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    Lishen 270ah-272ah cell group buy.

    People should notice he let 3,000 emails backlog but he's taking the time to make more money.... and he says people ripped him off and he needs your money now to make the people burnt "right". Yet people said in the past that he said the money would be there till batteries were received. Is...
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    Big Battery 24V inconsistencies

    I think we did, don't deal with BB....
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    24v inverter recommendations

    I have one from this company, has a led interface, kind of goofy to be honest, but it does work.
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    Battery inverter to preheat diesel engine

    I've cranked a UH-1 at minus preheat.... Crewchief said we blew fire to the tail rotor when it was getting going... (the battery had been kept warm till we cranked though). Maybe you should have bought a better rig dude. :)
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    Female newbie questions

    Or you could change your heat source to? Combination of solar/battery and propane?
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    Water condensation on EVE cells in campervan

    Put a battery heater (mat) in their? Long ago I used them in Alaska...
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    Gas-Powered Lawn Equipment Will Soon Be Banned In Cali, a broad category that includes generators.

    Meh, Maybe he will stop caltrans for wasting the millions of gallons of pretrol they waste? Or put into plan some sort of burn plan for the forest so we don't use a lot of fossil fuels to continually fight fires? As for my genset, it'll probably still run after I'm dead. My leaf...
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    Big Battery 24V inconsistencies

    Signature solar and their batteries..... Others out there as well. Will has (I believed) covered the Gyll battery before.
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    Big Battery 24V inconsistencies

    So, given others very similar and BAD experience your willing to accept a replacement instead of going with a company that sells for the same price with no real bad repeated experiences? Ouch. Burn me once, shame on you, burn me twice, shame on me. Your first burn in this experience (at...
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    Big Battery 24V inconsistencies

    my first off the shelf battery was a UFO one, has a resent button built it. My 2cnd was a BB one, and they wanted me to take it apart and disconnect wires to reset it (DOD). I sent it back. Yeh their price seems "good" till you factor in the horror of it not working as advertised and...
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    Big Battery 24v 170ah hawk problems

    Sorry they screwed ya. I'm glad I sent mine back when it arrived broken, but what a pain that made that.... And my CC company was NO help at resolving it either.... Which was another issue is by the point my CC company told me no to helping it was on its way back to BB....
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    Stripped stud

    Its unusable unless you have a flux capacitor, which I happen to have. Just send it to me so at least it won't go to waste... :)
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    What electric car that would supply battery power for a 48v house system?

    Google is your friend, you can buy units or build a EV that will do it.... I doubt anyone here has built one as EV forums would be the place for that. As for me I'm going to buy a Ford Lightning, but may or may not opt in for the part that will run my house. Expect to spend like $60,000 or...
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    Lishen 270ah-272ah cell group buy.

    I've read this and maybe even posted here.... I remember reading someplace where he talked about having a large personal order... I'd wondered then if maybe he got a really good discount via his buying power because of others..... From what I've read I could see this getting into the six...
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    Crypto Currency Mining a Giant Pyramid Scheme?

    I've long said the next crisis since WW2 will be the failure of the $ from what we've done to it. I see no difference in "crypto" based off nothing and the $ based off nothing.
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    Can you wire six 12v batteries to make 48 volts?

    Yes you can 2s3p I believe.... But you really should give more information, as to what type of batteries these are, who makes them, what you want the voltage for, etc etc.
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    I would have not locked the thread, even if there are personal attacks against me.

    Meh, if ya feel the need to edit a post you should delete the post ....Or...not edit the post....and live with it. If the person keeps making post that are that far "off" then bann them (eventually). Anything different is simply wrong. I was banned of LOCO for saying someone was "white...
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    adhesive lined heat shrink

    Anything more than 8" is just..... huge
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    Making branch connections - MC4 vs direct crimps

    I've seen solid wire fail in the middle a few times..... One could say it, but, doesn't make it true when said..... I, like soldering versus crimping, don't see where there is much difference if done right in our application... Sometimes things fail for reasons beyond our control.
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    Making branch connections - MC4 vs direct crimps

    You argued with yourself there... Saying we are here to help, then, saying you don't need to... :)
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    Open letter to Will Prowse

    The idea that people will use solar (or any energy source) to "mine" bitcoin (or any "currency") saddens me.... If solar isn't about reducing our dependency on non renewable resources then why bother? For me "money" represents x minutes of your life for someone elses. Regardless if its...
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    2 wires in PV+? (Renogy rover li MPPT)

    I've been out of it for 20 years.... We would only rewire motors/electrical when we replaced them for the most part. I did some neat electrical stuff sometimes, but never put two wires under one connector. We just didn't do it....
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    2 wires in PV+? (Renogy rover li MPPT)

    I'd probably avoid it myself. Good connections are instrumental for longevity. I also prefer wire crimps over nuts, having come from the mill/industrial trades. But if you get them secure enough it would probably not be a problem. I also prefer to have as few of connections between things...
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    If lithium batteries last more than ten years why do phones' die in two/three?

    Most phones are not treated well.... Kind of obvious to be honest.
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    Pro's and Con's of each battery type?

    I'd say the cost is about the same over the life of the battery....
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    Starting the testing 277 gfp

    Got to love the braided bus bars... Wonder how ya go about buying those....
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    Electrolyte flowing inside LiFePO4 cell

    Their broken and I need to recycle them.... :)
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    making things quieter

    When someone replaces theirs it would be nice if they posted the model they replaced it in and with what part they replace it with. I'll try and get to my lv6048's in the next week and post it here.
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    How to quiet MPP All-in-One fan noise?

    I have a lv6048 that I will have to go into and change the fans out... I've been a gamer a long while. If you can cool some of the best cpu's and gpu's with little noise I'm sure the same can be done with our inverters. They just use cheap fans or really noisy expensive ones... :)
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    I need a woodhead

    You are arguing with yourself... This explains why I no longer live in the south... :)
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    I need a woodhead

    I didn't read thru all of these....but... If the neutral and ground are bonded in the house you can simply check voltage from the ground to hot and you'll see which one is hot.... I recommend the neutral/ground to always be bonded unless you have good reason not to. If your house is so...
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    Is there a way add anti-reflection to a panel?

    Buy some flat white spray paint and go to town.... :)
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    NEWS: Ford F-150 Lightning Electric, 230 Miles Range, <$40,000 USD

    I got on a pre order bandwagon today.... I know of no other awd truck body all electric out yet that comes even close... Or even a EV car that is awd that is close in price. From what I understand even the base truck is awd.... This met the minimum requirements I wanted, all electric...