Enphase solar power system has been up and running for almost 2 years, but yesterday was the first time I have seen this happen. The bars are so far this morning, and that looks totally normal. The lighter grey line was this same day last year, and it also looks normal. But look at the...
  2. GXMnow

    Chevy Bolt Recall

    I know I am not the only person using Chevy Bolt battery modules. There have been three Chevy Bolt battery fires and they are now recalling the cars to investigate what is going on. In all 3 cases, the battery was at nearly full charge. Their short term fix is limiting the car to only charge to...
  3. GXMnow

    Disconnect requirements?

    I have been looking through the NEC and Los Angeles codes, and I can't find what I am looking for. My current Enphase solar install has a disconnect switch next to my main panel that will shut down and isolate the rooftop solar gear. I am adding an Schneider XW battery based inverter. The...
  4. GXMnow

    Adding storage to my Enphase system

    I am still fairly new on the forum, tried to answer a few questions as I asked some, and have been talking about my plans and purchases. I figure this is the right place to talk about what I am doing and where it is going. My existing system is a very typical Enphase setup. I have 2 arrays of 8...