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  1. jasonhc73

    How much "Power" do you give up from shadows?

    One-third of one panel is shaded by the roofline. 2s2p - 270 W panels. One-third of one panel reduced output nearly 40% 361 watts vs 595 watts
  2. jasonhc73

    Removing shadows.

    Yesterday with tree shadows, today without. MPPT 2 is the ground mount MPPT 1 is the flat roof-mounted panels. 4 MPPTs in all. MPPT 1 on inverter 1 is the flat part of the roof. 4 panels 4s MPPT 1 on inverter 2 is the flat part of the roof. 8 panels 4s2p MPPT 2 on inverter 1 is the top row...
  3. jasonhc73

    11KW EVSE

    I just got an Emporia EVSE, 11 kW output. Connected to two MPP-Solar LV6548's and a big battery. At 11 kW, each battery was getting about ~60 amps. 251 amp peaked total discharge. Set to charge one hour after SunRise.
  4. jasonhc73

    Clean Panels, Cool Weather, Not even Clear Skies, incredible performance.

    Right now my 12 panels, 3.5 kWp off-grid setup is producing 3.3 to 3.6 kW, it actually peaked at 3.81 kW. What's more interesting, it is a very thin cloud cover, not clear blue skies. Temp is 71°F
  5. jasonhc73

    Pillow Bearings

    I am making a single-axis tracker now... My main spar is 1 7/8 inch pipe (aka 2 inch rigid metal conduit, Do I get a 2 inch pillow bearing and use 1/16 shims to squish into the bearing between the conduit, or...
  6. jasonhc73

    Enphase IQ8D

    Zoom meeting for the Enphase IQ8D. 11 May 2021 2:00pm (Pacific time)
  7. jasonhc73

    Happy Earth Day.

    Happy Earth Day, 2021. Yesterday I did some tree pruning with my "yellow" pole saw and regular saw. I used one 20v 5ah battery for all the cuts. I used the garden dump attached to the Z6 and made about 8 hauls from the front to the back, and then mowed. I finished and the meter indicated an...
  8. jasonhc73

    Used panels work great.

    I just saw a pretty good output today from my DIY array. It was intermittent clouds and the peak might be weather-induced. 12 used panels. 2 LV6548's doing the inverting/charging. 295x12=3540 - I paid $1000(delivered), last year (January 2020) for these used panels Today I got 97% out of the...
  9. jasonhc73

    Solar Assistant - data logger I have my MPP-Solar LV6548 on it now. It is a bit awkward still. I apparently have 3 inverters and my 3.5 kWp is producing 3.7 to 4.2 kW So far it is quite pretty.
  10. jasonhc73

    Not enough

    It's only 325 kW.
  11. jasonhc73

    MPP Solar LV6548 APP

    The App is "WatchPower". I have no idea what I did to make it finally work, but it does now and this is the first time I've had the chance to see it working. No pretty graphs, just a lot of text data. You do get a basic topography image, and you can adjust the settings, and verify on the...
  12. jasonhc73

    MPP-Solar LVX-6048

    This unit is a modified European version to match USA voltages. Unlike the LV6548, the LVX6048 is 240V Split Phase in one box. The LVX6548 does not show or mention support for 3 phase. Page 28 Grid-Tie Operation 6kW and 450V MPPT (100-400V range, 27amps) 9 can be stacked in parallel for as...
  13. jasonhc73

    Good Problems

    Today my off-grid setup was charging my battery bank. The batteries were "full" at 9:00 AM. (53.1V) I turned off the grid and went off-grid at 9:00 AM. At 11:00 AM, my battery bank was 54.3V. Yikes, I don't want them at that level. (This is perfectly fine for these though, they can go all the...
  14. jasonhc73

    Off Grid EV charge station

    The lowest powered DCFC available is 20 kW. (it can be updated to 40kW) It requires 3 phase 400v. Say I want a charge station (like a gas station) How much battery storage do you think would be necessary? And yes, 100% solar or/wind powered. How many acres/hectares do you think this place...
  15. jasonhc73

    Inverter Bypass - in a 2 1/2 inch or 3 inch conduit

    I am about to relocate my setup from my garage to my utility room. Right now I back feed my panel through a 6awg 50 amp circuit breaker. I have been doing this for over a year. Now I have gained enough confidence in the reliability of MPP-Solar stuff that I am 90% convinced myself to switch my...
  16. jasonhc73

    Another Cargo Trailer setup.

