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    Calculating panel load for pwm controller

    Setting aside optimal high-amp charging an mppt can perform, the issue you need to be aware of is the ‘equalize’ function of a pwm that usually is defaulted to charging lead acid batteries. It seems doubtful that battleborne would not know what their batteries need.
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    Combiner box confusion

    I watched or rather listened to that video on the way home yesterday. I’m evaluating my needs. I’m going to decide if I’m going to go with a future-think big system (combiner box makes sense) and incorporate a minisplit, OR if I should go with my original progression to 900W max. You see the...
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    Combiner box confusion

    I’m going to go to midnite’s website and research a little. The company has a good rep and the prices don’t seem crazy more than ecoworthy- EXCEPT that you have to buy the breakers separately, they’re not shipped populated. Of course I realize I can take apart the MC4 fittings on the...
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    Combiner box confusion

    The fuse that blew was a 20A on the 8ga cables to the battery bank. When I went to the mppt and installed two more 100W panels for 2S2P this spring I neglected to change the fuse from when I was 200W; I usually overcable stuff but use a fuse for a lesser value around the max expected load (as if...
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    Branch connector in parallel setup not doubling amps?

    I saw that after I posted. Still not sure about his 2s6p situation myself
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    Combiner box confusion

    So maybe it’s that amazon doesn’t search well but I can’t find what I’m looking for. My own unfamiliarity may be a part but I’m not an idiot. Backstory: had sudden sun today with batteries at 12.0-12.1ish. Blew 20A fuse for my 2S2P @400W setup. (I am aware fuse should have been 30A; neglected...
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    Branch connector in parallel setup not doubling amps?

    I think you have something wonky for one. Second, your descriptions sound like you missed the step of testing branch connectors at alternate legs. Third I’m not sure you addressed the significance of this question: You have 6 series strings, right? Series doesn’t increase amps, just volts...
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    24 volt to 12 volt battery charging method?

    he will still have other ‘house’ 12V stuff
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    No crimper needed anymore: "Compression Lug Connectors"

    It’s not heat hardening. Annealing copper or aluminum softens them. They work-harden and fail due to cyclic inertial strain or- with aluminum- crystalline embrittlement.
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    Bouge MC4

    The Bouge RV MC4 crimpers with six pairs of connectors for 8ga got used today. The gusting 40mph winds at my elevation blew the 8ga solar wires around enough to snap an MC4 electrical female which apparently caused some resistance. I assume. The sun has peeked out after days of overcast this...
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    Crimp Tool

    I’d tighten that up with a C retaining washer and some whacks with a 3# hammer :) I guess I bought and forgot that I did the Bouge RV crimper with 6 MC4 pairs. I discovered it under some tee shirts on my bureau a week or so ago lol. I used it today and was very impressed. It’s a...
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    24 volt to 12 volt battery charging method?

    In typical fashion for me I’ll ask the question: is there any reason why you can’t run a single 12V deep cycle and a 100W panel with pwm like and keep that for non-inverted loads like the jack? (Price though- I...
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    Wind generator with solar panels?

    Exactly :) like I said, I’ve been tempted - not succumbed
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    Gas-Powered Lawn Equipment Will Soon Be Banned In Cali, a broad category that includes generators.

    There is the truth. We have the technology. The VW diesel diagnostic low emissions programming “scandal” was humorous to me. Just a more direct approach to what’s been being done for 40? years. The second thing that crossed my mind: if “they” can break and create ransomware attacks on...
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    Wind generator with solar panels?

    OP: what have you done? Sometimes I’m tempted with wind. I can see about a dozen turbines a mile away behind me. Wind can produce here- but not all the time, not consistent, not something to depend on. What I can depend on is the low-to-no production from solar this time of year. Wasn’t a...
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    Can Solar & Wind Fix Everything with a battery break-through?

    that’s always confused me. Once the earths crust gets thick enough, I’ve always wondered why the upper layers don’t pull opposite from the core enough to reduce the pressure to non-molten. So is climate change going to make the molten core more molten? Isn’t…there gravity in more than one...
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    Can Solar & Wind Fix Everything with a battery break-through?

    Both of these are worthy of consideration in my mind. I think it was 6th grade science my teacher brought up smog and global warming (1976/77?) and made this statement (not an exact quote but what he said): “geology and anthropology both show us that radical warming periods of hundreds of...
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    Gas-Powered Lawn Equipment Will Soon Be Banned In Cali, a broad category that includes generators.

