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  1. chilly2

    48v from 12v LiFePO4 in series

    My current setup is a 2k 60vdc array in 2S4P to a 2kw 45v-90v inverter. I'd like to add batteries and have been looking at buying four 12.8V LiFePO4 batteries from Amazon as they seem readily available, and putting them in series for 48v (51.2v), with a suitable charge controller. I'm super...
  2. chilly2

    Recommended vendors for GTIL inverters?

    PV to combiner box w/ fuses & SPD run to 45-90/240v GTIL to 240v double pole 15a in panel. For the limiter, I cut the supplied CT wire and soldered two of those 100/50 blue ones off Amazon ( in series. The GTIL stays under load by a couple of percent nearly all the time...
  3. chilly2

    Adding a battery to a SUN 1000W GTIL

    Did you ever upgrade to the 2kw?
  4. chilly2

    Recommended vendors for GTIL inverters?

    2000W model on US split phase, 2kw of panels at 60v, no battery. In service exactly 1 year. No problems.