    This is now officially a legitimate sickness. My 4th off-grid system: The players: This setup is actually cheaper than going with a PWM Hybrid all in one unit 48V unit. I have AC input to charge the 48V batteries with shore power. (The 21.99 charger) A way more than I will use MPPT battery...
  17. jasonhc73

    BYD vs Brand new 280AH cell, INTERNAL RESISTANCE

    0.253 - 0.256 Ω IR - Brand new 280 AH Cells. Old BYD packs using the external connector to measure IR. More than likely if you connect directly to the cell ends there is less IR. These are 2 amp balancers. On the new cells with very little IR the balancer can be set at 2 amps and has zero...
  18. jasonhc73

    The SIMPLEST Solar with micro inverts and DATA!

    About 90 minutes of data gathering. This will work with ANY A/C system, grid-tied or OFF-GRID. 4 Panels Newest BN-LINK 15...
  19. jasonhc73

    280AH cells

    Everybody that has ordered and received their 280 (272 also) cells. Have you experienced any "cell swelling"? As shown in this BYD teardown() that happened practically instantly as soon as the compression was removed. This video said that cell expansion is "irreversible swelling".
  20. jasonhc73

    Why knowing VOC and cold weather matters.

    This is why you have to be extra careful during cold weather and knowing what your MPPT limits are. The VOC of these panels are 45.4V The MPPT range is 60~115Vdc. with max VOC at 145Vdc. This is 2 panels in series setup, just being turned on. (I forgot to turn them on last night after...
  21. jasonhc73

    High Voltage DC battery.

    SMA has a high voltage inverter and there are many "Industrial" inverters that do high voltage DC batteries. Just like any professional racing, and advanced space flight. The things that those industries use and have someday filter their way down to us mere mortals. Now is the time for you to...
  22. jasonhc73

    The next Battery that will change everything.

    Bill Gates put a bunch of money into this company.
  23. jasonhc73

    The essence of solar panel setup.

    The panel, Inverter, plug. Right now I am "off-grid" in my house. I have MPP-Solar inverters running my house through the main loads-panel wiring (back-feeding as any generator would). I connected one panel to one microinverter, the microinverter light turned red. (Island protection, meaning...
  24. jasonhc73

    Crimp Press

    Is there a wire crimper that is bench-top mounted and has a lever arm to pull to crimp wires? One you can swap out dies for bigger or smaller wires and cables? It seems like I always need three hands to crimp really thick wires. My hydraulic crimper is great also, but it is usually a...
  25. jasonhc73

    Grid Tie Micro Inverter

    This is about as simple as it gets. Panel, inverter, plug. I have four, for the panels I have. I'll be putting one on, most likely today. Amazon Aliexpress...
  26. jasonhc73

    MPP-SOLAR LV6548

    I just got the email from Peggy Hung from, deliveries "will be ready in 10 working days". I don't know if the actually means they will start delivering them on November 27th, or it takes them 10 days from when you order them. (I think it means the new inverter will start shipping on...
  27. jasonhc73

    Making a Dual Axis Tracker

  28. jasonhc73

    280AH Cells ordered. FYI, 64 cells in a 48V setup. 51.2V Nominal at 280ah = 51.2x280x4=57 kWh $5398 total, with trade assurance, shipping, everything. = $5398/57 kWh = $ 94.13 per kWh, DELIVERED.
  29. jasonhc73

    2x MPP Solar LV5048 - BOTH SOLD

    $700 Each, 2 total available. $1400 for the entire setup. Wichita Kansas I am going another route with my configuration. In configuration and used regularly and safely daily. Currently used in parallel on split-phase 240V. 3 are possible for 3 phase setups. Very reliable and very configurable...
  30. jasonhc73

    8 x BYD

    $250 Each. 8 total available. Wichita Kansas. I am going another route with my configuration. In configuration and used regularly and safely daily. I have 4 battery monitors with easy direct connect plug and play BMS cables that I made. All wiring on and in the battery is/are unmolested. I...
  31. jasonhc73

    The Grid and Transformers explained...

    The basics, clear and easy to understand.
  32. jasonhc73

    Powered by the Sun.

    I have two PV setups. A 6.2 kWp grid-tied and a 3.4 kWp off-grid. I have a Chevy Bolt EV. 1000.0 just clicked over on the trip odometer. 100% off-grid PV-Solar provided
  33. jasonhc73

    LV5048 Kaput

    Today both my MPP-Solar LV5048's died. Both are in parallel and ka-put. Any ideas for trouble shooting? The system was working perfectly and then just stopped. The system is capable of 10 kW, and at the time had about 1200 watts A/C output load, and about 800 watts DC-PV input. I have good...
  34. jasonhc73

    My next inverter! (Sol-Ark)

    Ummmm, the question is, what else could you possibly need? Check out everything it can do. What else do you think it needs? Time of use shifting Zero Grid give-back (Solar...
  35. jasonhc73

    Where to by basic wire online

    This search feature is useless. I tried in several ways... Basic CU 14/2 and14/3 romex online. I remember a few posts about a cable store that had pretty much every size of wire you could think of and at basically the best price. Any suggestions for the website?