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  1. Mudd

    Cool Boondocker class C RV

    I was passing through El Paso with my wife and our 3 pups and happened across an RV with solar covering the roof. We also have an RV but I haven't had the chance to put panels or a split unit on it yet. Seeing his Rig was an inspiration so I wanted to share with y'all. He said he had 20kwh of...
  2. Mudd

    480 18659 cells packs almost complete

    I bought these from another forum member back in January. I was impatiently waiting on prismatic cells from China. I bought these with the intention of using them but never got around to finishing the packs. Person I bought these from put these packs together and top balanced them. Each...
  3. Mudd

    24v 280ah bank

    Thanks to Michael B Caro and this forum I have a nice Bank of batteries built! I purchased battery through Michael quite a while back. My battery is were on a boat that lost a bunch of containers and my batteries are last I heard are in Japan. Michael sent me some batteries out of his...
  4. Mudd

    Controller recommendation.

    I’m working on putting together an off grid solar set up for an RV. So far I’ve bought six panels 270 watts and ordered 8 280ah batteries via Michael’s group buy. I’m expecting The batteries to take a couple months to get here. I am attaching an image of the panels I have so you guys can help...