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    Combiner box confusion

    So maybe it’s that amazon doesn’t search well but I can’t find what I’m looking for. My own unfamiliarity may be a part but I’m not an idiot. Backstory: had sudden sun today with batteries at 12.0-12.1ish. Blew 20A fuse for my 2S2P @400W setup. (I am aware fuse should have been 30A; neglected...
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    Bouge MC4

    The Bouge RV MC4 crimpers with six pairs of connectors for 8ga got used today. The gusting 40mph winds at my elevation blew the 8ga solar wires around enough to snap an MC4 electrical female which apparently caused some resistance. I assume. The sun has peeked out after days of overcast this...
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    Got an unsolicited 315W panel offer

    Got contacted from someone near me offering some spare NIB panels. I don’t wasn’t looking but I am now. :) Thoughts on these for a 12V battery system? I would need a 150V SCC and maybe bump to 24V batteries but they seem decent and the price would be low for 1800W of panels. I was going to do...
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    Water in diode box

    Not complaining about the manufacturer. Just whining. My morning boost has been down (2S2P) and I took the time this morning to figure it out. I learned water can go uphill and defeat a silicone gasketed cover. Or wick up the wiring?! It’s not like it’s protected under a solar panel or...
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    Rich solar 100W diode info

    I have three 100W windyNation branded panels that have been great. Parallel setup, 12V. They have the ‘double diode’ in the panel junction box. I use them 2 facing East/SE and one facing South/SW I have a chance to pick up a pair of new in box Rich solar 100W quite inexpensively. I want to...
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    new EPEVER 4210AN not connecting to laptop

    Very excited to install my new 4210AN Now deflated that the software installed on a basic Onn Win10s laptop that shows com3 for the RS485/usb cable will not ‘see’ the controller I used to know my way around a computer but I stopped paying attention about 15/20 years ago. (cont’d below) Any...