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  1. Mudd

    Cool Boondocker class C RV

    Thanks man your Obs is sweet too. I forgot to ask about the panels but his entire roof was covered. Being so small I bet his batteries never get below 50%. I was really surprised when he said he had 32 200ah cells.
  2. Mudd

    Cool Boondocker class C RV

    I was passing through El Paso with my wife and our 3 pups and happened across an RV with solar covering the roof. We also have an RV but I haven't had the chance to put panels or a split unit on it yet. Seeing his Rig was an inspiration so I wanted to share with y'all. He said he had 20kwh of...
  3. Mudd

    Run mini split off solar

    This video is a good starting point. You probably need at least 16 to 32 280 ah cell to make one or 2 48v batteries. Two all in one controller/inverters. You have to put the two together to get the 230v. Like Will you can buy a bunch of used panels from santan and ground mount them. I lived...
  4. Mudd

    Where to begin...

    You can buy graphics card and build your own rig problem is prices are extremely high because of demand.
  5. Mudd

    Just got delivery of my 280AH CATL batteries

    Did you top balance the cells?
  6. Mudd

    Unboxing of "EVE" 230Ah LFP Cells from Amy Zheng

    I saw a member recently post on here that they're test yielded over 240ah.
  7. Mudd

    Big Battery 24V inconsistencies

    Seeing as how the reputation is not the best. They probably use bulk commodity cells. Many of us use bulk cells building our own packs. Bulk cells are perfectly fine for most. The problem with buying a finished battery is let's say one of the cells is bad. There's a post on here a guy...
  8. Mudd

    Big Battery 24v 170ah hawk problems

    Wow crazy! That's too bad they swindled you.
  9. Mudd

    What is a cycle?

    I'm guessing you'll expire before they do.
  10. Mudd

    What is a cycle?

    A cycle from my understanding is 100% to zero. For example eve cells say you can cycle 100% for 3,000 cycles and still have 80% capacity. So if you're cycling 90% maybe you'll get 5,000 cycles before capacity depletes to 80%.
  11. Mudd

    Newbie Alert

    If you buy prismatic cells from China they cost about the same as lead acid. lead acid you can only cycle 50% vs lithium 100% you could build a 300 ah battery for give of take 1k. You're much better off going with the higher voltage like 48v to save money on wire and you can push a lot more...
  12. Mudd

    Cylindrical vs Prismatic Cells

    How much are bus bars going to cost connecting so many small cells? I think there's some costs you're not factoring in building a pack with the small cells. I would probably go with prismatic simply because they're so easy to deal with. I thought prismatic cells advertised like eve 100%...
  13. Mudd

    Daly BMS Balancing

    From my understanding the Daly only balances while charging. I own a dumb Daly and it seems to keep my cells perfectly balanced. Maybe you should try charging at lower amps.
  14. Mudd

    DIY net metering system for under $8,000.00 United states.

    Check out this video Will built this large off-grid setup for I think 10K.
  15. Mudd

    DIY net metering system for under $8,000.00 United states.

    If it was me I would do an off-grid setup and just run part of your house on off grid. You could buy a split unit ac DIY batteries and some quality equipment for 8k. You can buy a bunch of second hand panels if you've got land for a ground mounted array. Anyways that's what I would do if I...
  16. Mudd

    Munro: Peak into the Tesla Model 3 CATL LFP battery pack.

    Thanks for sharing. I think I might buy a few shares of Catl stock....
  17. Mudd

    Has my BMS died?

    I'm curious to why you think you need such a high amperage BMS. I'm running just a 100 a BMS on a 8 cell 280ah set up. I realize my BMS may be a little under size but I can run my rooftop AC with no issues on a 3k inverter.
  18. Mudd

    Crypto Currency Mining a Giant Pyramid Scheme?

    Yeah there's a lot left to be mined. Once those are mined that's it. The endless spending in America is bound to catch up to us. At least many believe that. What we're doing borrowing to no end is bound to catch up with us at some point. I remember when I was in my early twenties and I had...
  19. Mudd

    Crypto Currency Mining a Giant Pyramid Scheme?

    I don't really have anything to add in regards to mining. I think a lot of people invest in crypto as a hedge. Kind of like buying gold to hedge against inflation and or the stock market. So many look at a stable coin like Bitcoin as a store of value just like gold. I think many investors...
  20. Mudd

    Good review on supplier.

    The Chinese fall holiday I think started today. So we probably won't hear from Amy for a week or so. I'm pretty sure she'll email you an invoice once she's back to work.
  21. Mudd

    AC200 Max Pre-order Live

    Sma That's a great idea. Adding a diy or cheap battery should be easy. Match plug and voltage and it should work.
  22. Mudd


    I think I've seen a few other members get scammed with that battery. I think it should test out to be right around 85 ah.
  23. Mudd

    $127 - 280ah LiFePo4 Battery Pack Enclosure

    Awesome build looks awesome!
  24. Mudd

    I need a DALY 8S cable assembly

    I think the balancing cables used for RC should work. Maybe if there's a hobby shop in your area you can check if they've got something that'll work.
  25. Mudd

    Our NEW GO-TO LiFePO4 vendor...09.20.21

    There's a link in the first post of this thread.
  26. Mudd

    Our NEW GO-TO LiFePO4 vendor...09.20.21
  27. Mudd

    Help Required - AliExpress Lifepo4 battery dispute

    Maybe look through his post history he may describe how he got a refund. Otherwise message him direct.
  28. Mudd

    Help Required - AliExpress Lifepo4 battery dispute

    I saw a tear down of a similar battery also advertised as 300ah recently on here. I think it tested out to 100ah. Crazy thing was once it opened up the case there were stones inside the case to make it heavier. Hopefully you can get some sort of partial refund...
  29. Mudd


    Take a look at this thread you might want to think twice about just using one BMS.
  30. Mudd


    I would think you could get away with one BMS since you're running 3p. I would think the cells in parallel would stay almost perfectly matched.
  31. Mudd

    AC200 Max Pre-order Live

    I hope you get it before October 20th but the way they worded that email doesn't look promising.
  32. Mudd

    AC200 Max Pre-order Live

    I have a feeling you won't be getting your battery till next year.
  33. Mudd

    Electrolyte flowing inside LiFePO4 cell

    I've read it's normal many times here on the forum. Not the k's but same difference.
  34. Mudd

    [SOLVED] Intentionally undersized battery array for RV air conditioner?

    Bad idea. A cloud passes over and the AC abruptly shuts off. I don't think it's ideal to be cycled on and off every time a cloud passes over. Maybe with some sort of automatic transfer switch or something. Just get some batteries sounds like you're over complicating things.
  35. Mudd

    My Solar Shed Thread

    Invest in a victron because it's adjustable voltage. If you decided you wanted to do 36 volts with the three batteries you could. I got one of these 36 volt inverters off Amazon for a project I never finished the project but I am using the same brand inverter in a 24 volt setup seems to work...