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    LiFePO4 Capacity - Voltage chart when under load/charge/nil

    I understand the downside of estimating capacity by voltage etc... There's a few voltage charts around however you get different results depending if the battery is being charged/discharged. If the battery is resting at 50% & you apply a load - the voltage instantly drops, however the capacity...
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    Aus Syd - Selling (complete) 24v Setup - (no batteries), <6mo old

    Upgraded my configuration to 48v, so need to ditch all my 24v stuff. Prices are what they cost to purchase new for a reference. 1 x SCC - Victron SmartSolar 100/50 MPPT Solar Charge Controller ($380 AU) 1 x OverKill 8s BMS 100A (Genuine overkill unit) ($148 AU) 1 x JBD 8s BMS 100A (same as...
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    Australia - Group buy - DEYE 5kw hybrid (Aus approved)

    I'm ordering a pair of 5kw Hybrid inverters from DEYE - price is good & they're making some units. These have CEC approval - They're rated for 5kw, but also do 5kw on battery (most other hybrids are de-rated to...
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    16S Battery use a 13S Li ion charger to get 3.4v/cell?

    At times (cloudy day) I need to charge my batteries from the wall - to supplement the solar. (well use my other solar array) I currently use a 8S hobby charger, but changing to 48V so need a 16S charger. Also going "cheap" as its only used occasionally - but most cheap ones are 3.65v/cell, and...
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    3D Printed Battery Caps for LiFePO4 cells

    Cheap, quick & easy - they just sit on top of the terminals to help protect against shorts. Have been sized for 280/300AH cells & i put my balance cables in the middle of the bar with a M3x10mm bolt Up on thingiverse:
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    3D Printed Case for Heltec 8s Balancer

    Just designed & printed a case for the Heltec 8S capacitative balancer - hope it helps someone!
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    4 x QNBBM Single cell vs 4s QNBBM Balancer

    Does anyone know the differences - is it just packing & expandability? Purchase 4 of these & chain them together: Or a single one of these:
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    BMS that interrupts the +ve lead & not the -ve lead?

    Looking for a BMS that goes on the +ve lead, instead of the usual -ve lead. Are there any? Looking at trying an automotive LFP replacement, -ve is common, with 2 x +ve 1 x +ve = starter motor only, bypasses the BMS 1 x +ve = rest of the car, BMS, balanced, usual
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    3D Printed case for Overkill 8S 100A BMS

    Just designed & printed this case for the 8s 100A overkill BMS. (i used the Aliexpress version DJDD? for the template - hope there's no differences?) There's 2-3mm between the heat spreaders & the case, i also use ASA/ABS to print with for heat resistance. I'll be posting up on Thingyverse &...
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    BMS vs Charge controller settings

    I'm wondering if my charge controller & BMS are arguing... Setup: I've got 8xCATL300AH in a 24v pack, temps are 5deg-40deg all year round, i'm happy to run them very conservatively for longevity. Victron Smart 100/50 for the charge controller BMS settings as per SteveS' work...
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    Australia - Cheap new panels - find your distributor

    So I was repurposing my old Sharp 220W panels to charge my DIY battery, they were giving 720W in winter on a tilt - so not bad after 10years!!! Then i found out that i can get new panels REALLY CHEAP from distributors! Online via the usual sources they were just a bit too expensive & i keep...
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    A faster & better way to top balance?

    This has probably been done before, and maybe there's a better way - but as a n00b i read the usual sticky post on balancing & in parallel it was going to take AAAAAGES for a 24v 300AH pack at 3.6v So i thought about it & have a really simple way to do it much faster. The issue is that you need...
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    Half power water heater setup

    I'm in Aus, we're 240v & we're talking a household water heater setup. Its a full size electric hot water heater with 2 elements - the top one is a "boost" which is always on, the lower element is wired as off-peak or "controlled load" - which means the power companies turn it on-off when power...