    That is a realistic observation When I mentioned any of several ’old’ cars that were serviceable and efficient for their time people jumped all over it, got stuck on a VW beetle reference for example. Other than the Prius and Leaf market, there is truth that there isn’t a market for a super...
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    NIPPLE slip

    It will work fine. It will just melt stuff. That’s the issue.
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    Can Solar & Wind Fix Everything with a battery break-through?

    The 1941 usda annual publication talked about the global warming trend in a much more clear-headed fashion. They came at it from an adapt and survive perspective. Allowing a skeptical “if,” if there is a human-caused climate change, one of the issues that stabilizes and generates skepticism...
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    Please help me buy PV wires/cables! :) And setup array. AC-300

    A lot going on here. The first thing I noticed is that 10ga PV wires are limited to 30A so 3S probably won’t be ok. The stepdown has a 15A limit? Not sure all this will get along well. I don’t know that 300 unit so I can’t speak to the rest
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    Building My First DIY Solar Generator

    Yes yes But not “only if certain conditions” but it is only required if the sum current exceeds the fuse rating of the panel or the wire (which is possible but not likely in a smaller system). (This info will be or should be on the panel label) Fuses are a good idea in practice. No built in...
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    Suggestions for Renogy 400W System Emergency/Backup Power

    400W might configure to handle the fridge fine, maybe some basic lights or a 600W coffeemaker as well. The ceramic heater is impractical and not useful in a 400W system. That won’t work to any useful extent
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    Building My First DIY Solar Generator

    Fuses are required: At the battery in line with the inverter feed cables At the battery for any DC connection At the panel(s) if sum Amps is within 80% or more of the panel max fuse rating with the assumption that the PV wires exceed the sum current by 20% Hopefully that’s worded well. Was...
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    Another Travel Trailer Solar Build Schematic - That needs review by all you DC Power Gurus

    He doesn’t have to lug them around; they’re factory installed in the RV. What exactly is lfp goodness?!LOL
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    Gas-Powered Lawn Equipment Will Soon Be Banned In Cali, a broad category that includes generators.

    Probably better stated: best not to confuse policy with progress. I’m totally supportive of reducing emissions, I’m totally against stupidity in the process. As an outside observer, California looks myopic and gets explained and implemented like a still-half-drunk college student doing meth to...
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    How do PV wires enter a conduit for roof penetration?

    Nice looking setup. You’d need a lot more away-pitch in northern New England. :)
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    GE SILICONE will NOT cure past expiration date.

    There’s only four things I generally use, never silicone ever Polyurethane Caulking from loktite or for certain applications 3M 5200 Lexel or equivalent Butyl rubber (Painters caulk I guess is a fourth but never as a sealant, phenoseal rarely is a fifth) Everything is questionable for...
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    Off grid system advice

    Just for kicks, I would contact a number of commercial hvac firms with engineers on staff. Maybe your AC contractor can do this. Before you close stuff in, have them explore a ducted whole-house air exchanger with dehumidification as part of the AC system as that may “cost” a whole lot less to...
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    How do PV wires enter a conduit for roof penetration?

    Somewhere I saw MC4 fittings in a waterproof box but I don’t know where that was
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    How do PV wires enter a conduit for roof penetration?

    There are various components for this with a compression sleeve for the wire to pass through. Once the compression fitting is tightened, water cannot enter the fixture. The simplest are the RV “glands” but there are boxes for this that cement to conduit. Basic IP66 fittings like these (for your...
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    DC fuses on the positive or negative side?

    Well the common saw is the fuse protects the wire. That’s not actually true. I’d does protect the wire; but it primarily cuts off power in a sudden or continual load i.e. short circuit situation. One could make a reasonable argument that the service loads applied to a circuit will basically...
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    House conversion to 12VDC: system build sanity check and questions

    OP joined Sept 6, last seen Sept 12th. What have you come up with for solutions?
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    Beginner to the forum and to Solar power

    Don’t guess. :) Basics can usually be run on WAY less than the average home’s mindless grid consumption in kW and: if money matters, a smaller backup system (depending on needs) can often pay its own way much faster per kW than the systems that keep things going as if you never lost the grid...
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    Female newbie questions

    WHAT???!!! I had no stinkin idea My only knowledge of the HF generators is they used to burn out fast or the motor seize in a year of use. Apparently that’s changed. But hey, the psyche help line was a free call…